Apple clamping down on unauthorized iOS 7 installs?


We’ve received emails from our readers which indicates that Apple may have started cracking down on unauthorized iOS 7 installs.

As you probably know, ever since Apple launched the iPhone, non-developers have been able to install iOS 7 on their device without a developer account (i.e. don’t have their device’s UDID registered with a developer account) using a simple trick.

Here’s how it worked, and reports suggest it was worked even with iOS 7 beta 6:

  1. Download the correct ipsw file for your device
  2. connect your phone to iTunes and (Alt/Option for mac, or Shift for Windows) on the Update button instead the restore button.

Some readers who had used this trick are now reporting that they are getting activation errors and unable to use their devices.  Users are also reporting the issue on Twitter.

Non-developers have no option but to downgrade back to iOS 6.1.3 (iOS 6.1.4 for iPhone 5). Since iOS 7 backups won’t be compatible, you will be unable to restore back to only iOS 6.1.x backup, and will have to potentially wait until iOS 7 is released to restore from an iOS 7 backup. You could also try this workaround as some readers have confirmed that it works.

It’s not clear how Apple has been able to remotely disable such devices as the activation process should ideally be required just after restoring the device. It is possible that iOS 7 beta that you have installed on your device has expired, so installing the latest beta version of iOS 7 should fix this issue. Since iOS 7 beta 3 was set to expire on August 29, it is a likely possibility. It is also possible that Apple is having some issue with its activation servers, so you may want to wait before reverting back.

Update (October 5):

If you’re getting an activation error, it is most probably because you had installed iOS 7 beta 6, which expires on October 6, which means it has probably expired or will shortly expiry depending on your timezone. Check out this post for step-by-step instructions on how to fix the activation error.

Are you getting the activation error on your iOS 7 device? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks everyone for the tip!

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  • frankenstein

    happened to me today at work.. have tried multiple times to restore back with no luck.. oh man.

    • Fred Cruz

      What do they recommend we do? Should I just keep the iOS 7 beta installed?

      • frankenstein

        i have no idea. my phone is “not activated”. every time i put it in DFU mode and connect to itunes it says that the server coudlnt be reached.

        • Matt

          Try downgrading in the same way you updated to iOS 7. Holding cmd, clicking check for update and navigating to your iOS 6 file. This has workied for me in the past.

      • Drusenija

        You could always just stump up the $99 to become a developer and get access to the beta legitimately. This problem has only affected non-developers so far it seems.

        • Mesut Güngör

          I have a developer account it is the same for me. When i try the downgrade using the DFU mode i get 3014 error code.

  • Sasha Dzundzoliya

    нафіг хай ставлять

    • Apple Inc.

      We’re not kicking non devs out And yes beta software is not for you everyday device We also have a program built into the beta that sends us glitches in background if devs don’t report it .

  • Casey

    Late in the game!

    • An Apple Fanboi

      I agree, they should be concentrating on fixing iOS 7 before it comes out for public release!

  • Casey

    You guys are fools!

  • Stan

    Shouldn’t it be unable to restore back to 6.1.x? And not able? Typo error?

    • iPhoneHacks

      Thanks, fixed the typo.

  • LostDimension

    I am a developer on beta 3 and it says my software had expired.

    • Cafer

      I just got the same problem. I could’t understand why but trying to solve it! Any help will be appereciated!

      • aydhen

        i just updated to the latest beta 6 and restored from a backup from my computer, try that :)

        • deactivated

          lucky u aydhen. i’m still on beta 3 and didn’t do a proper back up for weeks.

          guy, is there ANY way i can back up my iPhone whilst having this activation error? i desperate need to back up. just once. helpppp… =/

          • tuma

            pay 30$ and register ur udid

          • r4ymonf

            lol, that won’t help. The beta is EXPIRED. Okay?

          • Tuma

            That was what I did. Except if u don’t need your backup, u can go back to 614/613. If u need ur backup, just register with 30$ and update to ios6

          • r4ymonf

            …you’re clueless.

    • PrivateAppleDev.

      LostDimension, as a Apple Developer, you should already understand that beta versions of iOS shall expire within the time limit they are set for. Beta 3 was released July,8 2013, yet was outdated by Beta 4,5 and now 6. Please update your software by downloading iOS 7 Beta 6 from the official developers website. Thank you.

      • LostDimension

        Ahh thanks. This is my first time trying out beta version since i bought my developer program this march, so i did not know that the beta version has an expiry date. I know that I can update OTA but my device was always full and had no space for the update and i was too lazy to connect to my computer to update, so i held off updating for quite long. I am updating my phone to beta 6 now! Thanks

        • PrivateAppleDev.

          Pleasure being assistance ‘LostDimension’ – Hope iOS 7 Beta 6 has downloaded and installed correctly for you, enjoy your time with Apple Developers!

          Kind Regards,

          • Basem kerd

            so I am on ios 7 beta 6 which is the final beta and my developers license had just expired, I was wondering if I should go back to ios 6 so I can install ios 7 when it officially releases or should I stay on ios7 beta 6 and would i be able to update to the final version OTA ? please help.

        • Christian Valentini

          hey man, I’m just wondering where abouts you found ios7 beta 6? I’m a developer

  • Jake

    what do i do if it wont let my phone connect to itunes?

    • iPhoneHacks

      Put it in recovery mode.

  • emad

    how can i get back up before restoring cus it says session could not be started with the iPhone

  • Alix

    It still doesn’t work for me. I can’t restore with itunes, because when I connect my phone, I have an error message in tunes who tells me that I don’t have a developper account. I have this message on my phone and on itunes. I try to put it in recovery mode, it doesn’t work… I don’t know what to do…

    • CMJO

      Recovery mode. you must not be doing it right if it’s not going into recovery mode.

  • Fingers21

    If you are a developer on beta 3, do the OTA update to the latest beta. I’ve found very few major bugs, where as beta 3 I found very buggy on iphone 5.

    To anyone not a developer, your fault! You knew the risk of illegally trying unreleased firmware.

  • TNTastrophe

    Yes I got the same Problem and so I installed IOS7 beta 6. and now that I have done that I still get that same problem. The other bad thing is that if I plug it in my computer iTunes says the exact same error and won’t give me the “restore backup” or “Check for Update” button.
    This means there is at the moment no way to use or down/upgrade my iPhone4S at all!
    If any of you have working suggestions I would be the happiest Person.

    • iPhoneHacks

      Put your device in recovery mode. You will then be able to restore back to iOS 6.1.3.

      • denys

        the problem is that “search my iphone” is activated and I cant downgrade. Any idea?

        • CMJO

          Put it in recovery mode…..

      • TNTastrophe

        Thank you so much!
        I did what you said and It’s working perfect again. And good thing I made a backup of IOS 6 before I installed IOS7.


      • Daniel Zerbs

        how to put my device in recovery mode? I face the same problem, tried to fix it by updating to a newer version, the msg that appears is the same and it won’t sinc to my itunes whatsoever. I’d really appreciate your help

  • Mystic

    Almost gave up my iPhone 5 jailbreak to test out the new iOS seeing that the release is just around the corner. Ain’t I glad I decided to do a little web browsing first :).

  • OberonPuck

    I am not a developer but I paid a developer to have my device registered as such. Now I’m stuck as I can’t download the correct ipsw file for io7 beta 6 from the developer site. Any on have a link to it at all?

    • CMJO

      Just google it. You’ll find it.

  • Oly

    False, some devices never got the beta 4/5/6 update OTA and therefore their beta 3 has expired. that is all.

  • name

    haha i have now the latest beta its beta 7 and i didnt get anything that has to do with expiration im so lucky :D

  • shields

    All the updates are over the air, It’s your fault for not updating the software. If you are still on beta 3 you had 3 more beta’s to download! If you can’t keep up with the updates then don’t download the OS till it is released and you won’t have anything to worry about. This is the chance you take for wanting to be on the bleeding edge, but not seeing it all the way through.

    • ME

      Ummmm…calm down.

  • Jose Lopez

    I’m developer and had few issue but fixed nothing what I hear right here but problem like no signal no visual voicemail and unable to connect to wifi

  • BDJ238

    iphone 4 on the latest beta install. I’ve been doing OTA updates since the initial install of beta 1. No problems seen here.

  • appboy

    so i have ios 7 beta 4 running on my iphone 5 cdma. now seems the beta 4 is expired, and i cannnot do anything. Shows please activate device screen and when entering the icloud details nothing happens since software expired. then try to go to itunes to updated the expired version, but i cant since my find my iphone is on. there is no way to turn it off unless from device itself, and i cannot get into settings. PLEASE HELP? anyone know a way to turn off find my iphone on deivc

    • apple231

      Im having the same problem!! pls help anyone?????

      • Ross

        I’m having exactly the same issue. This definitely seems like an oversight

        • Helpless

          same here – already tryed upgradeing and downgrading nothing worked :(

          the device is udid registerd

          • erik

            I have the same problem, just go to DFU mode, then downgrade to 6.1.4…

  • Dev

    Try downgrading to 6.3 or 6.4, then update to Beta 5/6. Then restore IOS7 backup. Worked for me.

  • Jan Rosicky

    FIX that works for me – I had the same problem (unable to authorize..) but I did not have the latest version of iOs7 (beta6) – so what happened is that my beta expired since it was set to 29.8. I believe many of you have the same problem. I was not even able to backup via itunes, so I got really terrifed.

    The fix is easy – 1) google TORRENT IOS7 BETA 6 and download it. (It wont work from some sources since somewhere the file is corrupted, but later I found the right torrent).

