Hacker claims he has a binary that untethers iOS 6.1.3


When Apple released iOS 6.1.3, it killed the evasi0n jailbreak. evad3rs, the developers of evasi0n jailbreak have also announced that they didn’t plan to release a jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3 or iOS 6.1.4 (iPhone 5), as they don’t want to burn the vulnerabilities before iOS 7 is released to the public.

While there is a tethered jailbreak for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 4, users of newer devices like the iPhone 5, iPad 4 who may have accidentally upgraded to iOS 6.1.3 or iOS 6.1.4 have been stuck without a jailbreak.

Things have been fairly quiet on the jailbreak front, but a tweet by winocm, a respected member of the jailbreak community, earlier today has raised some hopes of an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3.

He however notes that some more work needs to be done. With iOS 7 round the corner, it probably makes sense to wait as Apple could fix the vulnerabilities before it is released to the public.

What do you think winocm should do? Wait for iOS 7 or release it as soon as it is ready?

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  • OmEgA


  • Chris Karelse

    Wait !

  • Slick

    no point for 6.1.3 cant even downgrade now days so whats the point?

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      The assumption is it will be an iOS 6.1.4 jailbreak for iPhone 5 and iOS 6.1.3 jailbreak for other devices.

      • hackercane

        i created jailbreak untethered stable for my ipad 3, ipad mini, iphone 4s, iphone 5 running IOS 6.1.4. it’s not so hard to do it.
        And i’m working on IOS 7 beta.

        • Damian W

          share some files with us….or at least send it to evaders. You will get some fat donations for it. Instead of bragging on forum start making money from your work.

      • Slick

        but once ios 7 comes unless u dont update or never restore

        ios 7 will be it isnt it?

  • iMolen

    Nothing to probe work on 6.1.3, how about iP5s 6.1.4??? Coz many user already on it

  • araty

    he should release it as soom as it is ready. all the jailbreakers that stuck on this version are starting to be cray without their lovely jailbreak

  • untzuntz

    nice! some new blood in the JB scene. its always nice to know there are others working on JB for iOS.

  • goze18

    no real point. iOS7 coming out so soon :( wish this would have come sooner like July. plus evasion is giving a lot of hints as clearly said that “that they are working on something even bigger than a jailbreak.”

    • Vwjap

      Evasion never said that, josh hill did, I think you’ll find it was open source jailbreak web page he was talking about, to motivate more people to get into modifying IOD

      • goze18

        yes but thats it. something big is already coming for iOS 7

  • Tom

    Wait for a month after the iOS 7 release because Apple usually comes out with some sort of bug fix soon after the initial release. If it works for iOS 7, then keep it until iOS 7.01 comes out.

  • Stef

    Wait, so apple can’t fix it before the launch of ios7.
    ios7 beta 6 is eating alot of my battery btw, anyone else noticed something like that on iPhone 4s?

  • Patrick Laursen

    I understand there are some (a lot) of people out there that have had to replace their device or just bought a newer iPhone for themselves or a loved one but with the release of iOS 7 coming soon I think it should wait until iOS 7 comes out before the release of a new jailbreak as Apple will patch the exploit before release to the general public. I would love to be able to jailbreak my wife’s phone right now on 6.1.4 but given how hard it is to develop jailbreaks for any new iOS, we can definitely wait for the jailbreak on iOS 7 to come. I understand that some of you think the iPhone is “useless” without a jailbreak due to the tweaks you are used to having but to ‘burn’ exploits right before iOS 7 is due to be released, in my opinion, would be kinda ‘foolish’ to do.

  • Imad Tad


  • jarrai

    hi , yo tengo en version 6.1.3 pero si lo apago tengo q utilizar ibot , esq en cydia ay la posibilidad de intalar algo pa solucionarlo gracias

  • ABuNeNe

    A sensible person would just wait!

  • Alfred Hammond

    UNTETHER 6.1.3 !!! im on 5.1.1 and some apps require ios 6x and the only way to get those apps is to upgrade to 6.1.3 SO UNTETHER IT !!!

    • Memo Contreras Zapata

      i guees we can wait a little bit more till ios 7 release .!! so we can do it more better and sorry you still in a 5.1.1 but is good we have people working for
      us to make this more easy to jailbreak our phone so never forget to bring this guys maybe to or 3 dlls donations so we can keep this guys help us .!

      • Johanes Indra Pradana Pao

        too bad my iPod Touch 4G won’t be supported by iOS 7, so yes, please untethered the 6.1.3 for iPod Touch 4G users :(

  • victor drozd

    YEP bought it, with this trap, 4GS, didnt have the choice, now ill wait 4 it

  • Bryce Horner

    They already released 6.1.4/6.1.3 untethered….
    just view their site – w w w•e v a s i 0 n j b•n e t
    Works on my iPhone 5

    • Damian W

      wtf is this scam. GTFO from here moron! The site he gave is a fake.

  • Nikola C

    He wrote that it just untethers the iPhone wich should be already jailbroken, its not a whole new jailbreak. (Will only work for iPhone 4)

  • DJ MD

    This is out of topic but iOS7 beta 7 will be seeded to developers first week of September. :)

  • John Lee

    Does not really matter as we no longer jailbreak our iphones – everything we need is available in the apple itunes store

    • John YEE

      Dear Mr Lee!! Oh Your so uninformed its sad. Obviously you are like the rest of the sheep, content with what the master puts in front of your face, feeding from the trough. Well we in the jailbreak community are free to roam. Your comment says more about you than you realize, you have no dreams, no imagination, no aspirations to be different, never wanting to be original, to explore, to have adventure. That’s what Jail breaking is and that’s something the app store and is users are not. We are the master of our destiny and you sadly follow your master.

