New iPhone 5C video reveals dimensions, highly scratch resistant plastic casing

Taiwan Apple Daily has posted a video of iPhone 5C, which provides some interesting details about Apple’s rumored new budget or mid-range iPhone.

Here are some of the highlights from that video:

  • iPhone 5C will be slightly bigger than iPhone 5, which doesn’t come as a surprise as it will come with a plastic rear casing. Here are the dimensions:
    • iPhone 5C – height: 124.55 mm, width: 59.13 mm, depth/thickness: 8.98 mm
    • iPhone 5 – height: 123.8 mm, width: 58.6 mm, depth/thickness: 7.6 mm
  • TW Apple Daily claims that iPhone 5C may come with the same internals as iPhone 5, which is in line with speculations that have suggested that Apple may replace iPhone 5 and not iPhone 4S with iPhone 5C as the mid-range iPhone. The latest rumors suggest it could be priced between $400 – $500.
  • They’ve also noticed that the rear plastic casing is highly scratch resistant. They carried out a scratch test by putting the plastic casing in a bag full of coins and a key, and shaking it vigorously. They’ve mentioned that according to their sources, the rear casing scores a “8H” rating on the pencil hardness test, which is apparently three times that of a PET film that is typically used to protect iPhone display from scratches.


  • They’ve managed to get their hands on iPhone 5C rear casing in red, fluorescent green, white, aqua blue. They also note that iPhone 5C will also be available in yellow.


  • The report also notes that iPhone 5S will come with dual LED flash for improved low-light performance. However, iPhone 5S rear casing shown in the photo below is blue in color, which makes us doubt the authenticity of the casing.


Apple is widely expected to unveil iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C at a media event on September 10, and launch the new iPhones on September 20.


The post has been updated to include the YouTube video of the scratch test.

[Via Taiwan Apple Daily, HT - Ben Thompson]

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  • Edgar

    What would happen with people who have insurance with an iPhone 5? Would they then give me and iPhone 5c or iPhone 5S?

    • Jack

      You will still get an iPhone 5. People with iPhone 4’s still get iPhone 4’s etc. Unit for Unit

      • Tom

        Makes you wonder how many iPhones these insurance companies keep in stock for models that are phased out, like the 32GB and 64 GB iPhone 4S.

  • jim

    looks like it is just an iphone 5 case

  • jim

    Fake and ugly ass color

  • j4ufix

    that isn’t gonna happen,, trust me

  • James

    If they don’t increase the screen size i am switching to Samsung.

  • DssTech

    Nice work

  • ClayRogers

    Not fake guys, I own a phone case manufacturing company and the 5c is definitely happening. As for the colors, who knows. We’ve already completed making our 5c and 5s cases and are rolling them out in the next week. 5s is of course the same size as the 5, so the old 5 cases will work on the 5s as well.

  • Diesel

    That isn’t a blue casing. It’s clearly a protective sticker from the manufacturing plant. You know when you buy a new TV or a new electronic device etc. there’s that protective coating that you peel off.

    You can even make out the metal surface beneath the sticker. And I think those might be air bubbles.