    2) plug in your iphone to computer and HOLD OPTION (ALT) (on win it is shift) AND CLICK ON UPDATE (check for update) -> than it lets you select your downloaded file

    3) your iphone installs new version and than the authorisation works seamlessly

    • PrivateAppleDev.

      Jan Rosicky, I would like to warn you that updating to beta versions of iOS, downloaded via third party servers or torrent downloads shall have a negative impact on devices you install the operating system on.
      With illegal operating systems, not registered with Apple Developers, your device shall be logged and software wiped in order to stop unregistered users from installing the latest beta versions.

      I would not recommend downloading iOS Beta versions off third party servers.
      Kind Regards,

      • Fortune

        Hi Dev,
        I get the same screen requiring activation. When i input my login info nothing happens. When I try to restore in iTunes, it says “enter your password”. I cant enter my password because the phone is not activated… Any way to restore completely without iTunes or update without being in the phone. i appreciate any help you can give!

        • PrivateAppleDev.

          I suggest using iTunes as a last resort, you must download iOS 6.1.3 according to which iPhone you have eg. iPhone5 iPhone4 etc..
          Once restored to the latest iOS version, proceed with the setup- BUT SKIP THE SETUP MENU FOR APPLE I.D LOGIN

          – and do not install any application or media to the device. With the iOS 7 Beta ipsw you have( downloaded from Apple Developer Center), hold CTRL and click update rather than restore. Locate the iOS7 file and select the file.

          Once the update has completed, your device should automatically be setup at this point, finally the phone activates and the iPhone shall tell you that the iOS has updated, which is where you shall continue.

          iOS 7 Beta 6 should be installed onto the device successfully. If any errors occur with activating the device within iOS 7, you are not a registered developer with Apple. However, if done successfully, congratulations to you and your new device iOS.

          Kind Regards,

          • PrivateAppleDev.

            Fortune, also..
            Forgot to mention that if iTunes is recognizing your device as locked and is asking for your password; this password would either be the device password you set before updating to iOS 7 or your Apple ID Pass.

            Please try either to ensure your device is unlocked and is ready to be restored. Also, if you have another computer or device you can plug your phone into.. this is highly recommended.
            If you have no luck removing the password from the device on iTunes, as your device needs activating, try placing your device into DFU mode.

            DFU – Hold the power/lock button for three seconds,
            While continuing to hold the power button, keep hold of the home button for a period of twelve seconds –
            At around seven seconds of doing this, the screen shall turn off.

            After twelve seconds, take your finger off the power button, but continue to hold the home button for around ten seconds.

            iTunes recognises DFU activated on your iPhone, which is where you shall click restore – proceed to try and update to iOS 6.1.3.

            Kind Regards,
            ( Once again.. )

          • cbusy

            AD- thanks for all the details so far. I have this same problem, once I enter into DFU mode for the restore and go through the prompts of
            -selecting a language
            -selecting a country
            -choosing wi-fi

            It again prompts me with the “Activation Error” and says that this device is not a part of the iPad developer program….”

            Any thoughts on how to bypass this?

          • PrivateAppleDev.

            Did you successfully install iOS 6.1.3 onto your device?
            If so, proceed to restore back to 6.1.3 and setup again. Activation settings should be fine at this point, as iOS 6.1.3 is the latest system firmware.

            When this is completed, plug back into iTunes and update with iOS 7 Beta 6.

            If any other errors occur, you’re not a registered apple developer on the server – Or you have been registered on a website which is intended to scam individuals..

            Cbusy, hoping you are registered with Apple Developers Program successfully.. you shall need to drop them an email. You can find this on the Apple Dev – Member Center. Where you can inform them of any problems you are having with your device.. Including not being able to setup your iPad via iOS7 setup.

            Thanks and much appreciate a reply,
            Kind Regards,

  • Ivan

    if you get stuck with iOS 7 and that your computer does not detect your iPhone then put your iPhone in recovery mode.

    recovery mode = shut down the phone completely (slide the red bar) and click on the home button for 14 seconds + – while connecting the phone to your computer .

    Hold the alt button while clicking on ‘restore and update’.

    Done and you will have IOS 6 again and your phone will be fully functioning.

    I had to repeat this process a few times

  • iPhone5 im Arsch

    i just did everything u worte here.

    iPhone 5 (GSM)

    installed iOS7 Beta 4 (without UDID)

    i tryed to downgrade and update to iOS Beta 6 – nothing worked.

    i tryed ipsw files:


    nothing wokred :( i also registerd to UDID! afterwords…

    • me again

      PLS HELP :)

  • Z

    I cant even install beta 6 because i have “Find My iPhone” ON. How can i turn it off, if my iPhone cannot pass the activation screen ?

    • A

      put it in recovery mode, hold down the home button and power button together for ten seconds/until the iphone is turned off. Then without letting go of the home button let go of the lock button. itunes will say that the iphone is in recovery mode and needs restoring.

      • Emily

        When I try to do that from iTunes, it tells me I do not have permission to restore.

      • Wil

        Hey i just got the error today and was scared out of my mind and was looking for ways to fix this problem and this is the only one that worked and i would just like to say thank you!

  • Lorenzo

    I plug my iphone 5 to itunes and all I get is an activation error on my itunes. How can I restore in this case? Also my top button is broken so its hard to reboot it.

    • Augusto Adunas

      Go to general, settings, accessibilities and turn on assistive touch once it shows on ur screen click device, then touch and hold where it says lock screen.. It will let u turn off ur iPhone.. Once it’s off plug ur USB to iTunes and then to the iPhone while holding the home button. Don’t let go till u see the plug into iTunes logo, it will detect the iPhone in recovery mode and let u restore it.. Good luck :)

      • iasinc

        That information just saved my iPhone. Thank you

      • gaffo

        I restarted my iphone with the ios 7 on and now it says that i have to have an apple developer account, which i don’t have, so i can’t take the ios 7 software out and put my ios 6.1.3 software back. From the iphone and on my computer it says so, so i’m stuck. Help!

      • Akeel

        please help I need to back up but i am not able to

      • nagasandeep

        thanks man it works

      • MossyJoe

        You saved me bro

      • Nelly17

        Omggggggggg thank u soooooo much!!!!!

      • Nelly17

        Never mind it’s still the same… HELP!!!

      • Nelly17

        Lol never mind AGAIN THANK UUUUUUUUUUUU SOOO MUCHHHH!!!!!!! Really thank u lol

      • gerick

        you saved me bro! thanks a lot!!!

    • JOE

      put your phone in DFU mode then

      • Chelsear

        How do you put your phone into DFU mode ?

        • JOE

          Press the power button till it says swipe to turn off then hold the power button and the home button together for ten seconds then let go of the power button still holding the home button for another ten seconds DFU mode it should be if it goes in to recovery mode use redsnow to recovery fix and repeat the process

    • Lukey

      download a program called redsnow and go into extras, you will see PWND DFU MODE, Click that and it will put your device in DFU , Then open itunes and it will greet you with iphone recovery, restore your phone

    • JOE

      Turn it off if u can or let it go died just before it boots up with the apple logo hold down the home button it will go in to recovery mode u then can restore with iTunes

  • Hossam

    I have a developer account & I’m on beta 4 my mobile is bricked asking for activation & still not working, I downloaded Beta 6. dmg but I am using a windows pc then converted it & got an .IPSW then tried to update it but never worked try to help me guys if you please :'(

  • Root&jailbreak

    6.1.4 user, re-restore 6.1.4 ipsw file and update ISO 7. Shift and left click mouse to update button not restore.

  • richbilly.lagasca

    I think my ios7 beta 3 version expired 08-29. My phone is now asking for activation key. I get an activation error since I downloaded the upgrade from a torrent site.
    (my bad). iTunes now wont recognize my phone. I cant restore my phone because it wont enter DFU mode. Help, please?

  • Jpsnap

    My case when I put it in recovery mode my computer won’t recognize the phone. Now what? The same as for me find my iPhone is on.

  • V.

    I have iOS 7, I can’t restore because it keeps saying ‘iTunes cannot restore the iPhole because Find my Phone is on.’ It’s the worst, I’m at the middle, please help. DFU and Recovery Mode doesn’t work too.

  • Jacob

    I’m really confused as to why so many people are still running older betas? You can upgrade to each new beta over the air in the software updates section under general settings. Why haven’t you all been keeping current with every release? I installed beta 6 the day it was released, over the air, and don’t have a developer account. No problems here.

    • chelsea

      im on beta 3 and have the activation thing, I couldnt update to beta 4/5/6 but it said I have a software update but then it says im up to date..

  • Bobila Donoker

    mine is registerred as develloper but i got the error

  • Anthony Bon Louis U. Cubillas

    What could I do? I wanna fix it but I haven’t backed it up yet I think my device is iOS 7 beta 4 or 5.

  • Stephen Hermans

    unable to use phone at all it just has white screen.

  • Stephen Hermans

    screen i5 encrypted after installing ios7 from third party can anything be done or is
    this phone a piece of junk now. I cannot get past a white screen so am unable
    to reinstall ios6.1. Verizon cant do anything and neither can Apple.

  • kersiv

    this is a load of …
    i have it i update every time i can I’m on beta 7 my safari crashes all the time i use itunes radio everything works no problems

  • gilbert

    i bought 2nd hand iphone 4s to a apple web developer and it turns the screen into “ACTIVATION REQUIRED” the it was ios7 beta 3 how can i return it or use it again its been a day

  • bcsc

    What happened to ‘just works’. Just sayin, this kinda thing doesn’t happen to Android. Just flash and go. Works every time.

  • dk

    All of you who are asking for help are beyond help.., get lives people..

