iPhone 5S is coming in gold


It has been widely speculated that Apple’s next generation iPhone, dubbed iPhone 5S, will also come in gold.

We got the first hint, when leaked components of iPhone 5S such as the SIM card tray, volume buttons, mute switch and power button with a gold finish hit the web.

Since then we’ve seen several rumors and speculations and leaked parts, which have indicated that the new iPhone will also be available in gold along with black and white. MG Seigler, general partner at Google Ventures and a columnist for TechCrunch, who has a good track record when it comes to Apple related rumors now claims that he has heard similar rumors:

Yes, there will be a gold iPhone.

That’s the latest I’m hearing from multiple sources after several weeks of rumors and possible component leaks suggesting the same thing. At first, I couldn’t believe Apple would break from the tradition of offering the simple choice: black and white (or “slate” and “silver” if you prefer for the iPhone 5) for their flagship device. Gold simply seemed too gaudy, perhaps even tacky. But a few compelling arguments countered my disbelief. And now, upon checking, sure enough, there will be gold.

Seigler says that the golden iPhone won’t be a totally blinged-out gold, but instead would be champagne gold, a lot more subtle.

Perhaps most importantly, I’m told that the golden iPhone will not be a totally blinged-out gold. 

Think: less “gold” and more “champagne”.

In other words, more like the old gold iPod mini. (Incidentally, this model of the iPod mini was the shortest-lived, presumably because it was less popular.) The gold tone also apparently shifts depending on how light is hitting it.

So what will the golden color iPhone look like?

The photo of the iPhone 5S rear casing in gold which hit the web last week, seems to fit Seigler’s description. Rene Ritchie of iMore has also used a similar color for his gold iPhone 5S mockup based of information he has received from his sources, which we’ve included at the top of this post.


Seigler also had this to say about iPhone 5S featuring fingerprint sensor:

On the topic of the fingerprint scanner, after hearing a number of whispers several months ago, there hasn’t been much recently. This may suggest that plans have been altered or, perhaps more likely, that Apple has successfully quashed the leaks of what would be the flagship new feature of the device. Rarely do code leaks lie, and this was a pretty substantial one a few weeks back.

Apple is expected to unveil iPhone 5S, and perphaps the budget iPhone 5C at a media event on September 10.

What do you think of the gold iPhone 5S? Do you plan to buy one?

[Via TechCrunch]