Apple to release iOS 7 on September 10?


The Verge reports that Apple may release iOS 7 on September 10, the same day as the media event where it is widely expected to unveil the new iPhones.

The Verge has come to this conclusion based on an email that a developer has received from Nuance, the company whose voice recognition technology powers Siri.

From The Verge:

Today, a developer named Owen Williams received an email indicating that iOS 7 would be released to the general public on the 10th, giving non-developers their first peek at the controversial operating system. The email comes from Nuance, best known as the company behind Siri, which works closely enough with Apple to know the date in advance.

The news could also indicate that the release date of the new iPhones will come much closer to the September 10th event itself. Apple could even opt for a day-of release, a move the company has executed successfully with other products, but never attempted with the iPhone.


I think The Verge has misinterpreted the email, it seems to suggest iOS 7 golden master build will be seeded to developers on September 10, and not to the public. It also seems highly unlikely that Nuance would have any information about Apple’s release plans.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, based on last year’s release schedule, Apple is likely to release iOS 7 to the public on September 18th, followed by the launch of the new iPhones on September 20.

Rumors have also indicated that Apple will start seeding iOS 7 golden master build to internal groups and carrier partners from September 5th, and release it to developers on September 10th.

[Via The Verge]

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  • Alan

    Can’t wait for it to be released.

    • Moinul Alam

      i second that

      • Pacomacman

        Don’t be in too much of a hurry to upgrade. Hold off a week and wait for the reviews.

        • Julien Lussier

          There was more than 6 beta, I think waiting 1 more week is uther useless…. I will be getting this in the first minutes like millions !

        • Simon Kindel

          I wanted to wait but I tried an application to backup my in stuff and ended up just hanging my phone and I required a restore after that. Being without jailbreak is worse than being on beta with some useful features.

    • barondebxl

      Me 2

  • Jesus

    I got the beta version. I love it.

  • Sooby04

    Is this true? Cause if it is then that’s f#%king awesome! Not a developer and never had a chance to try out a beta but truly love the new look of the os! Something that was overdue for the iPhone! Can’t wait!!

    • Dee

      Don’t need to be a developer to try it, I’m running beta 6 on my iphone 5, and it runs well. Next to no bugs, reasonably similar battery life compared to iOS 6.1.4

      if you’re on iPhone 4/4S, apparently the beta is horrendous for battery life so hold off on that one :)

      • Sooby04

        Oh sweet! I have an iPhone 5 and just scared to use the betas cause it might brick my phone or something like people say! But i will wait for the public release and enjoy it then! Man can’t wait! It definitely looks like its worth the wait! And my wife’s rocking the 4s so i hope all the bugs for it is cleared up before release!

        • Dee

          Yeah, really hope so too.
          It is definitely worth the update, I love it, and the control centre is usefull beyond words when you constantly go from wifi to data (like i do on the commute to uni)

  • Pacomacman

    I have a feeling this will only be the iPhone version released on the 10th. The iPad version is still extremely buggy.

  • Marc Tamburri

    Ive had iOS7 since Beta 3..Its almost flawless…

    • Andre

      Been on IOS7 since beta 2, beta 3 got more stable and the latest beta is very stable and responsive with no problems, notification and control center work great again with no issues.

  • mkimid

    I am so curious why Apple to not release something (beta?) for iPad
    Maybe Apple want to release IOS 7.1 beta for iPad ?

    • Michael

      If you’re talking about the original iPad, You will not be getting it. iPad 2 is the lowest model to receive iOS 7, next to the iPhone 4.

      • mkimid

        my means, even iOS 7 for iPhone has been stabilized to announce GM, but, iOS 7 for iPad has much more issues especially the screen control parts,personally, I think, Apple need one more two more beta level test of iOS 7 for iPad. but, 7.0 has closed to apply on iPhone 5S mass production, so, if iPad 5 will came out end of OCT, Apple will have around 6-7 weeks, so, they can announce one or two beta(s) and GM to apply of iPad’s mass production.
        GM for iPhone 5s will be a beta for iPads, and on more beta on end of Sep, and GM on end of Oct, in this case, it should be iOS 7.0.1 or 7.1 (even it is so difficult expect as)

  • Jynx

    “Released to the GA.” GA=General Audience.

  • Fastory

    I have beta 6 and its the best os ive ever seen