  • MR IT

    Lorenzo the only thing you can do atm is to downgrade to 6.1.4 or 6.1.3 depended on your device.
    You must have your phone plugged into your computer with iTunes opened.
    Then Hold down the POWER BUTTON for 10 Seconds and the HOME BUTTON For TEN SECONDS you will find that the device will “Reboot” Showing you the apple screen. At this stage LET GO OF THE POWER BUTTON. and CONTINUE to hold the HOME Until iTunes “lets you know its detected an iPhone”. then select “RESTORE” it will download the update and restore it to your phone. there is ONE Major issue in doing this….




  • Skipper199608

    If my device udid is registered will i also get this message?… Can anyone answer my question

    • iPhoneHacks

      If you’ve installed a beta version that has expired, you will hit an issue. You need to install the latest beta version (beta 6) to fix the issue.

      • Acacia

        if i were to have the beta 6 for my ip5, do i need to keep upgrading whenever a new beta is released? right now I’m having activation error and tried to downgrade to 6.1.4 and it says firmware is not compatible. I’m stuck not knowing what to do. pls help

        • Christian Valentini

          i’ve got the same problem

  • Leoven Morete

    Hi. So My mom and I registered our device since beta 1. And i Upgraded mine with the latest beta 6 but my mom is in vacation so my Mom didn’t know that she need to upgrade. She hast the beta 3 and it got deactivated. Is there anyway i can get the photos in the iphone? Please help

  • chelsea

    I have beta 3(I couldn’t update to other betas because it said I had a software update then said up to date and ive tried to do the whole thing over again for beta 4 and stuff) but I have the activation requirement and ive tried to downgrade to ios 6 but no files seem to work?? any advice?

  • MS

    Hello Guys I have just tried updating my Ipad 3 to Beta 6 from IOS 6. I didnt had any problem doing so. My iPad udid is not registered.

    • PrivateAppleDev.

      I would like to inform you that your iDevice shall be wiped with immediate effect, when Apple Developers scan iOS 7 Beta running devices which are not UDID registered.

      Without being an Apple Developer, your device shall be locked and wiped.

      Kind Regards,

      • MS

        I dare u do that !

  • MS

    Usually this activation thing comes up when an old beta expires.

  • Zachary

    Can I install iOS 7 beta 6 on my iPhone 5/ iPod Touch 5 yet, without getting the error? I am not a developer. Did apple actually stop these people from getting the beta or is it universal, developer or not?

    • MS

      Yes it can be, I have tried it the other day only!

  • Anthony

    Just a question. I too paid a dev to try ios7 but allowed the beta to expire. I switched back to ios6 and used a back up from february. but i still have the backups from the beta 3. Will these work when i go to restore my latest backup to ios7 when it comes out officially?

  • shrill679

    i let my friend update my iphone 5 software to ios7 before it has been released and now it says activation error because my iphone is locked because my device is not recognised by the apple developers program, please help, i cant use my iphone at all

  • ios4lif3

    It seems apple wont let people OTA update to beta 6. If you were to go to ios 7 beta 1,2,3, or 4 and check for a software update, it would say your up to date; however if you were on ios 7 beta 5, it would let you OTA update to ios 7 beta 6. Its quite weird and odd since a device on ios 5.0 can OTA update to 6.1.3..

    • MS

      Yes that’s right only previous version hHAS ota update only

  • Cheri delarosa

    Hi can any one help me? Ican’t update my iphone 5 iso 6.4 to iso 7 what should i do? I follow all the steps but still it errors please help me thanks

  • Creezy

    anyone got a download link for firmware?

  • cole

    i accidently downloaded beta 1 and it had essus i tried going back to ios 6.1.3 but it wont let me it says i am not registered as part of the apple program? any help

  • PrivateAppleDev.

    Thank you for making it clear that you’re not a developer, as a result of this, please do not attempt to upgrade your iOS to beta versions in the future.

    In addition to the information you have given me, your iPad shall not except any version below iOS 6.1.3 – Apple have stopped signing these iOS versions, as they are now outdated. iOS 6.1.3 can only be restored onto the device, when in DFU mode OR when your device is plugged in, and the update option is available.

    As your device is unable to show the update option, please continue to click restore in iTunes, while in DFU Mode – Hopefully, you understand DFU mode is different to recovery mode and is the mode used for developers to install factory settings to iDevices.

    When the restore option has been clicked, iTunes should show various boxes, confirm the software download and update.. iTunes shall download a clean version of iOS 6.1.3 for the iPad you are using.

    Update shall be successful and you shall be able to access your iPad once again; hopefully not encountering any problems, as of the update (iOS7 Beta 6) without being a developer.

    Kind Regards,

    • cbusy

      Hey AD, still having issues. When i enter DFU mode (not recovery), iTunes prompts me with an error that “iTines could not contact the software update server b/c you’re not connected to the internet.

      I’m most definitely connected to my network (I’ve done wireless and through my Ethernet cable). I’ve run iTunes Diagnostics and verified that everything is connecting correctly. I’ve also confirmed that ITunes is NOT blocked through my firewall, and I’ve reset the DNS settings (per a Windows 8 tutorial).

      Pretty much stumped on what else could be causing this, I’ve looked at every Apple help topic about this error and gone through each and every troubleshooting step.

      Thanks for the feedback and direction.

      • PrivateAppleDev.


        As far as I know, iTunes might need to be reinstalled. However, this is only the best option, if you are willing to try.

        Before trying this method; I would like to recommend you do the following;

        (1) Navigate to Control Panel,

        (2) Go to Network and Internet,

        (3) Internet Options

        (4) Go to the ‘Connections’ tab.

        (5) LAN Settings

        (6) Check the box – Automatically detect settings.

        (7) Relaunch iTunes and try again.

        If this doesn’t work, try to reinstall iTunes.

        I would like you to delete the iTunes hosts file; located in C:/>Windows>System32>Drivers>Etc>Hosts – Only if you are willing to reinstall iTunes once again. If so, please make sure you copy any music from iTunes folder> User>My Music>iTunes>iTunes Media – From there,Mobile Applications(if any) & Music (if any) copied to Desktop(Ready for the new iTunes).

        The other problem that ‘stumped’ me, was the image you attached to the forum, it clearly states ‘iPhone software update server’ and not ‘iPad Software Update Server’ – Therefore I would like to know whether you are having problems with an iPhone or iPad or both.

        Do you have more than one firewall activated? Sometimes application servers cannot connect if more than one firewall is active; or one is disallowing the program.

        Has your device previously been jailbroken?

        iTunes can sometimes disallow the restore or update of iOS Devices, if they have been jailbroken.

        Kind Regards,

        • cbusy

          I actually have gone through that LAN setting process already, that was the Apple Help suggestion. No luck.

          I have also re-installed iTunes and removed the original host files. (while saving the apps, music files, playlists, etc.)

          I went through the process of disabling ALL firewalls, just to see if that was an issue. I received the same errors.

          It’s strange, I don’t know why that error message said iPhone and not iPad. (see attached, same error). I did go through the process of requesting updates for my iphone 5, and it contacted the server without issue. That’s what’s strange, the iPad can’t connect but the phone can.

          No the device has not been jailbroken.

          • PrivateAppleDev.


            I am sorry to say, but from here on, I am unable to locate the problem; I would suggest you take your iPad to the nearest Apple Store and use the genius bar; where they can try to restore your iPad for you, however, I wouldn’t recommend that you tell them you tried to update to beta versions of iOS. – There could be a problem with the iPad itself, rather than any settings on the computer, as you said, your iPhone manages to contact the server.

            I’m sorry I couldn’t be much help to you, the issue you have brought up is very strange I must say. Personally, I have never found this issue. If you manage to ask a member of staff at Apple, and the situation is sorted; please do not hesitate to give me a quick reply; to tell me the issue has been resolved.

            Sorry once again Cbusy, the Apple Genius Bar is the best bet now.

            Kind Regards,

          • cbusy

            I actually took it in last week and the (snarky) genius bar guy wouldn’t help me reset it because I had installed the iOS7 beta without being a developer.

            One final question, would you assume that once the official ios7 rolls out the iPad will automatically reset with the new software, or am I screwed long term?

            I appreciate all the time/help!

          • PrivateAppleDev.

            You might want to retry taking the iPad into the Apple Store, but only mention that you tried to update to iOS6.1.3 > But there was an apparent activation problem.

            If trying to restore back to iOS 6.1.3 and restarting the whole process is a problem, the iDevice could encounter a problem when iOS 7 is rolled out, however, I cannot personally state that there shall be one.

            I would take the iDevice back to Apple and retry before any other method.

            Kind Regards,

  • Need help

    I try to restore my iPod 5th generation . It ask for me to disable find my iPod but I can’t get passed the activation screen error.

  • mr andrews

    so basically what your sayin is im without a phone until ios 7 drops?

  • alex

    im not a developer and am having activation issues… anyway i casn keep ios 7 and still not become a developer? its beta 6

  • Jamie

    Ok, i’ve had iOS 7 from beta 1 to 6 running on my iPhone 5 and iPad without problem and without a developer account. Once you find and download the correct file for your device do a backup of your device i found it best do backup to both iTunes and iCloud. Then once the backup is done on a mac you hold down the alt/option key while clicking on “Check for update” then a finder window opens up and you select the downloaded ipsw file and it will install. One last thing, if you’re having issues with that then after the backup update to the newest iOS version normally for a fresh install then follow the above instructions.


  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    99$ a year isnt that much.Why dont people just buy a developer account?

  • Brad

    Reactivated my iPhone and Installed ios 7 from the first link I found yesterday and it worked just fine.

  • jay

    what about iphone 4??

  • jay

    what about iphone 4

  • gaffo

    I restarted my iphone with the ios 7 on and now it says that i have to have an apple developer account, which i don’t have, so i can’t take the ios 7 software out and put my ios 6.1.3 software back. From the iphone and on my computer it says so, so i’m stuck. Help!!

