Here’s What’s New in iOS 7 Beta 5


Apple has just seeded iOS 7 beta 5 to developers of its iOS developer program.

Here’s what’s new in iOS 7 beta 5:

  • The loading screen for installing is now white with the Apple logo and progress bar in black.
  • New icons in the Settings app.


  • New Twitter logo in Control Center. Thanks Junior C!


  • There is a new Settings for Control Center, which allows you disable access to Control Center within apps. Thanks Jeff!


  • There is a new noise cancelation settings under accessibility (Settings -> General -> Accessibility), which allows you to reduce ambient noise on phone calls when you are holding the receiver in one ear. Thanks Jeff!


  • Skype users rejoice. Chris tells us that Skype is now working.
  • There is now a new “slide to power off” slider button, with subtle animation and an arrow to its left to indicate that a user needs to slide the button to power it off like the one seen on the lock screen for slide to unlock slider.

  • There is now a setting for Keychain in iCloud (Settings -> iCloud -> Keychain). As you know, your keychain information such as passwords and credit card information will now be stored in iCloud. Update: This is not new!


  •  You can now see the Yahoo branding in Notification Center for providing the weather and stock data. Thanks Jason!


  • There is now a new toggle for On/Off Labels. Notice the subtle difference in the side by side screenshots below.


  • Damn! It looks like Apple has killed panorama wallpapers in iOS 7 beta 5. Update 1: Steve tells us that the panorama features works on the iPad 4. It’s not working on the iPhone 5. Let us know if it is working on your iOS device. Update 2: We’re getting conflicting reports. Some of our readers are saying it is working for them on their iPhone 5 as well. That’s strange.
  • According to Apple TV Software update, you can now use an iOS 7 device to set up an Apple TV after restoring or resetting all settings. iPhone 4 and iPad 2 are not supported. Thanks Alan!
  • The data used by apps is now available for uninstalled apps as well, not just installed apps. Thanks Wale!


  • There is a new grabber at the bottom of the banner notification like you have on the Lock screen to access the Notification Center.

Screenshot (Thanks Alan!):


Video (Thanks a ton Jeff, that’s awesome)

  • The mute, keypad, speaker, add call, FaceTime and Contacts icons that are displayed while you’re in a call have been tweaked. They’re slightly larger and have circles around the icons.


  • There are no sounds when you unlock the device. That’s strange. Thanks Frank and Jeff!
  • Not surprisingly, we’re hearing various reports of performance improvements.
  • We mentioned about the change in the installation screen initially. However, based on this photo shared by Twitter user @GuiM, it looks like the color of the background, Apple logo and progress bar changes based on the color of the device. As you can see in the screenshot below, in case of the white iPhone 5, the background is white, Apple logo and progress bar are black. And in case of the black iPhone 5, the background is black, the Apple logo and the progress bar are white. So looks like there is an API to detect the color of the device.


  • In iOS 7 beta 4, the Messages app displayed the first name and last initial of a contact in a conversation by default. The Messages app in iOS 7 beta 4 displays only the first name by default. You can however change this in the Settings (Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Short Name). Thanks David!
  • There are some minor tweaks to the blur and translucency effects.

If you find anything new that hasn’t been mentioned here then please send us an email to or post them in the comments below.


Check out our iOS 7 Category page for in-depth previews of all the major new features and to find out everything you need to know about Apple’s next generation mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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  • WickedMoonshine

    i want to know how many more betas when are they going to release it already

    • iPhoneHacks

      Probably one more and then GM, followed by the release!

      • mkimid

        I guess, next version should be GM. 2.0/5.0 have beta 7, and 3.0/4.0 and any minor do not have beta 5. No time to spend 4 more weeks. And beta 5 has came very quick.

        • razieal

          does anyone know whats that lumia look like cover called in that picture????

  • WickedMoonshine

    i want to know how many more betas when are they going to release it already

  • Jeff

    Keychain is now a setting in iCloud that allows you to setup security for the service.

    • irishwristwatch

      That was in previous betas.

    • Shan

      Been there since beta 2 I believe

  • John Knight

    Trust this computer?

    • Jeff

      That was there in beta 4

    • Dangerous Dave

      it was in beta 4

      • Duston Foster

        Beta 3 as well.. I think it got some improvements in B4 though.

