After calling the iPhone and iOS DisneyLand, DoCoMo said to be signing a deal with Apple

NTT DoCoMo. Funny name, serious business. They are to Japan what Verizon Wireless is to the United States. And similar to how Verizon refused to carry the iPhone for years and years and years, it’s the same story in the land of the rising sun. However, according to Bloomberg, the operator that once called the iPhone and iOS the equivalent of “DisneyLand” is close to having a change of heart.

Just the sheer rumor of DoCoMo offering the iPhone sent their stock up over 2 percentage points. But more importantly, it sent DoCoMo’s competitor’s stocks down.

Now you might be thinking, is Japan an important market? Well, they have 127 million people, many of which you and I might call “old”. For them, iPhones and iPads are probably far easier to use than Android. Let’s also not forget that Japan is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, with incredibly generous operator subsidies. So if you can get a sizable chunk of that population buying a new iPhone every year or two and a new iPad every two to three years, you have a lot of money.

When might this deal finally be made official? September 10th would be a good a day as any.