  • Andy

    I am getting a MAJOR PROBLEM with my ios7.. I cant update or download any programs… How do i fix this ??

  • Akeel

    HELP please! I need all the data on my iPhone 5 but I cant do backup and the activation error is there help !!

    • ray

      Google latest iphone firmware download

      click iclarified link

      down latest version for your idevice

      open itunes

      click check for updates and while doing that hot OPTION KEY ON KEYBOARD

      Find file and install it

      Should update and all data should be there

  • AK

    Question… If my iphone isn’t registered would it work when the update comes? Would I be able to tell the difference?

  • Mike

    i plug my iphone 5 to iTunes and it says I can not connect I need 11.1 or later help please?

  • genius

    I’m only 16 and i figured it out …simpletons

    • merissa

      please help me i am not tech savy what so ever i dont know how to get rid of this problem

      • genius

        restore using icloud

        • merissa

          i cant get into my phone at all

  • lomi

    how can i restore my phone? i just keep getting this notice on my phone telling me im not a developer. and when i hook the phone up to the computer i cant even authorize it on itunes. help please.

  • kat

    i downloaded the iOS 7 a long time ago and now my iphone is saying activation required. i cant go to any other part of my phone bc of this. it only goes to a screen saying activation error i cant go to settings or anythingg please HELP

  • Andre

    My Iphone wont let me do anything AT ALL

    it has the Activation error on the screen. Then it has the Activation Error on Itunes. What do i do??

    • @ahmadjo86

      Update your itunes, 11.xx Then plug your iphone. it will ask you to wait, then it will give you the error, No problem. press and hold the home button + power button. till its off, remove your finger from the power button. A msg will appear at your NEW itunes. Voila! you got ur 6.1 ios. then update with ion. good luck :)

      • Julia

        My power button hasn’t been working, so this doesn’t work for me, do you have any tips? :/

        • JOE

          Restore with redsnow if it’s below a 4s

        • hacker

          if your powerbutton doesn’t work, go to apple store if you bought it less than a year ago, since powerbutton can’t be fixed, you’ll be able to replace one for a new one

      • Blondest Link

        I got into itunes and got a message saying I needed to do this but I have done it twice and it is STILL asking me to do it ;-(

        • JOE

          Remove iTunes install latest iTunes then turn your phone off when it shows the apple logo to turn on hold the home button and your go into recovery mode then u can restore

          • jeff

            I’ve had ios7 since the beta 2 and it kept updating itself until ios7 came out. i was at the carolina kentucky game when my phone started doing that activation error stuff. i did exactly as it said right here and once in recovery mode my itunes finally would download the files instead saying error. thank you so much! definitely works

          • ME

            You need to let the software update for IOS7 download first, Yes! it will prompt you the same error message, but once the software has downloaded, you need to follow the steps that were posted once again and your phone will restore itself.
            F.Y.I, you should’ve had backed up your phone before committing into doing this, otherwise your phone will be restore as a new phone
            Here follow this instructions if still unclear:
            1) make sure you have the latest iTunes software compatible with iphone 5 IOS7
            2) Make sure iphone is unplugged from the computer/laptop, and turned off
            3) As specified in the text above, the latest IOS 7 software should’ve downloaded by now, when this is done, connect iphone once more but this time WHILE HOLDING THE HOME BOTTOM.
            4) itunes will now recognize the iPhone in recovery mode and will automatically assemble the restore for you.

          • sara

            I did evrything u said and nothing works . i literrally did everything right . nothing wrong.

      • Briana Fisher

        Thank you so much for posting this!!!!!!!!! I was able to reinstall ios7 fresh without issues.

        • Jessiedee

          Did u download the new iOS 7 patch then download my ipad is screwed trying to restore but itunes won’t let me no idea what I am doing

      • Anto

        I follow this steps but at the end it still said that there was an error and now I can’t even turn my cellphone on. HELP!!!

      • ambreen

        Thanks a ton !! Was looking for a solution since 3 fed up by all this random apple errors every few days

      • a-kay

        its updating through itunes…thanx

    • JOE

      Put your phone in DFU mode and restore in iTunes

  • Irmarie

    I’ve tried everything possible but now it says that I have to turn off Find my iPhone BUT I dont have access to my phone to turn it off. What can I do????

    • Irmarie

      ive tried putting it in recovery mode and holding alt/option button (mac) and clicking restore then picking ios 6.1.4 ipsw file.. it still gives me an error at the end and it would just turn my phone back on

  • David Foggia

    How do i connect my iPhone running iOS 7 beta 6. iTunes 11.0.5 doesnt recognize or detect my iPhone. Can someone help me out?

  • Jake

    So I’ve been stuck with the iOS7 and I’m trying to go back and I can’t seem to figure it out I tried downloading iOS6 and everything. I’ve also tried going to the restore mode but it doesn’t work. It says I need iTunes 11.1 so does that mean I’m stuck with iOS7 till it comes out for the public?

  • Joe.01

    I’ve downloaded the ispw file, but it gets stuck on verifying with apple and never gets passed that. What should I do?

  • Rbodzioch

    restarted my iphone with the ios 7 on and now it says that i have to have an apple developer account, which i don’t have, so i can’t take the ios 7 software out and put my ios 6.1.3 software back. From the iphone and on my computer it says so, so i’m stuck. Help

  • King Skiip

    so i had beta since it came out.,… and i plugged it into my computer for the first time.. in months, and now my phone is fcked. i downgraded back to 6.1.3 but now i cant get my icloud restore cause it’s on 7.0 -__- HELPPP

  • Iphone5Viv


  • Iphone5Viv

    I have iphone 5, i registered my udid in developers account.. my ios7 is beta 3 & now its not upgrading or downgrading to any ios like 6.1.4 or ios7 beta 6… now what i have to do.. currently my iphone is showing “Activation Required”…. its not activating actually, its showing the activation server is temporarily unavailable. I have done everything using itunes & all… Can anyone give suggestion to again start my iphone5 please… one last thing if today ios7 officially released then my iphone will automatically upgraded?

  • Mariam

    I have iphone 4s and its saying that my ios 6.1.3 is up do date. How can i update my iphone to ios 7 if i cant find it

  • Mariaamm

    Hey,i’ve got problem.i have iphone 4s and i cant update it to ios 7 because its saying that my ios 6.1.3 is up to date. Can someone help me? How can i get ios 7?i need your help

  • Hector O

    I downloaded a beta of IOS7. Worked fine. Trying to remove the beta and I get this message. “This device is not registered as part of the iPhone developer program” My iPhone 5 is now locked and I can’t get to the “check for update” page in iTunes.

    • Laura Elizabeth

      I’m the same way with my iPhone 5.

      • david

        same ere

  • Quan

    It keeps saying I have an error!!

  • ray

    my ipad 2, iPhone 4S and iphone 4 wont update to 7. even itunes is saying 6.1.3 is the latest software

    • Raxi

      Update iTunes to 11.1

  • Ryan Marten

    I downloaded it early and have received each mini update to iOS 7 successfully but now I search for software update in settings and it says I am up to date, but that isn’t true because it’s not showing the brand new release from today…

    What is going on!?!?!

  • Deanna

    Download is complete but now it says “software update is not available at this time. try again later.”

  • Andreas Anastasi

    I had installed the beta6 on my iphone 5 without having a developers account, and i now restored my iphone but it wont let me activate it again. Neither Itunes can read it.. Please help!

    • Kartheek Bodanki

      I have the same problem. It says “your iphone cannot be activated because the activation server cannot be reached”. Any Help??

  • Pissed Off

    I have a factory-bought unlocked Iphone 4S. No illegal or unauthorized software and all I get is the “activation server unavailable” both in itunes and on the phone itself.

  • trae

    i am receiving an activation error “because the activation server cannot be reached.” How do i bypass this issue?

  • JulianZH

    stuck at activation…..

  • Diane

    My iPhone 4S is a Verizon carrier and is not activated, does this have something to do with my iPhone not being able to download IOS 7
    Please email me back at


    i cant do anything.. it just comes up with activation error.. WHAT DO I DOOOO HELP!!!!!!!

  • Jay T

    Yes just updated my iphone 4 to iOS 7 and I’m having an activation problem.

  • Sanjay

    Activation problem,what the hell is going on

  • Raxi

    My iPhone just got activated after 3 hrs of trying :D

    • Jay T

      omg… how??… does it say No Service on the top left corner? or is it your carrier’s??

      • Asbjørn

        Try to restart your iPhone, worked for me.

        • Jay T

          Yep nevermind…. got it working after persistent pressing on “Try again” button lol.. I guess it’s the Apple Servers crashing

    • skoogle

      how did you get it to activate?

  • El Ro

    i am getting this problem after updating my ipad to the official iOS7 which was released today. It says it cant activate the product cos my home network is not working and the device cant reach the apple servers.

  • Ace

    Says my software is up to date

  • Mitch Bryant

    I’m getting the activation error on my iPad which has never had a pirated version of any software on before…any fixes?

  • Nicole

    hi, i used a beta version of the iOS 7 – and now my phone won’t activate after restoring, i can’t do anything.. any suggestions?

  • Emre

    First i upgraded my iphone to ios 7 beta today i downgraded it to 6.1.4 after i restored to the ios 7 now i cant activate Please Help Me !!!!!

    • Nicole

      I am having the same issue, hopefully someone will have some advice to help

      • JOE

        Use redsnow to recovery fix in extra once done put ur phone in DFU mode then u can restore

  • britany

    I downloaded the ios 7 andit is on my phone but it will not activate. I previously had it jailbroken but in order to get the ios 7 I had to restore it.. now I am unable to get past the error screen… I really need help. I can’t do anything on the phone.

