Leaked components again point to iPhone 5S with Dual LED Flash

According to leaked images of the top portion of iPhone 5S’ rear panel, Apple’s all set to improve low-light photography by adding a dual LED flash right next to the camera lens found on the device.

The images, which show the top and bottom portions of the iPhone’s rear panel, were posted on Chinese social network Sina Weibo and relayed by French website Nowhereelse.fr. While the bottom portion doesn’t reveal much, the pill-shaped slot for the flash right beside the camera hole clearly shows space for an additional LED.

iphone 5s dual led 1

An additional LED would greatly increase the quality of photos taken with the iPhone’s camera in low-light conditions. A report from yesterday noted that the iPhone 5S’s camera might not see a bump in megapixel count, but will feature a wider f/2.0 aperture to capture more light and thus further improve low-light performance.

Dual LED flash shown in these images is in line with previous rumors and component leaks. Moreover, this feature, along with other camera improvements like the slow motion camera, will help Apple position the iPhone 5S’ camera as a much better option than the iPhone 5, helping differentiate the otherwise incremental upgrade.

The iPhone 5S is expected to be unveiled at a media event held by Apple on September 10th with the flagship feature being a biometric fingerprint sensor for boosting security.

Do you think the dual LED would make the flash useful on a more regular basis when shooting pictures, or will the iPhone 5S just be a better torchlight?

[via MacRumors]