  • Shan

    I have the noise cancellation setting on beta 4.

  • Inderjeet 101

    Holding the receiver in one year?

    • Brad Hodson

      It takes a long time to process the algorithm…?

    • Jmdiaz25

      he probably meant *ear

  • Jeff

    I have no unlock sound anymore. There is the normal lock sound, but no unlock sound.

  • Wale

    Cellular settings now displays data used by apps that have been uninstalled.

    • Jeff

      that’s been there for some time now

      • Duston Foster

        Jeff is corrent

  • John Knight

    Find my phone app still broke

    • Jeff

      that’s been working fine for me in all the betas. It’s working fine now too. Are you using the beta find my iphone or the regular one?

      • John Knight


        • irishwristwatch

          Well that’s your problem

        • Jeff

          I’m using the regular non beta from the app store on iOS 7 beta 5 and it works great. I never tried the beta FMI because the regular one worked for me.

      • BALTRL

        I haven’t been able to get FMI working since iO7 either. When I pull up the phone on map the app crashes. I wish I knew how to make it work.

        • irishwristwatch

          There is a beta app, it wont work otherwise

  • mkimid

    Noise canceling is in Beta 4 also

  • Dangerous Dave

    has UK English got new siri voices, downloading it now caught out by it being out on a tuesday, what i think is a first for apple and betas

    • iPhoneHacks


      • Dangerous Dave

        i am asking if beta 5 has,i dont know as i am downloading beta 5 as we speak, any one know if beta 5 has new english uk voices

        • sbarts

          It doesn’t I’m afraid

          • Dangerous Dave

            cheers gutted

  • Muhammad Silat

    Skype is working now

  • Aditya

    Headphones button controls are back…. Play pause and next previous song….

  • Guest

    No sounds when unlock and enter in home

  • Frank Torres Ortega

    No sounds when unlock and access the home

  • jones

    Banner notifications been there since beta 3. Are you guys just trusting any comment?

    • iPhoneHacks

      No, you can apparently pull it further down to see more information. This is different.

      • Jeff

        Here is a video I shot of it:

        • jones

          yup. since beta 3

          • Jeff

            The ability to pull down a banner notification into the notification center is new.

          • jones

            no. It is not. It did not do it on the first tap before, it was buggy, but it is absolutely not new.

          • jones

            you people aren’t even verifying these “new” features.

          • iPhoneHacks

            The grabber is new, hit refresh for the images and the video.

          • jones

            yes the grabber is new. That’s it. Pulling it down for notification center is not new.

          • iPhoneHacks

            Thanks Updated!

          • irishwristwatch

            Jones is right, I am still on beta 4 and I can do it.

  • David

    they only show the first name in messages now, no last initial

    • Jeff

      There is a setting for that in mail, calendar, contacts. I think this beta 5 update reset it to first name only.

  • Aditya

    Twitter #music dint use to work for me in beta 4 but now its back….

  • sbarts

    Plants v Zombies now works :-)

  • Cole

    It changed my sisters and my password to require it immediately from 5 minutes previously.

    • Jeff

      mine too

      • MS

        Jeff, can you confirm skype working properly?

        • Rashid Bhatti

          yeh skype working very good now. you can open messages and notifications too.

    • Devon Dorcas

      happened to me too

    • Henry

      mine too

  • Aditya

    Lock screen music controls are now working perfectly… Previously the lock screen used to slide a bit thinking u r trying to unlock…

  • hello

    When you slide from right to left in messages, you get a timestamp for each message sent and received. This was actually in b4

    • Duston Foster

      Beta 3 *

  • Jeff

    Video I shot of the new banner notification pull down:

    • iPhoneHacks

      Thanks a ton Jeff!

      • Jeff

        No problem

    • Patrick J. McDonagh

      Could this be the segue to quick reply?

  • Andy E

    Share your iTunes Radio station. Seems like the slide to unlock animation/shine has a faster animation.

  • Duston Foster

    Hard to explain but.. When accessing apps from the control centre, it uses a slightly different animation then Beta 4 :).