  • kevin

    said i had to restore my phone. I did. not it wont connect to itunes says enexpected error try later? my phone doesnt work! help!

  • abbey

    hey so I got the Activation Error aaaages ago on my iPhone 4 and iPad 2, and as I didn’t want to loose all my data etc. on my phone and iPad I just waited for iOS7 to be officially released (I think I was on beta 3)… well now it has, it’s just not doing anything. I tried plugging it into iTunes and updating it that way, well it worked apparently then said I needed to register as a developer… Is there anyway that I can update to iOS7 without havign to restore to iOS6 and loose all my stuff? thanks x

  • Genie Shekar

    i updated to ios7 and i really need to get ios6 back, and its not the beta version. even though i heard its not possible i need to still activate it which i have no idea how to since my dad did it for me…. does anyone have advice for me?? i have a iphone 4s

  • Brandon

    So i have the activation error on my iphone and my iTunes but my top button on my iphone is jammed, am i completely screwed or is there any possible thing i could do?

  • carlos

    why do I have a password after ios 7 if I never had one?

  • calvin

    i downloaded ios7 beta 2 and it upgraded to betas 3 and 4. It wont let me update to the ios 7. Should i try to downgrade or just pay $30 and get a developer

  • Bob

    After upgrading, it asked for my pass code but when I enter it, it denied me and now my phone is disabled. Help!

  • Mitch

    New sign in with ios7 is english/russian. My password has Greek characters so how do I sign in now?

  • JQ

    and it wont even let me type my password….

  • Lasse A. Madsen

    Was installed on my 4S without issues. Now it cannot unlock like before (does not type in numbers immediately – takes a couple of seconds) As well as typing in a text message. This is not working at all and the phone freezes for several seconds. Too bad as the iOS7 looked very nice. Need to wait for new update.

  • Kim

    My phone won’t let me text it types one or two letters then freezes and like 30 seconds later finishes typing the rest of the word how do I fix this

  • Mike

    Yes, now my photos are not full screen, they have these big ugly black bars on the sides

  • Brenda Hernandez

    It doesn’t let me do anything it just keeps telling me checking for update

  • Jacob

    ok i have a ipod touch 5th gen and its telling activeation error blah blah blah and it will let me do 1 THING AT ALLL what do i do

  • Tracy

    Downloaded ios7 worked fine,then crashed can’t get get phone on……..please help what should I do

  • Blondest Link

    I got a message last night in settings that iso7 is available to download, so I downloaded,,,,it changed the layout of my phone but as it was late I thought ok will play tomorrow n went to bed,,,,,,,,now it is asking me for a pass code…….I have never used a pass code on my phone, ever! I just slide and use, simple (not secure I know but as I never let it out of my sight thats ok) or was until now. I tried the default 0000 few times, now my phone is saying disabled and I can’t get into it for love nor money since last night…………help!!!!

  • Cadeluca79

    ahmadjo86, Thank you very much!!! I was ready to pull out my hair!!!

  • jassssfabbb

    My my update says my phone is not activated as in the carrier when before the update it was just fine

  • marc

    my ipone was jailbroken and i installed ios7 and now ive got the apple logo coming and going all the time and ive tried everything but it doesnt work :(

  • Zay

    My iphone is stuck at activation screen and I can’t down grade . I tried dfu mode and recovery but it wouldn’t downgrade can yu help ?? Please btw it’s iphone 4s

  • nicck7777

    i was using ios7 beta 6 and suddenly my phone got deactivated what should i do ?

  • Elie

    I am downloading the ios7 BUT at the end it is giving me an error when the dowload ends.. i have updated the itunes.. what to do ?

  • jammie

    i downloaded the iso7 software and it says connect to itunes so downloaded itunes but then got a messages saying my phone is in recovery mode and it will restore factory setting if i continue and now my phone wont come bk on help please does this mean i have lost everything on my phone cos dont have icloud set up

  • JOE

    If u need to know how to put your phone in DFU mode download redsnow it will show u the steps or YouTube it

  • Carl

    Please Help Me.. I Update My Iphone 4 Past day, So Then Its Lock, Not Recognize Sim.. Cant Bypass Activation Screen. Please give Me Redsnow for support IOS 7 IPSW. Redsnow 9.15b3 Not Identified IOS 7 IPSW. Any One Have a Answer, Please Help Me..

  • kenny

    I found a iPhone 5 at a restaurant bathroom. Is there anyway I can unlock the passcode and restore it so I can use it

    • Honest

      You found an iPhone 5 in a bathroom and you didn’t return it? There is a special place for rotten people like you.

  • Anna

    After downloading IOS7 my iPad did not recognize my Apple ID. After restoring it the activation screen states my Apple ID is incorrect. But it works fine on my iPhone and when I log into iCloud. What can I do?

  • Dude Man

    I downloaded the 2nd beta, from then on until beta 7 it let me update straight from my phone to the next beta. I’m stuck on beta 6. Now it says it’s up to date every time I check. I even tried restoring my phone and it won’t work. I get this message when I try: “There was a problem downloading the software for your iPhone. The requested resource was not found.”

    Please help!

  • Alex

    OKAY! so i have had all these same problems, activation error, power button broke, and in register mode,,,,DOWNLOAD RECBOOT… plug your device in and click enter DFU…. IT IMMEDIATELY WORKS,,, and then itunes will say something like “you must restore this device before you can use it with iTunes.. but click that okay button and it will come up like 5 freaking times in a row, but after that, it will let you click restore!!

  • Shae

    After removing jailbreak from iphone5 how do I install ios7! It is not showing up under software update!

  • Dan

    My iphone and itunes come up with the activation message
    My itunes is up to date.
    I cant turn my phone off to put it im DFU mode


  • Skye

    I downloaded a beta of IOS7. Worked fine. Then one day it stopped and I get this message. “This device is not registered as part of the iPhone developer program” My iPhone 5 is now locked and I can’t get to the “check for update” page in iTunes. It won’t let me do anything – I’m trying to save this data as it’s my late husband’s phone and I don’t want to lose his photos or data. Both the iPad and iPhone I have are doing the same thing.

    I’ve tried to reboot but it says that “Find My iPhone” is on but when I log into the iCloud, it won’t allow me to delete it…
    Help help please??

  • usman

    Dear Brother !
    2 days ago i updated my iphone 4 to ios 7.0.2 with itunes. but my iphone was already locked. and now my iphone stop on Activation screen.. i am not able to use my iphone any more.please Help me. and tell me that how to get out of this activation screen.

  • courtney

    Today my iphone just randomly shut off and came back on with the activation error because i got ios7 beta a few months back. i dont know what to do please help!

    • mike

      Me too! Literally a few minutes ago.

      • Scon

        The reason I’m here. But it will not let me access anything at all past that screen what do I do

        • kendyll

          put your phone into recovery mode and plug it into itunes. the instructions are in the comments below. itunes will recognize that its in recovery mode and fix it

      • Guest

        Same here. Somebody please help.

    • Alex Dooley

      Same. Somebody help.

      • hjgg


    • Gaggy

      Same problem can’t use my phone it sucks

  • kendyll

    I got ios7 beta in July, and literally 20 minutes ago my phone shut off and came back on with the activation error. Anyone have any tips???

    • Ha

      Me Too????

    • skoogle

      me too

  • chubypandaa

    my ipad was working just perfectly this morning and half an hour ago it just came p with an activiation error screen. pleassee someone help!! >w<

    • kyle

      thats like the same thing that happened to my ipod

  • kyle

    my ipod just randomly got an acticvation erorr its really anooying can any one help me get this figured out?

    • Guest

      I got the same problem. I was on iOS7 beta.

  • nicola

    same thing happened to me, tried to restore but didnt work, im guessing you cant go to the apple store for help?

    • nikki588

      what will happen if i do go to the apple store? idk how to fix my phone, it wont turn off, it wont restore, its just locked..

      • nicola

        not sure, im assuming they wont help anyone who did the unauthorised download.. the reason we are locked out of our phones as we speak. i probably will when im desperate

  • ray

    just happened to me too, anyone know how to fix it?

  • kendyll

    the restore didn’t work, what do i do?

  • crystalina

    same thing happen to me should i call apple store

    • DannyKiiid

      I had the same thing happen about half an hour ago. I had to download the normal iOS 7 IPSW, go into DFU mode (google how to do so) and in iTunes you option-click (for Mac) on the “Restore iPhone” button and select the iOS 7 IPSW. Sounds complicated, took me about 20 minutes.

      • nicola

        where did you download the ios7 ipsw from? mine doesnt give me any options when i restore

  • nela

    what do i do? my iPhone cannot be restore bc it has findmyiphone on and i can’t turn it off bc my screen is stuck on activation required

  • Alex Dooley

    Figured it out! Download the RecBoot application for either Mac or Windows, use it to manually put your device into restore mode, and iTunes will do the rest. My iPhone 5 is currently restoring to my most recent backup as I type this. Upvote so people can be helped!

    • tpot

      That should work fine, but any ideas on grabbing the data off before doing a feel restore? Thanks in advance

      • Alex Dooley

        As long as you have a relatively recent backup on your iTunes, it shouldn’t be much of an issue. I just backed my phone up a day or two ago, so I’ll be missing about 48 hours of messages, but that’s a price I’m willing to pay in order to get my phone operational again. Not sure where I’d start with grabbing the data when the phone is locked out.

  • DannyKiiid

    I had the same thing happen about half an hour ago. I had to download the normal iOS 7 IPSW, go into DFU mode (google how to do so) and in iTunes you option-click (for Mac) on the “Restore iPhone” button and select the iOS 7 IPSW. Sounds complicated, took me about 20 minutes. Let Google be thy guide for any things you don’t know how to do. Live long and prosper.

