Why an Android blogger uses an iPhone


Android’s low barrier to entry has powered most of its explosive growth all over the world, but in the last few releases Google has added a lot of polish and some great features to the OS, which have compelled a number of iPhone lovers to switch to Android phones. Of course a lot of people want bigger displays, which is another reason why many people buy Android phones.

But Ron Offringa, a writer at Android blog Droid Life, uses an iPhone 4S as his main phone and plans on buying the next iPhone too.

The main reason, he says, is that iOS still gets the most polished (and better) apps:

iOS still has vastly superior apps in every category that matters to me. Apps like Tweetbot, Fantastical, Yahoo! Weather, Swipes, Mailbox, Vesper, Day One, and Safari provide a vastly better experience than their counterparts or peers on Android. There are admittedly some apps that have counterparts on Android that are better (Path and Hangouts come to mind), but that has been the exception, not the rule, in my experience. There are definitely apps on Android that let you do things that you can’t do on iOS, but the apps on iOS are better for the things I want to do than they are on Android.

It’s a pity that Apple’s platforms have highly talented developers but they’re still limited in what they can do due to Apple’s restrictive iOS APIs, which do not expose functionality that could greatly help in increasing the utility of apps and the productivity of users. This is an area where Android particularly excels —as it is lot less restrictive, enabling developers to add great features, which are only possible on a jailbroken iPhone.

Another one of Ron’s reasons for using an iPhone is the performance on iOS, which, due to Apple’s tight integration of hardware and software, is much better than on Android, especially over time. Ron also likes iOS’s simple interface where there’s not much on the home screen apart from apps, a limitation that many iPhone users, especially those who jailbreak, dislike.

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[via Droid Life]

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