xRec lets you record iPhone screen without jailbreaking


Until now, if you want to record your iPhone’s screen, you had to either rely on jailbreak tweaks such as DisplayRecorder or mirror Mac apps such as Reflector that trick the iPhone into thinking that your Mac is an Apple TV/AirPlay ready device.

A new app called xRec has just hit the App Store that allows you to record your iPhone’s screen directly on the device.

Here’s how the app works:

1) Open Screen Recorder HD
2) Tap Settings and set the orientation according to what you will record
3) Tap Record and tap Start button
4) Press Home button and open anything you want
5) After finishing your work, open Screen Recorder and tap Stop button
6) Wait for encoding, then tap Videos
7) You will see your video there. Tap blue indicator on video and save it to Camera roll. That’s all.

You can check out the demo video of the app, which shows the app can be used in both landscape and portrait mode:

There is one drawback when you compare it jailbreak apps like DisplayRecorder and mirror apps like Reflector, the recorded videos come with the red bar with xRec just below the status bar (the one you see while using VoIP apps or while recording in GarageBand), which takes up precious screen real estate and may make it a deal-breaker for some users.

It works quite similar to free and open source screen recorder for iOS called RecordMyScreen.

If you’ve a jailbroken iPhone then we still recommend buying DisplayRecorder from Cydia. However, if you have not jailbroken your iPhone and don’t want to spend $12.99 on Reflector, then checkout xRec. It is available in the App Store for $1.99 [direct iTunes link].

Download it as soon as possible as we’re not sure if Apple has changed its policy towards such apps, or if it slipped through app review process as Display Recorder was also briefly available in the App Store before it was removed.

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  • Cocktail

    There was an app in the App Store that let you record the screen. I purchased it. I just logged into the App Store to re-download and it is no longer in my “purchased” apps list. Aapple must have removed it.

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      Was it Display Recorder?

      • Golf pro

        Yes, I purchased that too

        • Tmel4198

          yeah display recorder is only in Cydia now on jailbroken devices :[

  • GreenTag

    Doesn’t work with iOS 7 beta 3… App launches hit record button and then go to screen and do whatever…
    When you go to play video however it shows hitting the play button and what not but the screen is black once you go home and try to record something

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      To be fair to the developer, you shouldn’t expect support for iOS 7 beta. We hear apps like Skype also don’t work in iOS 7 beta. Developers will be able to fix these issues when Apple releases iOS 7 GM, which will most likely be in September.

      • GreenTag

        …but September is so far away…

        • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

          Nothing a developer can do about it.

  • genXhippie

    Why is that DisplayRecorder tweak (pay) is usually referred to, whereas, RecordMyScreen tweak(free) is rarely referred to?

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      Display Recorder allows you to do full-screen recording (recorded videos don’t have the annoying red status bar like RecordMyScreen), and comes with lot more features such as allowing you to directly upload to YouTube, adjustable frame rate and quality settings et.

  • Franko

    Yessss!!!! Now i can record Real Racing 3 !!!

  • Rake

    Is seems like that xRec has stole the source code from Recordmyscreen (Cydia). Apple has been notified about it through a DMCA takedown notice from Coolstar.

    Also weird is that you need an Internet connection to use the app otherwise it will crash and do nothing !!!

  • Franko

    Every time i transfer video from app to camera roll and when i cut that video short, it doesn’t work. That shortened video jams and do nothing but audio.

  • http://djanti.jimdo.com/ Dj Anti

    Ill try that

  • madmarsu

    xRec ain’t available on AppStore. Or is it only in some countries?

    • Wesley Wilkerson

      Sadly it was removed :(