    • spasco

      Thanks. Guys, this is the correct and only way to restore your iphone if you are having the same problem after the activation error today. Try it

  • ericac

    okay i need help nothing is working for me! it is still on the activation error screen. PLEASE HELP

    • Alex Dooley

      Download RecBoot. It will force your device into recovery mode and iTunes will do the rest. My iPhone is restoring right now, I had the same problem as you.

      • Cindy

        And your phone is completely back to normal and functioning now? :O

        • whitney

          how to do restore it with the recboot?

          • Alex Dooley

            Download RecBoot. Open/install RecBoot. It will detect your device, select “Enter Recovery Mode,” and the rest is obvious.

        • Alex Dooley

          It is! My apps are all being restored right now. Note: It will restore your phone to your most recent backup, so you may lose some messages or photos if you don’t have them synced to iCloud. That being said, it’s better to have a few days of missing data than to have a completely dysfunctional phone, at least in my opinion.

      • nicola

        well let me know when it successfully restores because i tried to restore and still wouldnt work

        • Alex Dooley

          Mine is back to normal. 100% fixed.

          • nicola

            you are literally the only person that this dfu and restoring method has worked for, did you do anything different? ive tried everything

          • Alex Dooley

            I didn’t even enter dfu mode, just downloaded RecBoot, selected “Recovery Mode,” and it basically powered my phone down completely, brought up a screen on iTunes similar the the DFU screen, and allowed me to completely restore my phone. I attempted the DFU method first, which allowed me to download iOS 7.0.2 but wouldn’t let me install it, then went to RecBoot. Maybe that’s the trick? I suggest downloading RecBoot and using it to force the phone into recovery mode after using the DFU method to download the actual software, that’s what worked for me.

      • Jalen cruz

        When can you Get recbot?

        • Alex Dooley

          Google “jaxov recboot” and the first result has a download link.

  • tpot

    Same issue here…the bypass method (voice over and voicemail) does not work. I want to back up my phone or at least grab the pictures off it before I do a restore…any ideas?

    • Jon

      im not quite techsavy. but when i plugged my iphone into the computer, a popup shows up, and i click open files or folders and i can acces my pictures, on my PC. or go to my computers and find your device there.

  • nikki58

    i have an activation error on my phone, i cant do anything with it now.
    i plug it into my itunes and it wont let me restore my phone… my top button is broken too on my phone so i cant turn it off and the assistive touch isnt showing up on my screen … WHAT DO I DO

    • ray

      Restore your phone on a different computer as a new phone. Only thing to do.

  • Nik

    If I restor my iPhone and I never made a back up I will lose all my information or the phone will be normal?

    • tpot

      restore will wipe it…you and i are looking for same thing. I need to do a backup or recover the data before i do a restore

  • manny

    This has helped me a ton. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

    • jay

      manny, can you tell me which way you did it, because ive tried most of the options here and they all havent worked for me?

  • Nadine

    my iphone won’t let me do anything and I tried downgrading but nothing will work! I can’t restore my phone or even update to the real IOS7 ! NOTHINGS WORKING :(

  • Anjelica_Jones

    Ok I read through some of this but still not fixing my problem. My husband put the iOS7 Beta on my phone and apparently it expired and now my phone says activation required then activation error… HELP

    • matthew

      yea it just happend to me and idk what to do

  • Gina

    I tried putting it in dfu mode and restoring with iTunes but it wont work. Any ideas?

    • Gaggy

      Same here I did but it ain’t working

    • ray

      Save you guys a lot of stress as this just happened to me and i fixed it.

      first – make sure you have the latest itunes.

      second – search google for latest iOS update and click on the ICLARIFIED link

      download the latest version for your phone

      third – after you download it hit CHECK FOR UPDATE in itunes and while doing that hit THE OPTION KEY ON MAC ( DONT KNOW ABOUT PCS )

      forth – find the file you just downloaded and click it to install

      Let the phone/software do its thing after you’re done you should be able to access your phone again.

      that worked for me, hopefully it helps a few of you guys out

      thumbs up if it works so it can be ranked higher in these comments

  • zeco

    omg my phone is doing this now i dont know what to do :( any one have any idea this is truly annoying that apple would seriously do this. Surely it would be easier to leave people in peace

    • jay

      did you download the new itunes software, and then put it in dfu mode, and then clicked restore?

      • zeco

        im trying that right now ill let you know how it goes :)

      • Gina

        I tried and it didn’t work

  • Anjelica

    Is there a way to get rid of the iOS 7 Beta without restoring my phone? Please Help! And for some reason I can’t reply to anything on here :(

    • matthew

      I dont know what to do idonf think so

      • Anjelica

        :'( IDK what to do

        • matthew

          ya me either

          • Anjelica

            And I don’t want to restore my phone cause I have my daughters Baptism photos on here that I haven’t uploaded to a PC yet :(

          • Anjelica

            And from what I have read from others the restore doesn’t work anyway :(

          • jon

            if it automatically backs up to icloud you should be fine, plug it into itunes and seee when was the last time it automatically updated to itunes, if not, then im sorry to say your photos will probably be lost in the restoring process. unless someone has another solution

    • Gautam

      Use this method to upgrade to iOS 7 public release. Instead of downloading the firmware file, directly click on Check for Updates, which will allow you to update directly to iOS 7.0.2.

  • Billy

    So I’ve got an iPhone 5 and this activation error is showing up, a friend of mine downloaded ios7 beta 6 for me because I’m not all that tech savvy and now I’m having some serious issues trying to restore my phone.

    i’ve tried everything that has been said in the comments below and nothing seems to be working. Can someone dumb it down for me in a step by step guide to help me restore my phone to its factory settings please?

  • Gamerz

    as of 8:45pmEST my iphone entered the “activation phase” (interupting my Candy Crush streak none the less!!!) Are we screwed or is there simply a workaround?

  • jay

    manny and gamers, the way im doing it has 38 more minutes of download, tehn i will try it this one last way, and if it works i will tell you how to do it, if not, im just going to have to trash my phone and get a new one tomorrow

    • Gamerz

      Sounds like a plan, keep us posted!

      • jay

        33 minutes. the suspense is killing me

    • nicola

      Simply trying to DFU and restore DOESNT WORK! it fails at the last minute

      • zeco

        when you say restore is that to the latest ios ? caus eim trying that now and waiting the bar on my iphone screen is near the end

  • matt

    idk what tooo dooo

    • zero

      omg my phone is restarting cross finger this is it! I put it into DFU and then tried to downgrade to iOS 6 but it failed then i did a restore and update to the new ios update and it worked! i have the welcome screen on my phone !!! yayyy!!

      • Anjelica

        So did just restoring it fix it?

        • zeco

          from what i can tell so far yes it did and now the fone says it is restoring a backup hopefully that works too then i wouldnt have lost my data

  • nikki588

    my phone is completely locked and stuck, my lock button doesnt work and assistive touch disappeared on my phone. i have apple care that covers me from water damage. should i just like soak my phone and then take it in and get a new one? will they be able to tell still if i had downloaded the beta ios7? IM SCARED

  • Joseph

    About 30 min ago my phone died and when i finally plugged it in and it turned back on, it was acting like it had just been updated. Then, i proceeded to enter my pass code and it said i had to “set up my new phone” with itunes or connect to a wi-fi network. So, i connected to a wi-fi network and thats when it gave me the “Activation Error”. Help me please! Yes, i updated a few weeks earlier than release to ios 7 beta 6, so right now I am in the process of downloading the official release version of ios 7 from apple then restoring using itunes, but if this doesn’t work then I don’t know what else to do!

  • Ray

    Save you guys a lot of stress as this just happened to me and i fixed it.

    first – make sure you have the latest itunes.

    second – search google for latest iOS update and click on the ICLARIFIED link

    download the latest version for your phone

    third – after you download it hit CHECK FOR UPDATE in itunes and while doing that hit THE OPTION KEY ON MAC ( DONT KNOW ABOUT PCS )

    forth – find the file you just downloaded and click it to install

    Let the phone/software do its thing after you’re done you should be able to access your phone again.

    that worked for me, hopefully it helps a few of you guys out

    thumbs up if it works so it can be ranked higher in these comments

    • Gamerz

      trying that now…

      • Jay

        Any luck?

        • ray

          the file is big so it will take awhile if you have slow internet. took me 10 minutes to download it and another 5 to install so yeah

  • Cindy

    Does anyone else have a flickering light around their screen after they got their phone to work? After I updated it and did all that shindig, I got my phone to work but now the screen is flickering :s

    • GIna

      how did you get it to work?

  • Me

    What I did:

    1. Ensure I have latest version of iTunes.
    2. Plug USB into computer but not into phone.
    3. Turn phone off.
    4. Hold down home button and plug in cord connected to computer.
    5. Restore phone to newest version of iOS which was downloaded through iTunes.

    • Cindy

      I did exactly this and downloaded the ios 7.0.2 onto my phone and went through that process. My phone works now but the surroundings of my screen keeps flickering!

      • Me

        I think this may be an effect of 7.0.2
        Hopefully the next release will get rid of it..

    • sushisasuke

      I get an error when I hit restore. :(

      • sushisusake

        it’s working! …..

    • Me

      Mine is now running perfectly fine on 7.0.2.

    • me too

      @f620f4647fb816073c9152a284245e64:disqus Thank you, this worked for me after trying for the past 2 hours with recovery mode…..