    • Travis

      yes I’ve noticed that. I liked the way it did it in b4 a lot better

  • Wale

    Seems the start up apple logo color is now being co-ordinated by the color of the iphone.. I use a white iphone 5 and my mate uses a black one.. Can anyone verify this..

    • iPhoneHacks

      Yes, we just updated the post with an image. It’s pretty cool.

      • Jonathan

        Is this only for iPhone 5? It doesn’t happen on my iPhone 4.

  • Jason

    How’s performance on the iPhone 4? Can feel the slowness on the 4S. (Not comparing against previous betas)

  • Addy

    The battery icon in lock screen is slightly bigger than other screens….

    • iPhoneHacks

      First seen in Beta 4.

  • Devon Dorcas

    music shuffle and repeated songs have now highlight read when marked,didnt noticed until now?correct me if lm wrong, only thing we need that swipe gesture from left to right switching music, then im happy :)

  • George c

    There’s still a bug since beta 2 that when you switch from portrait to landscape mode while in the SMS app, the area where the camera and txt are switched from black to white every time it rotates

    • mkimid

      it is not happen on my phone,

  • amar

    have any of you guys observed that when you are connected to ear phones while playing music.. the Play/Pause button of the ear phones isnt working. But volume +/- buttons are working. This is observed in ios7 and bose ear phones on iphone5. These ear phones buttons are working on ios6 though. Because of this bug.. i have to downgrade the ios 7 to ios6… damn..

  • Guest

    If you had Alarms as the active window in the clock app and then set a timer through siri for instance. Go back into the alarm app and it takes you straight to timers.

  • Sebastian Rasch

    Wow they still manage to make the symbols even worse. Liked the menu symbols before better. As much as I like iOS 7, the symbol design is a crime.

    • IKeepsit100

      i think it’s called a beta.

      • Sebastian Rasch

        If they still make it worse in every new beta version, the likeliness it’s gonna change for the better until the RC is very low. I don’t think they’re gonna change the icons anymore.

    • Riaz Toorabally

      Hope a jailbreak comes out soon after the release of ios7.. Gonna jailbreak especially to change the theme.. ios7 theme icons are awful.. Looks too basic and childish.. Jobs would never have approved of this..

      • Sebastian Rasch

        Yeah, gradients! Seriously? Looks like Japanese on LSD designed those!

      • David

        Uh… Jobs believed in simpleness and he had plans ahead before he died. He probably would’ve approved buddy.

  • Tony

    The colour co-ordinated bootup screen does seem to hint that they might have colour choices other than black and white for iPhones or they’re just accommodating for iPod touches.
    Additionally long celluar network names such as Vodafone UK are shortened so they don’t overlap the pull down icon for notification centre in the lock screen.

    • iPhoneHacks

      Possible or it could be for the budget iPhone, which is expected to be available in various colors.

      • Tony

        Good point, be interesting if that is the case! One feature that i’ve got my fingers crossed for in future revisions though is close all apps button, that would be more useful than flicking apps all the time!

        • Tony

          Also found a new feature. when switching to video in the camera app and putting the device in landscape the top bar repositions itself!

  • HiGhGuY

    Please, someone let me know…. can you shut off the new “slide to power off” slider button in options so you can shut off the phone with ONLY the hard button, or is it just permanently like that?

    • iPhoneHacks

      It would be like that.

  • dafuq

    There is a toggle for explicit lyrics in iRadio now

    • dafuq

      My fault, this was in 4

  • Guest

    Please confirm skype chat working for you.

  • MS

    Can you confirm skype not crashing?

    • iPhoneHacks

      We’ve received several tips that Skype is working fine.

      • MS

        Well the thing is I wanted it to come from some1 authentic like Jeff

        • Jeff

          I don’t use skype.

      • MS

        I hear by confirm that skype is working perfectly :)

  • mkimid

    1. Mo blinking while writing a coment
    2. I am not sure it is new, hyper link and phone number can be linked in note apps

  • Shady

    Also Network Operator lengthy name (Vodafone EG) is showing in short and moving in the statues bar….

    • Henrik Skovgaard

      Seen it before

  • Luís

    Panorama photos are working on iPhone 5 (europe)

  • Weidy

    brighter os, more power, faster failed displays?

