iPad 5 front panel leaks, looks quite narrow

Everyone who owns a retina iPad, whether it’s the third or fourth generation, love it, but it can stand to lose a few grams. From the leaks we’ve seen thus far, it looks like Apple will address this issue later this year with the iPad 5. For all intents and purposes, it’s going to look like a larger iPad mini instead of what it looks like today. New photos of the iPad 5’s front panel have hit the internets, and really, there’s not much to say other than: “Shut up and take my money!”

But seriously, besides the renewed emphasis on creating a smaller and lighter 9.7 inch iPad, what else can Apple do to improve the device? We’ll venture a guess and say the screen isn’t going to change. It’s far too early to bump up the resolution. Yes, tablets exist that can push 330 pixels per inch versus the iPad’s 260 PPI rating, but the fact that it’s nearly 10 inches means you’re going to be holding it farther away from your face.

The real question is does the large iPad become undesirable once the retina iPad mini comes out?

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