    • working now


      everybody, try ME suggestion

      1. Ensure I have latest version of iTunes.
      2. Plug USB into computer but not into phone.
      3. Turn phone off.
      4. Hold down home button and plug in cord connected to computer.
      5. Restore phone to newest version of iOS which was downloaded through iTunes

  • Anjelica

    Where did Matthew

    • Matthew


      • Matthew Wollam


  • J

    I updated my iOS beta few months ago with apple developer account. And somehow now the phone need to be reactivate and can not be done.

    I currently updating it thru itunes with recovery mode.

    Will post how it goes.

    • Joseph

      same here. i wish we were developers, would save alot of trouble

    • jon

      same… i really hope it works, I also did download ios beta but only a month ago but not with a developer account. i can’t downgrade either. if this doesn’t work i don’t know how to restore y iphone to it’s original!

      • Barr

        Same problem i am updating to lastest version of itunes now i really hope it works, i cant do anything

        • jon

          yeah, so im assuming apple just happened to do something and now they are releasing an update of some sort? because 10 mins ago would try to restore but it would not work, but just now it started to work so im assuming apple released something.

      • who

        yup, on the same boat. Woke up to my phone displaying “activation required” on the lock screen.

        • Barr

          honestly i am pretty scared about this, i have been on hold form itunes for 35 mins

          • jay

            please let us know how it goes

          • Jon

            my iphone software update just failed…. and now i tried again, having to wait 5 hours…. somethings wrong ):

  • jay

    Can someone just please tell me way that they did, and it properly worked?

  • Chase

    Mannnnn this will be the last time I fall for the early IOS trap…lol Can’t use my dang phone, it’s Saturday night, places to be and I’m stuck here trying to fix this…

  • Me

    is there any way to do this WITHOUT deleting everything on my phone(didnt back it up)

    • Jon

      did you sign up with icloud? it sutomatically backed mine up this morning, thank god.

  • screwed

    Had ios7 a while before it got released and suddenly tonight the activation error came and i cant do anything at all.

    • Joseph


    • Jordan

      Same thing for me tonight. Took a nap, and when I woke up around 20:00 EST, got this Activation Error… Can’t find a solid way to fix it. Also, I can’t backup my iphone again, because it says a session can’t be started.

      • kevin

        same thing happened to me. running the ipsw from iclarified now. if not will go to redsnow and see if that works for me.

        • Jordan

          Yeah let me know. I’ll try to do that too. My only issue is that my most recent backup is from August 12…

    • Matthew Wollam

      you Got anything yet? :)

  • Barry

    Just got a call back from Apple once i find out how to fix then i will update everyone

    • Matthew Wollam

      kk thanks

    • Jordan

      Thank you, please do!

  • zackery

    i tried to update my iphone 5 in dfu but got error 3194

    • Matthew Wollam


    • zackery

      any one have ant idaes?

      • Matthew Wollam

        not really

    • zackery


  • Felipe

    to downgrade to iOS 6 which i should use CDMA or GSM, i have an Iphone % model A1429??

    • Jon

      dont do it. it’s not going to work, this is old. we are currently waiting for some answers from people that are updating software and other things.

      • Felipe

        you know if i delet all date in Icloud i will be able to use my iphone?

        • Matthew Wollam

          no you wont

  • Barry

    This is honestly extremely insane right now they call me, put me on hold. Apple is going to hear it from me this is extremely uncessary and everyone is in panic as am I. I really hope this gets fixed, i am Pissed off

    • Matthew Wollam

      yes me too ;)

    • Gamerz

      Let us know what Apple’s response is. i am sure they are getting flooded with calls. I would speak with their escalation executive manager and let them know that their response will be tweeted for the world and the media to see!

  • Steve_EHN

    i have a issue. Im trying to restore my iphone but it says i have to turn off find my iphone from the settings. i tried signing in to my icloud but it can’t find any devices (i never set up my device) i have tried everything i know and cant restore it or anything!!:( what can i do? i have given up

  • Gamerz

    I am reposting the below. It put me back to factory settings 7.0.2, but it worked

    Save you guys a lot of stress as this just happened to me and i fixed it.

    first – make sure you have the latest itunes.

    second – search google for latest iOS update and click on the ICLARIFIED link

    download the latest version for your phone

    third – after you download it hit CHECK FOR UPDATE in itunes and
    while doing that hit THE OPTION KEY ON MAC ( DONT KNOW ABOUT PCS )

    forth – find the file you just downloaded and click it to install

    Let the phone/software do its thing after you’re done you should be able to access your phone again.

    that worked for me, hopefully it helps a few of you guys out

    1. Ensure I have latest version of iTunes.
    2. Plug USB into computer but not into phone.
    3. Turn phone off.
    4. Hold down home button and plug in cord connected to computer.
    5. Restore phone to newest version of iOS which was downloaded through iTunes.

    • Matthew Wollam


    • Gamerz

      I only had a backup from July 16 so im a lil pissed lol

      • Me

        Mine was August, lmao.

    • ray

      revised to make it shorter

      Google latest iphone firmware download

      click iclarified link

      down latest version for your idevice

      open itunes

      click check for updates and while doing that hit OPTION KEY ON KEYBOARD on osx only

      Find file you downloaded and click it

      Should update and all data should be there

  • Me

    I will post again what I did for my 4s..

    1. ENSURE you have newest iTunes available.
    2. Connect USB to computer but not iPhone.
    3. Turn phone OFF!
    4. Hold down the home button while plugging in the other end of the USB into the phone. (Connect to iTunes icon should appear on phone screen)
    5. On iTunes it will/should ask you to restore – to the NEWER version of iOS 7.0.2.
    6. Wait for iOS 7.0.2 to download and let iTunes do the rest installing it.
    7. iPhone should be restored and you will be able to restore your backed up information.

    This is what worked for me, specifically. May not work for everyone.

    • Chase

      Similar but I got the same result..

    • ktulu 7

      good for you im working on it right now.. but can you call ?? ordoes it show (no service) in the top left corner ?

  • Chase

    Phewwww don’t know how I did it but I’m back in action!!!!!!

    First: Updated iTunes

    Second: Went into recovery mode (Power and Home button held until black screen) (Released Power and held Home until iTunes prompted recovery mode)

    Third: Hit the restore button and it prompted 7.02 was avail for download

    Fourth: Forgot everything else from there because I was so flipping excited to see the WELCOME screen on my phone!!!!!

  • bella525

    i followed all of these steps but nothing is happening! i restore it like it says but after waiting 20 mins for the restore to finish it just brings me back to the same page and issues i was having before! pleaseeee help someone!

    • J

      Which page you have been to?

      The Activation Page?

  • Matthew Wollam

    so i have to turn off my computer

    • J

      RESTART your computer after installing latest iTunes

      • Matthew Wollam

        ok thx

        • J

          DO not plug in your phone until the Itunes is reopened.

  • JuanTwoThree

    i get this reactivation error & i try restoring my phone it didn’t let me. Then i did that power button + home thing & it still didnt restore my phone. WHAT SHOULD I DO

    • notsocoolanymore

      I actually am trying something now.
      I went and signed out of itunes on my computer, then started a restore and went from there and so far i have made it much farther and possibly a fix.

      • JuanTwoThree

        it works nowwwww thanks

  • Joshua Ericksen

    None of these methods are working is there any other ideas? I really don’t want to pay for a developer account

  • David

    they just shut me down a few minutes ago. trying to figure this out

  • Barry

    Ok so i got off the phone with Apple, with is problem not only for the early IOS users but for the ones that waited as well. they have no solution for fixing it just yet.

    • Jordan

      Is your phone usable at all? Because I’m having the issue and I can’t do anything at all. It says “Activation Error” and then beneath it it says “This device is not registered as part of the iPhone Developer Program.”

  • Felipe

    Where can i see if i hve the lastest itunes version?

    • Gamerz

      prob easiest to go to Help>software updates

  • Jon

    ok im i’m in recovery mode and i click restore iphone and it lets me restore to 7.0.2. i keep waiting but everytime it fails and says time run out. any solutions?

  • erin

    Method 1)
    Attach the phone to the pc
    Turn the phone off
    Hold power and home together for *exactly* 10 seconds
    Release power but keep holding home until the pc beeps as a USB device is recognized.

    this worked really well for me
    This This wor

    • Jon

      how long did it take to download the phone software update?

  • Matthew Wollam


  • me

    not working guys. been at it for hours now!

  • Luis Perez

    You sir, are the greatest

  • william

    iphone cannot be found ?? itunes is up to date as well

  • Felipe

    any news guys?

  • Astorm

    I finally got my phone to go into recovery mode, and now iTunes is saying its downloaded the software for my phone..does this means its working?

    • iMAD

      i tried everything restore u name it. go to end said could not be recognized

    • za

      can teach me how you get rid of the error ? im facing Activation error …

      • iMAD

        from what i was told anyone who had a beta test no matter if paid for or not apple servers pulled all numbers. latest version of 7.02 could not be loaded if u had beta rights. so they decided to deactivate and because of this the activation sitecause of 5s and c are too busy to handle.

        • Hayden

          So… Is the issue simply that apple is currently too flooded by new releases and activations (s, and c) or is it a larger issue with having had the beta software. It seems like apple should treat its beta users as a priority rather than an afterthought.

    • Jon

      i did that too, but mine just keeps failing because of time run out error

  • Gautam

    Please follow the instructions provided here to fix the activation error:

  • Ryan Bush

    New to the conversation.

    Took me an hour and a half but I figured out a solution that got my phone back online.

    Posting my fix now

    • Felipe

      what u did?

