iPhone 5 explodes in China resulting in eye injuries


Da Lian Evening News (via ZDNet) reports that a Chinese woman suffered eye injuries after her iPhone 5 exploded while she was on a call.

According to the report, she was on a phone call for 40 minutes when she noticed that the screen had become very warm. She apparently tried to end the call but the touchscreen was not responding, and after a few tries the iPhone 5 exploded.

When she looked at the device to check it, Li then discovered the touchscreen was not responding when she tried to end the call. After a few more tries, the screen exploded. 

Li said she felt some debris shooting into her eyes. “I could not open my eyes,” she recalled. Her colleagues rushed her to the hospital where the doctor found her eyeball red and inflamed, and identified a scratch mark which suggested an object had scratched it.

She told Da Lian Evening News that she had dropped her iPhone once, which had resulted in a small dent in the upper right corner where it exploded. She however claims that her iPhone was still useable.

The report notes that an Apple representative has responded to the report, and said that the incident needed further investigation, and typically would not be covered by product warranty.

Last month, a Chinese woman was electrocuted while using an iPhone. It was later reported that the 23-year old Chinese woman was using an unauthorized third-party charger. As a response to the incident, Apple had launched a web page on its Chinese website to educate customers about its chargers, and urged them to use official chargers.

An iPhone exploding does sound scary, however we’ll have to wait for the results of the investigation to figure out why it happened, and what precautions should be taken to avoid such incidents.

[Da Lian Evening News via ZDNet]

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