Here’s what the Gold-colored iPhone 5S may look like


There have been rumors and speculations that the next generation iPhone, dubbed iPhone 5S, will be also be available in gold, along with black and white.

The mockups of this rumored gold color iPhone 5S that we’ve seen so far has been quite ugly. French website (via Engadget) has published new photos, allegedly showing the gold colored casing for the new iPhone.

It gives a good idea of what the rumored gold-colored iPhone 5S will look like. The gold or champagne color looks a lot better. It is difficult to confirm the authencity of the leaked parts as MacBoutic has “deliberately blurred the highly “Apple” logo and the words “iPhone” on the back of the chassis.”

Yesterday, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has a good record when it comes to predicting Apple product plans, told clients in a research note that iPhone 5S will also come with a gold color option.

He also expects iPhone 5S to come with a faster A7 chip with 1GB RAM, 8-megapixel camera with larger F/2.0 Aperture, fingerprint sensor and a premium 128GB model.

Apple will reportedly launch iPhone 5S and perhaps even the rumored budget iPhone 5C at a media event on September 10.




Let us know what you think of the gold or champagne color in the comments.

[Engadget via MacBoutic]

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  • Gold

    Well it definitely looks better than the .. and I quote from a previous poster .. “piss mustard” look of the previous mockup

  • Alan

    Now that looks so much better. I am tempted to go for it, after years of opting for the black iPhone.

  • Rake

    It looks like the real thing ! I like it!

    Another dilemma… Great

  • John The Truth

    This is fake people. WHY would the internal plate be gold too? I am not saying the screw holes that are fused with the case, but the second picture with that plate on.
    Also this looks horrible. APPLE will never release a color that hasn’t been proven / tested before on a smaller scale, like the nanos

    • Darius

      Maybe this specific photo Isn’t a legit one, but there will be a gold color one.

    • Franklin Richards

      I think the internals are gold because of the different way gold is coloured on. Unlike the black which is anodized on, this gold looks like it’s been dyed somehow so the internals would be gold as well since the whole back is 1 single piece. But whatever. I hate gold coloured things and this is definitely the wrong direction to go for Apple.
      The only possible reason why a gold one would be a good idea is because it wants to hit the China market. They do like their gold stuff there.

    • Zangpakto

      Internal plate would also be gold due to how apple has always stressed design both inside and out.

      Anyone who has been with them since their beginning could tell you that :)

  • 8lias

    I don’t ever see gold is part of Apple’s Periodic Table. The only reason I can think of if it does exist is to lure in Asian buyers, because gold symbolize wealth, luck, and prosperity in Asian culture and China is one of the biggest mobile user market that Apple would love to be in partner with.