  • Margie

    Compass in top corner on maps?

    • brbz

      been there

  • Dustin Medeiros

    I can still use panorama pics as wallpaper.

  • mkimid

    Actually, Maybe i can not find, anyway, I can not find a dictionary setting in Settings.
    Anyway, for the some people who do not know it. When click the word, select Define and select Manage

    • Mm

      Yep, dictionary not working.

  • D07jane_

    how can i get it ?

  • gregroe

    Panorama wallpapers still working on my iPhone 5

    • Henry

      It is working on my phone too.. but if you reset settings or try to change it will stop working

  • Kunal

    Still no live panoramic wallpapers?

  • Srikanth Vanama

    A new addition:

    In control center, while some music is being played, hit the song title/artist-album name and it directly takes you to music app.

    Works only on homescreen or inside any app. Doesn’t work on lock screen.


  • Dangerous Dave

    not sure if this is new in beta 5 or not but you can now see the latest Twitter posts in Safari if you go to the book icon and click on the “@” tab.

    • pixelian

      i found that today in beta 4, it’s only the tweets with a URL link in the post that appears in Sarfari

  • Duston Foster

    Panoramic wallpapers are good for me, ( iPhone 5 Canada )

  • Nick

    Spotlight keyboard is now black theme

    • Henrik Skovgaard

      Not new

  • Curtis Troy

    No panoramic wallpapers here, just updated to beta 5 from 4.

  • Andre

    Music app it’s now working properly, you can skip and pause the music from the headphones.

  • Andre

    Siri it’s back to normal as well. You control the brightness, Bluetooth, set alarms etc

  • Stan

    The “data used by apps is now available for uninstalled apps” was already a feature in beta 4.

  • Devon Dorcas

    video camara got a bubble to snap pictures while recording??

    • Travis

      I don’t have that feature

      • Devon Dorcas

        only with the iphone 5

  • Grayson

    Battery life is worse on iphone 5 GSM USA

  • hartazo

    When you click on the stock section of the dropdown notification center, it no longer takes you to the stock app.

  • Ferdinand Aphrodisiac Lim

    Now, when the name is too long in messages (i.e. an unsaved iMessage email), the < Message is cut into only < left..

  • doredore

    > it looks like the color of the background, Apple logo and progress bar changes based on the color of the device.

    This is not true for my white iPad4.

  • chirag jain

    the end call red is brighter, and when the call is ended there is more of gray contrast there

  • Bakachin

    Does anyone have any issues syncing music on to your iphone5 with ios7.

    • Addy

      Yup… It just sticks at “Preparing to Update” for hours….

      • Bakachin

        is there a way around it or it just does nothing?

  • Alex

    My carrier name is so long it now slides side to side to show it all in beta 5

  • Chris

    So far I see nothing exciting about iOS 7, it’s just a bunch of features that other phones have had for a while now and the iPhone has had for quite sometime if you have it jailbroken.

    I also don’t like the new interface, it seems so boring.

  • AustineKersey

    That new notification pull down animation is pretty sexy

  • Nathanael Chan

    Panoramic wallpapers (dynamic) and the panorama effect on still IS WORKING on iPhone 5 CDMA. So far. Skype is also WORKING. confirmed. just upgraded from beta 4

  • Nathanael Chan

    Twitter buttons are non responsive and very slow. anybody experiencing this?

  • Luzardo Neto

    Awesome feature the panorama wallpaper… Unfortunately not working at Iphone 5.

  • iCulo

    iPhone 5,iOS 7 Beta 5: my panoramas were working smoothly and my phone crashed this afternoon, when it booted back they were stills, I tried to set them back and they did not work again. I have stills instead of my panaromas! That sucks!

    • SelectiveSecurities

      Same here on iPhone 5, was working until I tried to change the panorama.
      It seems that the “Move and Scale” prompt is erroneously appearing when selecting a panoramic photo, grabbing the scene as a still, and not allowing the engine to project full canvas.

      • Henry

        Exactly!! everyone with a panorama and wants to keep do not change until this is sorted out

  • tsrh

    Panoramic wallpaper not working in my iPhone5.(CDMA ME040J/A)

  • Ddz!!!

