Analyst: iPhone 5C may not include Siri, to cost $300, iPhone 5S fingerprint sensor only for unlocking device


Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster, a long time Apple analyst has released a research note to his clients where he has given his predictions on Apple’s rumored low-cost iPhone 5C, the next generation iPhone, iPhone 5S, and other products expected to be launched this year and early next year.

Here are some of the highlights from his research note:

iPhone 5C:

  • Munster expects that iPhone 5C to come with plastic rear casing, 4-inch display, and lower end internals such as processor, camera, memory etc. than iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S.
  • He also predicts that iPhone 5C won’t come with Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant feature.
  • He expects Apple to discontinue iPhone 4S, and make iPhone 5C the new entry level model.
  • He expects iPhone 5C to be priced at $300 off-contract, which would make it significantly cheaper than iPhone 4, the current entry-level model, which is available for $450 off-contract.
  • He believes that lack of features such as Siri and lower end internals will limit cannibalisization of Apple’s more expensive iPhones by iPhone 5C.

iPhone 5S:

  • Munster expects iPhone 5S to include a fingerprint sensor, but expects it to be used only for the basic unlocking feature.
  • He doesn’t expect Apple to use it for secure payments, and expects it to be one of the key features of the 2014 iPhone.
  • He expects iPhone 5S to come with a faster A7 chip with more RAM and other specs bump.

Other products:

He expects Apple to release iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 in October. He also expects Apple to unveil the rumored Television set before the end of 2013, with a 70% chance it will start shipping within the first half of 2014.

He believes that Apple will launch the rumored iPad with a larger screen and iWatch smartwatch by mid-2014.

Apple will reportedly hold a media event on September 10 to unveil iPhone 5S, and potentially the low-cost iPhone 5C as well.

[Via MacRumors]

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  • yoyo

    i cud have told you all that 1yr ago ..its inevitable ..its harder to predict what samsung will do as they are just crazy coming up with out of the world monater models

    • Gautam

      You should become an Apple analyst :)

      • Matt Sevely

        Well I can predict Samsung. Big ass plastic cellphone coming up next month. (Just repeat the prediction every month)

        • loganexplosion

          ^^^ He’s good. But with my help, he COULD BE THE BEST!

  • HiGhGuY

    I’d much rather have a 4s than some crappy plastic junk. BTW.. in the picture @ the top, which one is supposed to be the 5s? the one with the black apple looks like plastic so I’m assuming that’s supposed to be the 5c. Of the remaining 2, there’s one with a white background and gray apple, and another with a gray background and “silver” or “natural metal” apple, but that one the back is like some old crusty dashboard material. It looks absolutely hideous.. is that supposed to be the 5s?

    • Gautam

      It’s just an iPhone 5 (the one at the top with a case) with mockups of iPhone 5S (left) and plastic iPhone 5C (right) from this post:

      • HiGhGuY

        Ok, got ya. Couldn’t tell if that was a case or not. Almost looks like its just the phone. At any rate, that material is UGLYYYY! Looks like rubber/vinyl dashboard material that has been baking in the sun for a couple decades.

  • canarycny

    well the great news is i can save over $150 by losing siri which is only a novelty in the 1st place.

  • Tom

    I think it would be lame for Apple to leave Siri out of the iPhone 5C especially given that it is readily available in the iPhone 4S. My prediction is that the iPhone 4S will be replaced with the iPhone 5C as the free model on contract and the iPhone 5 16GB will be around with the new iPhone 5S. This way, apple can get rid of all legacy doc connector iDevices from their lineup and only support the lightning connector and thus push the 4 inch screen size as opposed to the 3.5 that the 4S has. The selling points for the 5S will be the camera, flash, processor, fingerprint sensor and battery. If the 5C casing is made with similar materials to the 3GS, then I think it will be fine.

  • Jimothy

    I’ve kind of thought that the “iPhone 5C” could possibly have the same tech specs as the iPhone 4. What think?

    • Gautam

      iPhone 4 specs would be too low, probably iPhone 4S.

      • Jimothy

        Makes sense.