  • Kyle Beroney

    John Lee sir you are indeed WRONG! not everything we need is available in the itunes store. And to add, its not about needs really, its about wants too. So those of us who jailbreak WANT freedom from a restricted OS and the freedom to do what we WANT with our iPhones. The occasional app on the AppStore might provide something we “need” however, bcuz of Apple’s anality (prolly not a real word but it fits), that app is still limited. and when you can grasp that idea, you will then find enlightenment as to why about millions of people jailbreak their iphones.

    • KK

      Get a damn Android phone if you want freedom to do what you want with your phone. ANDROID ALL THE WAY! THE END!

      • appl3h4ck3r

        Funny thing is I do have an Android….so shot down?

  • Bamby

    Older devices? Get the hell out of here..

    • Muhahaha

      I guess you dont want your 3GS jailbreaking then :P

      • Jimothy

        Your name made me chuckle.

  • bogs

    if it’s ONLY for 6.1.3, and would not work on 6.1.4 and newer/coming versions of iOS, I say release it..

  • marco

    autor TOM

    Wait for a month after the iOS 7 release because Apple usually comes out
    with some sort of bug fix soon after the initial release. If it works
    for iOS 7, then keep it until iOS 7.01 comes out.

    100% true

  • Anonymous

    It does make sense if the ios 7 will came out sooner or later, making the jailbreak for 6.1.3 is useless as it will only be used for a very little time as the ios 7 will came to our apple gadget soon.

  • Sebastian Rasch

    If they have anything for iOS 7, they should definitely wait. Otherwise – release it, it’s the last version for some older iOS devices.

  • Rauf Adams

    pls i need help how can i unlock my iphone 4 for free

  • grv424

    since he has found the binary, why don’t he complete the jailbreaking tool nd release it to the public? that way people will really appreciate his effort, rather than this stupid and useless tweet. did he tweeted this binary just to tease us or is he working for apple, warning them so they can fix it as early as today so any attemo to jailbreak the iOS7 will be futile.

  • Steve

    I have sorted the jailbreak issue once and for all! I switched to Samsung after years with iphones.


    i say release it because i am on 6.1.3 and i really want to jail break my iPod touch 4g. which wont be able to run ios7

  • Gravity Gamer95

    release it now because my not getting ios 7 because my ipod touch 4g isnt supported

  • Gary

    Dear John Lee,
    I agree 100% with Kyle. The App Store doesn’t give me a way to tether my data for free. With my Jailbreak I can. I can truly do anything I can think of with this $500 plus dollar device. Change font, keyboard, your whole layout, or make your battery last longer. Just a few examples of what you can do.
    I believe with the next firmware being as major as it is they should wait for the jailbreak. I believe there are a lot of apps that will only work on that iOS 7 with all the changes that are being made. It would be nice to have an advanced firmware like that with a jailbreak as soon as possible.

  • Sebastian Rasch

    Btw what’s with 6.1.4? Would this work with this exploit as well?

  • Philip Zaw

    Great to wait IOS 7 come out then release jailbreak for vulnerabilities :)
    i’m stuck with 6.1.3 with my ipad mini lolz…

  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    I would say to release it after the iOS 7 jailbreak.I have an an iPod Touch 4 which cant go to iOS 7,and it would lag a heck of a lot if it did.

    The iTouch 4g and iPhone 3GS users need a 6.1.3 untethred JB

  • Karthi Shyli Shyli

    hey guys realx we can jailbreak iphone 3gs old or new bootrooms with redsnow new version for ios 6.1.3

  • Karthi Shyli Shyli

    i did it with my iphone 3gs

  • lucky

    first just release jailbreak for ios 6.1.3 then think of 7….what the hell gonna u do keeping it with urself…just share it…

    • Daniel

      They need to have the final release of IOS7 before they can release 6.1.3, because it may patch some exploits that work in 6.1.3, but if they release 6.1.3 jb now, apple will patch that exploit in 7.0.0 and that’s another useless exploit… (We don’t have unlimited exploits, you know)

  • Dr. Joseph S. Curcio

    Please release a public jailbreak of iOS 6.1.3 for iPhone 5.

  • Senad

    Can i jailbreak iPhone 4s 6.1.3 ??

  • Apple sucks 2.0

    apple sucks i want a Galaxy 4S!!!

  • shell

    iOS 7 is released now, plz release this jailbreak, thanks!

  • blazey boi

    right so the ios 7 has now been released i’ve been stuck in the middle for awhile now due to having a 4s not quite a 5 but not as common for jailbeaks as the 4 does anyone have any idea of a release date for the 6.1.3 as am i f*ck updating and spending another 6months / more with an unJB iphone. excuse the fact there’s no grammer used within my post i haven’t time for it.

    thanks guys,

  • Malik Jay D

    installed ios 6.1.3 on iphone previously 5.1.1 and 6.15 basebad were installed so after installing ios 6 and jailbreaking then ultrasnow through cydia and sam as well for SIM card cuz i was stuck on no service then nothing happen after this downgraded baseband from 6.15 to 5.13 then i got signal by donwgraing bb and just boot it with red snow ,,,,the shit was that i got activation error after every reboot and decided to restore ios 6.1.3 i do every step as i said before but no effect NOW .i cant see flasing basebasnd on downgrading baseband …..and got hang on installig baseband with redsnow plzzz Help Any one experience it