Apple buys Swedish firm “AlgoTrim”, not yet known how they’ll contribute to Apple’s products [Update]

According to TechCrunch, who cites an article in the Swedish publication Rapidus, Apple just bought a company called AlgoTrim for an untold sum of money. What exactly do they do? They develop really efficient code. In 2012, Japanese operator NTT DoCoMo replaced the built in Android photo gallery in their devices with one made by AlgoTrim because it was reportedly six times faster.

What else do they do? Apparently they’re involved in what’s known as “computational photography”. That’s a fancy way of saying developing software that can make your photos look better. For example, if you snap a photo while you’re moving, and you get a blurry shot, the the phone knows how to “unblur” the photo based on how you moved the phone, that’s computational photography.

The TechCrunch report also notes that AlgoTrim’s moved to California, but that when they tried to reach the company, no one was able to provide a comment. Apple, of course, wasn’t able to provide a comment either.

Knowing how long things take to test and productize, don’t expect to see AlgoTrim making an impact in Apple’s iOS products for at least another year or two. Camera performance is something Apple takes very seriously, so it’s good to see them investing in that area.


TechCrunch reports that Apple has confirmed that it has indeed bought the company:

Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.