    Hey there ,
    It is not new that if carrier has long name it will scroll and show …..I’ve been experiencing this feature from iOS 6.0….
    Soooo yea!!

  • Tommy

    iTunes Store doesn’t work. And my toggles aren’t new with the little I or O

    • Naquan Smith

      Go to settings > accessibility sroll down to On/Off Labels and turn it on.

      • Jmdiaz25

        it works now. thanks Naquan

    • Jmdiaz25

      My iphone 5 doesn’t show the I and O toggles either. wth?

  • Travis

    when deleting emails the “delete” button is now in the bottom right corner instead of bottom left

    • Jeff

      and the “mark all” is in bottom left

  • Henrik Skovgaard

    Color detection is not new. iTunes is already detecting it. It has just never been used on the device itself as in b5.

  • Shaun

    Anyone notice that some birthdays are being offset by one day in Contacts? Manually changing it to the correct date has no effect. It appears to work but when you go back into the contact, it reverts back to the previous day.

    • Izzy

      Yeah, this also happens to me. Do you have any solution for this or is this a bug that needs to be addressed on the next beta update?

      • ovchka

        I have the same issue. Tried changing the dates many times.. they always revert to one day offset.. However the date is shown correctly on the Calendar.

      • ovchka

        Also I have found no solution for this.. appears to be a bug.

  • SelectiveSecurities

    Panoramic Wallpaper worked on iPhone 5 until I tried to change it – now stills only. when trying to re-activate in “Settings,” it prompts “Move and Scale” Perhaps this is the problem, as “Move and Scale” should not appear when choosing a dynamic panoramic photo

    • under_A

      Me too, on iPhone 4s..

  • Mike

    The search bar in iTunes has returned again

  • alltimehackers

    Now you can see the wallpaper of homescreen in weather app

  • alltimehackers

    Now u can search in calander app

    • Matthew Black

      I hate the calander app so much

    • NotAnIdiot

      This has been there since the first or second beta.

  • alltimehackers

    You get a (+) beside a paid app in AppStore

  • alltimehackers

    You get a (+) beside a paid app in AppStore !

    • UniversalApp

      This is a universal app. Not for paid.

  • snipey36

    So about the app data, does it mean people will finally be able to not lose saves and settings along with deleting an app? Wow, that sure had to take 7 OS iterations to implement

  • Neo

    RE: So looks like there is an API to detect the color of the device.
    _ Hope that means a future inverted theme aswell; currently the new iOS looks caca on a black iPhone.

  • Marut

    While editing contacts on ios 7 beta 5 its crashing

  • Marut

    Contacts crashing on iphone 5

    • Henry

      That’s weird!! restart if does not work reset by pressing power and home button if still not working I would try and do restore from back and your last resort is new restore

  • peros

    its anoying that 4s has no airdrop………… should do something


      It’s a hardware thing simply iPhone 4S doesn’t have it under the good, sorry..

      • DrFix

        How come my jailbroken iphone can both send and receive files from ANY phone via bluetooth then?If Its a hardware thing I mean?

  • Bakachin

    ive asked before but the answer didnt make sense..when i connect my iphone to itunes i cant sync my music to my IP5 with ios7…is there anyone else experiencing the same or know a fix?

    • Kirito

      I have the same thing, My music that wasn’t avalible from iTunes Store won’t sync to my iPhone iOS7.

  • Luzardo Neto

    Anyone now how to fix the panorama wallpaper problem?

    • Henry

      need to wait for BETA 6 or the final release :-(

  • TeeDee

    iTunes radio is now available in Singapore!

  • 7abib0

    Safari has Do Not Track option in Settings.

    • Brad Hodson

      Boo… less data for us online marketers.

  • rashid

    panoramic wallpaper not working in ios7 beta 5

  • Rashid Bhatti

    why in beta 5 panoramic back ground not working like it works live in beta 1, 2, 3 and 4?

  • drummer725

    Still can’t scale photos when setting a wallpaper. They’re automatically scaled too large and cannot zoom out.

    • Jeremy

      I’m still having this problem too.

    • Tasha

      Same here!

  • Rajesh

    Skype is working now after installing Beta 5 but few other app, Heart Rate Pro still crashing on iPhone 4S

  • Junior C

    You are able to press and hold Safari Tabs to rearrange the order.

