Free Jailbreak Tweaks Roundup: CamBright, Remind Me


We take a look at CamBright and Remind Me, which are free jailbreak tweaks that have recently hit Cydia.


Have you ever opened up your Camera app and had to go back to springboard, go into settings, raise the brightness and then go back into the camera app? Well CamBright, developed by Jack Willis and S1Rex, is going to solve that issue.  There are no options to configure, once you’ve downloaded it from Cydia, all you have to do is open up your Camera app and the brightness level jumps up to 100% no matter what your previous brightness level was. This saves you the trouble of manually changing the settings.

Some caveats of this tweak are that it doesn’t work with the camera grabber on the Lock screen. Also, once you close the camera app, the brightness level stays at 100% and if that’s too bright for you, you’ll have to manually put it back to your preferred level. We should be able to set the brightness level in the Camera app as we’re not sure increasing the brightness level to 100% is ideal. And the tweak should revert the brightness to the original level when you exit the Camera app.

Check out the video walkthrough of CamBright below:

Remind Me:

According to the developer, Richard Lindsay, Remind Me is an “annoying reminder that shows up every time you unlock your device!” Once installed, you configure the options within the Settings app. There is a kill switch as well as the text box to type in whatever message you’d like to be reminded about when you unlock your device. This can be used by someone for example to remind them to take medicines etc.  Every time you unlock your device, you’ll get the reminder.

It would have been nice if the developer could have added some smartness to the feature based on time, location etc, as we couldn’t really think of many use cases for it.


Check out the video walkthrough of Remind Me below:

You can download both of these tweaks from Cydia for free

Are these going to be helpful for you or you are going to pass on these free tweaks? Let me know in the comments below!

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