    • Ryan Bush

      (if you are running beta software, make sure your UDID is up to date on your developer account. If you paid someone to do this for you, you should talk to them to make sure it is still up to date and valid)

      *This allowed me to restore my phone to its last backup, and update to 7.0.2 which seemed to work. Heads up, I am not guaranteeing this will work or that you wont loose data. Be aware that this is not a very easy fix to a certain extent and Im not promising that you wont loose data or have issues with your phone. I was able to do this because I am an apple developer and have available access to the right resources.

      1. Update iTunes to 11.1.1 (good to update all software to make sure everything is up to date)
      2. Un plug your iPhone
      3. Hard reboot your phone (hold home and lock button until it restarts)
      4. Plug iPhone into your computer
      5. Update your iPhone to 7.0.2 (this is what fixes the problem, the software is expired and needs to be updated.)

      6. The way I was able to update to 7.0.2 is download this version from the developer site
      To install it on your phone:
      7. Open iTunes > go to your iPhones summary page
      8. Hole option key and click Restore iPhone…
      9. This will open a new window
      10. Select the correct version of iOS 7.0.2 (make sure you have the correct version, this depends on if you have verizon, att, etc)
      11. Choose file
      12. Restore iPhone

      I hope this helps! Please do not try this if you are not confident you will be able to complete the steps.

      • Anto

        I follow this step until updating 7.0.2 software but it didn’t work it still say error and now is not even appearing to updating it. what can i do??

        • Ryan Bush

          Did you install iOS 7 beta on your iPhone or did you just install iOS 7 when it released to the public?

          • Anto

            I stil iOS 7 before it was released to the public on my iPhone.

          • Anto

            I install**

  • erik cifrian

    i downloaded the ios 7 beta before it came out not officially knowing i was not supposed to. i downloaded to my iphone 4 and had no problems even after the ios 7 was released. now today October 5, the activation error came up and i have lost all access to my phone. i have tried everything there is including the dfu restore thing that is suggested, and when i click restore and i select my ipsw for ios 6.1.3 it seems to start then shortly after that it says my phone could not be restored and that an unknown error occurred 3194. please help i barely can afford to have this phone already, and with my next phone update not for another year, i can not afford to buy a new one. i need this fixed ASAP so i can make calls. please help!

    • Scott Arthurs

      I cannot get back to the dfu start up either and am getting the same exact error with that you are getting so I am right here along with ya buddy

  • Matthew

    The steps worked! HOORAY. I got my iphone back.

    But I don’t want to keep on having this beta form. I want the authorized form of iOS7.. not the beta. And I know I cant downgrade anymore to iOS6 right? (and after that I would download iOS 7 straight from appstore)

  • ejs

    I put my iphone into recovery mode and then tried restoring it, but it’s still in using ios7 and the activation error keeps popping up!

  • JC Vogt

    This worked for me. I was able to completely restore to iOS7.2 without a problem.

    1. Turn off your iPhone.
    2. Plug in the USB cord to your computer, but not to your iPhone.
    3. Hold down the home button on your iPhone, and while holding it, plug your iPhone into the USB cord. The apple symbol should appear, and after a few seconds, the “Plug into iTunes” logo should appear. You can let go of the home button now.
    4. iTunes will now ask your to restore your iPhone. Upon clicking OK, your iPhone should automatically update/restore to iOS7.2


    • Scott Arthurs

      oh wow i am downloading and restoring now I hope this works Thanks

    • Anto

      I try this at firts it work it was installing the new sofware was installing fine then when it finish it said error like the begginig now it doenst even appear to restore the iphone or anything. Can you help me please?

  • william


    • Felipe

      worked for you?

  • Slash

    got my photos and some data out of my deactivated iphone using iExplorer.

  • Felipe

    doenst work again….

  • Anto

    This was working the new software for the iphone was instaliing then at the end of it it said error again like the beggining and now is not even the mesaage appearing. I have no idea waht to do. Help!!!

    • Felipe

      same for me

      • Anti

        I have tried everything over and over again.

      • Anto

        If you find a way. please tell mee..

  • Joseph

    The way i tried it worked!!

    • Anto

      Wish way?

    • Felipe

      which way??

      • Anto

        I did this and it really work. just in case you havent find a way.
        Attach the phone to the pc
        Turn the phone off
        Hold power and home together for *exactly* 10 seconds
        Release power but keep holding home until the pc beeps as a USB device is recognized.

  • Anto

    Please somebody help!!!!

  • Joseph


  • Tyler

    Hey everyone, for the past 2 hours ive been stuck figuring out what the hell happened, and finally after reading almost every comment and trying everthing THIS finally worked for me…
    What is did was:
    Download the newest iTunes off the website,
    Then once its downloaded open it to make sure and then restart your PC,
    Once its turned back on open iTunes,
    plug in your phone(obviously you’ll get the error message)
    Put it in recovery mode
    It will pop up saying its in recovery mode and you need to update,
    Click okay then update and it should finally go through.

    Hope this helps!!

    • ME


  • me

    You need to let the software update for IOS7 download first, Yes! it will prompt you the same error message, but once the software has downloaded, you need to follow the steps that were posted once again and your phone will restore itself.
    F.Y.I, you should’ve had backed up your phone before committing into doing this, otherwise your phone will be restore as a new phone
    Here follow this instructions if still unclear:
    1) make sure you have the latest iTunes software compatible with iphone 5 IOS7
    2) Make sure iphone is unplugged from the computer/laptop, and turned off
    3) As specified in the text above, the latest IOS 7 software should’ve downloaded by now, when this is done, connect iphone once more but this time WHILE HOLDING THE HOME BOTTOM.
    4) itunes will now recognize the iPhone in recovery mode and will automatically assemble the restore for you.

  • hayden

    Download the new firmware, option + click on restore, select new firmware, download, iphone fixed.

    • Emerick

      i don’t have an idea what firmware is…….. help?

  • AM

    just download the ios 7.2 software version, then after that plug your iphone to your computer. (while holding the option button click check for update > then your iphone wil update..) DONE! :) Hope this works!

  • Joseph

    i downloaded my firmware from this website: http://www. ibtimes .com/apple-i… then shift+click restore in itunes and selected that firmware. took 5 min and i restored from last backup. DONE

  • faz

    i’ve already made my phone into DFU mode, but then its taking forever to restore it back to ios6, HELPPPPPPPPP. what should I do?

  • Joseph

    Tyler do you know what you’re doing? you cant downgrade unless it was jailbroken before and you have the SHSH blobs for it

  • faz

    im using the ios7 beta 6 right now, how do I downgrade it back to ios6!???!!

  • Joseph

    you cant downgrade now if you didnt save the SHSH blobs from when you had ios 6.*.* but you can easily restore with the official apple version of ios 7

  • Joseph

    faz do you know what you’re doing? you cant downgrade unless it was jailbroken before and you have the SHSH blobs for i

  • #Ryan


  • Nick Pràsad

    Problem: Ok so this morning I work up and
    my iPhone wouldn’t do anything except display an activation error and prompted
    me to register as a developer on I connected my
    phone to iTunes which seemed useless since it said it could not restore my
    iPhone since my ‘find my iPhone’ was on.

    Information: My iPhone is a iPhone4s
    purchased in November 2011 and I updated to ios7 before the official release
    through apple (early September). I use a MacBook pro to connect my computer.

    Solution: the first thing I did was log
    into icloud and ‘forget’ my iPhone so that I could turn it off. I restarted my computer, then I updated my
    iTunes to itunes11. Once it was installed I restored my phone by turning the
    phone off then pressing the home button while connecting the cable to the
    iPhone, then the ‘connect to iTunes’ logo appeared. My iTunes had detected the
    iPhone in recovery mode and It began to reset my iPhone to factory settings
    then it automatically updated the iPhone software to ios7.0.2. All is well and
    the whole process took less then 20 minutes.

    Wishing you all the best of luck!

  • nessa harvin

    okay so i did all this stuff to reset my phone to the ios6 and now my screen wont even come on. like wtf??!! i need help asap. it keeps saying my phone is in recovery mode but it wont let me back up

  • Jonathan Magic

    This worked super easy and i didnt lose anything

  • Marie

    thank you so much for this!!! I was literally hyperventilating but this website helped me so much and now my phone is back to new!!

  • Jovan

    Hi there, I’ve tried all sorts to fix this Activation Error but it’s just not having it. I’m now resorting to paying the money for becoming a developer, but I need to know, if I do this, will I be able to fix the software on my iPhone and get the official iOS 7 ?

  • Will

    my iphone 4 is saying activation acquired. Help

  • Sara

    I upgraded and tried to downgrade , too . I have a beta version . ios 7.0 and it say activation error. on itunes it isn’t compatible. I literally tried everything possible and nothing works . it still say activation error . What do i do now ? i really need help?

  • sharon

    thank you so much Gautam! it works!!!! update itune to the latest version download the file and shift(windows) and follow the steps on the screen!! You are a lifesaver!!!! thank you so much!! xoxo

  • yoyo

    so what the hell do you do if your power button is broken!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Martin

    My lock screen buttom is broken, what the hell do i do ?

  • Brian

    I have an iphone 5 and a friend installed the ios7 beta. Two days ago I got a message saying that I was not registered as a developer. I downloaded ios 7.0.2 and 7.0.1 and ios 6.1.4 to the desktop. I put it in dfu mode and shift clicked check for updates on iTunes, as told by many websites. I did it with all 3 updates and it says the iphone could not be updated because the firmware file is not compatible with all of those ios’s. What do I try next? Help!


    iphone is not activated contact your carrier if this problem continues to occur in ios 7.. plzz HELP me

  • brendan

    i updated my ip[ad to iso7 and after I did that the main screen looked like it had glitches on it but when I opened apps or internet the screen was fine. after two days the ipad screen is now black . it looks like there is a black light on but there is no display on the screen at all and I can not see or do anything. what should I do?