Waka Waka POWER: A compact solar-powered USB charger and light [Deals Hub]

iPH - wakalight

For most, smartphones are a staple for everyday living. When our device loses charge, we are disconnected from not only friends and family, but our businesses, calendars, and just about everything else. This iPhone Hacks Deals offer aims to help you avoid that.

The flashlight and durability alone makes Waka Waka POWER a great emergency tool and if you enjoy the outdoors, you can’t go wrong. This handy little gadget allows you to always have access to a charge, keeping you connected at all times – and it can be yours for only $59.99 during this limited time offer.

(Please note: This offer is only available to customers in the continental United States. The sale price includes shipping and all sales are final. This deal page is for the yellow Waka Waka POWER. Click here for the black Waka Waka POWER.)

Here are the top features of the Waka Waka POWER:

  • No Sun? No Problem. Waka Waka POWER utilizes premiere solar technology that is 200% more efficient than its competitors. (In a pinch, you can also charge up the device via USB or AC cable.)
  • It’s built to last. Its durable ABS plastic housing allows for a lightweight, water-proof construction that will last for decades.
  • It’s a powerful light. Waka Waka POWER will both charge your phone or tablet and serve as a powerful flashlight.

Waka Waka POWER is essentially an emergency generator that is compact enough to fit comfortably in your pocket. Stow it in your glove box, purse, home, or backpack and you’ll always be good to go!

This stylish smartphone and tablet charger offers sustainable economic benefits to boot – and iPhone Hacks Deals has it at 24% off the regular price for a limited time. Get Waka Waka POWER for just $59.99 while you can!

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