1nka gives iOS a fresh new look [Theme]

1nka, developed by frenchitouch, is a new Winterboard theme that recently hit Cydia.

It comes with a lot of add-ons and in-app theming that will keep you interested in this theme long after the first installation. If you’re a fan of the frenchitouch themes, such as Ando, iVent, and hiro, then you won’t be disappointed by 1nka.

1nka comes with a completely themed lock screen including clock bar, slider bar, slider knob, camera grabber and even the wallpaper is a part of the main theme. If you have BytaFont, frenchitouch has included add-on for the font that goes really well with the entire look and feel of the theme.

Like most WinterBoard themes, 1nka customizes various aspects of iOS such as app icons, folders, app switcher, Dialer in the Phone app, Settings app etc. You will notice that a lot of thought and detail has gone into creating each icon. The icon support isn’t too bad either, of course there will probably be some icons that won’t be themed, but most on my apps were covered.


The theme also includes in-app theming for stock apps such as Messages, Camera, Settings, Music, Safari etc. Messages app gets a wallpaper background for conversations. The icons and sliders in the Settings app have also been redesigned.

You can also download add-ons for jailbreak tweaks such as Auxo, biteSMS, JellyLock, etc.


Messages app (left), Camera app (right)


Music app (left), Safari (right)

Make sure to check out the video walkthrough of 1nka below:

You can download 1nka from Cydia for $3.49. It is compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPod touch 5.

Do you enjoy the look of this theme? What theme are you using right now? Let me know in the comments!

➤ Download Link (only works on jailbroken devices)

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