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When you really want to get work done – over both the short and long term – to do lists aren’t enough. They only track progress in a marginal way, keeping you more focused on the now rather than the future you’re building.

What we need to use is a task manager to stay on top of our work – both the work now and the work we want to be doing down the road that will propel us to greater heights. The thing is…which one do you use? Todoist looks to change the way you get work done by delivering a seamless, intuitive experience across all your smart devices and browsers. And iPhone Hacks Deals has one year of Todoist Premium available for the low price of $13.99 during thisl imited time offer.

Todoist is not only fast, useful, and incredibly simple, but it gives you everything you need in a task manager, and more. Set due dates on tasks, create sub-projects or sub-tasks, and assign priorities using color-coding so you can quickly see what needs to get done today, tomorrow, or a week from now. It really is a comprehensive task manager that is both simple to wrap your head around and can scale with you as your responsibilities grow.

Here are just some of the features you’ll get:

  • Premium Version Upgrades: Added utilities like task search, task notes and file uploads, task reminders (via text or email), productivity tracking, calendar sync, project templates, and automatic backups.
  • Gamify Your Work: The app awards points every time you complete a task on time or use advanced features. Likewise you lose points if you postpone or have overdue tasks. Level up from Beginner to Enlightened.
  • Multi-Platform and Offline Support: Stay on top of your stuff using email, web browsers, mobile devices, or your desktop – even if you’re offline.
  • Stay in Sync: Automatic synchronization across your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop.

Getting things done isn’t enough. You need to get the right things done — and Todoist can help you do just that. Get Todoist Premium today for only $13.99 from iPhone Hacks Deals and be really prepared for back to school…and beyond.

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