  • Tommy Hale

    My ipad 2 notification center is not transparent anymore as well as control center

    • Jysen

      Go to settings – general – accessibility and make sure the increase contrast switch is set to off.

      • Tommy Hale

        It is set off by default I think apple should fix this in the next beta

  • Devon Dorcas

    screenshot sound is back ??!!

  • twitboydk

    Do you guys also have the problem that when you recieve an sms the “badge” is just a white square

  • IKeepsit100

    They still haven’t fixed the headset volume and button problem.

  • Lor

    The location for the pictures are not there anymore.

  • Pete

    title bars gone and the battery icon is now colorized

  • DJ MD

    To all the developers out there… Please tell Apple to add QUICK REPLY for the Messages app and QUICK NOTES or STICKY NOTES to the control center. Awesome to be added to iOS 7.. :) Thanks so much! :)

  • Ryan

    Is anyone having extremely long boot-up times for the iPhone 5 ios7 beta 5?

    • WJ

      yes mine takes about 3 minutes!!!! it sucks

  • Avinash

    Everytime i unlock my ipad 2, the system resprings..! Happens evrytime! Anybody else experience this?

    • Parker

      Yea, It is really annoying, hope it gets fixed in the next release

  • Kevin Mata

    Plants Vs. Zombies 2 was not working on any of the betas prior to this one.. In other words PvZ 2 is working now :D

  • Mohamed

    new boot logo does not work on the 4s.

  • Peter

    Loving IOS 7, Still would love to see them bring back tap to tweet and tap to facebook post in notification center. Also bring back the unlock sound, its part of what makes it a iphone. And the more and more I use IOS 7 it still feels like its missing that wow factor. It need something, like more customization or something. For example widgets, something of a android/windows titles mix with a color changing apple to access the rest of the apps. And lets hope jailbreak comes very soon too….

  • Zangpakto

    It’s not new for this Beta but the Modem Firmware on iPhone 5 has been update to 5.00.00

  • Boris

    My iTunes Store is down, won’t allow me to search for anything; as soon as I press search it turns itself

  • Rob

    find iphone doesn’t work again

  • Rob

    its buggy like beta 3

  • Jack

    There’s a new graphic for pausing an app tha is installing

  • @willlaurent

    #beta5 on photos when setting a photo as wallpaper we have a new option instead of “wallpaper”, we have “use as”

  • @willlaurent

    On viber ios7 beta 4 or earlier the text box where you type flies once in awhile like a few sec when typing while someone is sending you a message, with beta 5 it doesnt do that anymore

  • @willlaurent

    Beta 4 when personal hotspot is at the top of when facebook is open you will not be able to click notifications icon if you have, but w/ beta 5 it’s already fixed. Still a bug on twitter app toggle icons at the bottom need to tap and long press, unlike ios6 just one tap you will be able to switch

  • under_A

    Used on iphone 4s, got bugs with camera app, beta 4 quiet better for me..
    Panoramic wallpaper work at first, but won’t work anymore now :( don’t know why..
    Using white Iphone 4s, there is no White background and progress bar at booting, just the ordinary black background without progress bar..

  • Lane

    When powering on my iPhone 4 saw that the apple logo was completely centered rather then slightly towards the top :P

  • Addy Missesyoumuch

    does anyone has problems with the scaling of wallpaper?

    • Ash

      I do… They look streched.

    • Maricruz

      i do and it’s really annoying because I can no longer put my own pictures as wallpapers

    • CELENA

      I am having problems reformatting pictures and that is REALLY frustrating. Why does Apple do things like this? I’m inclined to believe they allow problems on purpose, so they can create “new updates” to fix things, which only take up more space on our devices, and cause us to either have to upgrade or buy storage.

  • Sam

    I noticed that the Air Play is now missing from the Control Center screen

  • Brandon Nelson

    I’ve noticed an issue with incorrect service bars bring shown. Where I normally have 1 bar and no service, I now have 5 circle bars but still no service. Hope they realize this issue.

  • Travis

    Netflix app not working on beta 5 for the 4s. it stays on the loading screen. I don’t know if that was happening on previous betas.

