CodeScrambler: Upcoming jailbreak tweak will scramble numbers on passcode screen

If you’re paranoid about people guessing your passcode based on the fingerprints on your iPhone’s touchscreen display and watching you type the passcode, then we’ve some good news.

A jailbreak tweak called CodeScrambler will be released soon to address your paranoia.

As the name suggests, the idea behind the tweak is quite simple, it scrambles the numbers on the passcode screen, so you don’t tap on the same position (and thus leave a fingerprint) to unlock your device.

Here’s a screenshot that was shared by the developers (jq- and its_not_herpes) on reddit to get a better idea:


The developers have said that CodeScrambler will be available in the Big Boss repo “in a few days”.

We’ll let you know as soon as is available in Cydia.

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  • Brad Hodson

    Now this is a great idea for a jailbreak tweak. Simple, secure, nonintrusive.

  • blu

    I like this.
    My daughter (10) would love it. My son (8) keeps watching when she unlocks her iPod and sees the location and order, not always the number itself. It annoys me too since I have told her I need the code at all times, and I keep forgetting what she changes it to.

  • Arvin

    Yo someone help, I can’t unlock my phone anymore after I installed this app