  • Marc Tamburri

    I found out that while in a text message if you swipe the message to the left, it will show you all of the times each message was sent.

  • Gregory Mashburn

    My wallpapers are zoomed in really far so I don’t get the full picture anymore.

    • Jeremy

      Same here.

    • RomanFromRussia


  • Sufian

    Well I got ios7 beta5 in my iphone 4s and I want to tell you that if you turn off the iphone then on again you will stuck on apple logo for about 3 minutes which is very long waiting time , battery life is better than beta3 and beta 4 and I have white iphone 4s the installation progress screen was black with white apple logo seems the pictures you added here only of iphone 5 !

  • jklarrison

    I went to update the new software to the iOS 7 Beta 3 and my phone is now stuck on a connect to itunes screen. DFU mode won’t work and when I do connect it to the computer my iphone occasionally shows up, when it does, it won’t let me restore my phone. Tells me it can’t recognize or something like that. I can’t do anything

    • iPhoneHacks

      Put your device in recovery mode:

      And restore the device using iTunes.

      • jklarrison

        It won’t let me Restore. I think it’s stuck in recovery mode. Even when I do the steps (holding down the correct buttons etc) it still goes back to the iOS 7 style connect to itunes screen.

        • iPhoneHacks

          The method you’re talking about is DFU mode. You should put it in recovery mode. Follow the steps mentioned here:

          • jklarrison

            I did exactly as it tells me to, and when i click the restore button it asks me if I want to continue and restore than update. So I proceed and this message pops up “The Iphone ‘iPhone’ cannot be restored. The device cannot be found”. So what now?

          • iPhoneHacks

            What’s the error code?

          • jklarrison

            I don’t think there is an error code. Where would I find one? and I posted a thread =]

          • iPhoneHacks

            Since this discussion is not relevant to this post, please can you start a thread in the Forums Thanks!

  • Max Marshall

    Ok so whenever I turn on my phone, it has the normal lock screen. But when I press the slide to unlock button or the camera, the siri voice comes on and says what that is. For example: “Slide to unlock button” Or “Camera button” Does anyone know how to disable this?!?!?!? Please help me!

  • sinanjunatsu

    my network is taking forever to find….

  • Fourth

    Panoramic wallpaper doesn’t work for me using ipad 4 black

  • Robert Butcher

    Will the ipad 3 get panarama???

  • Cece

    My phone takes forever to turn on and also I get texts a day late

  • Albarghouthy

    I have an iPhone 5 iOS beta 6 and it takes for ever to boot up.
    I hope they will fix the issue in the official release.

  • Albarghouthy

    iPhone 5 iOS beta 6 panorama wallpaper isn’t working :(

  • 1WallpaperFactory

    iOS7 beta6 broken .. next beta will fix this.


    I had ios7 beta 3 and it was nice but it eventually ended up ruining my battery, I’m just gonna wait for the septemeber 10th official release of ios7

  • 1WallpaperFactory

    Unfortunately panoramic pictures do not work on beta6 :(

  • jazzysmurf

    Why can’t I receive calls when I restore or upgrade to iOS 7? Everything else works fine

  • Salman Ahmed

    I upgraded my iphone 5 to ios 7 yesterday and what i noticed is i dont have that iphone unlock sound whereas i get that sound while i put my phone in a lockscreen mode.. Plzz help if anyone can saught this out..

  • 22_mack

    How come the iPhone 4 does not have dynamics and iPod 5 does… I want moving lock screen pics

  • Sweety

    My skype is not working.i am using iphone 5.

  • Sam

    Whats is the red case on that black iPhone 5?

  • bms

    i wish they would put the sounds back when you unlock your screen

  • Peter S

    Panorama isn’t working for me on iPhone 5. I can make them but not use them on lock screen

  • Marico

    guys i have downloaded the ios7 before the official release, then i upgrade it to 7.0.2 , now my modem frimware is 5.00.01 , and my 3g and 4g connection went down hill i cant get more than 150 Kbps after this. anyone can help me please?

  • Marico

    btw i have iphone 5

  • Arne M.

    I really like that iPhone case! Looks a little bit like the Nokia Lumia, somebody knows what it’s called or where I can find it? :)