iPhone 5S part leak hints at fingerprint sensor built into home button

iphone 5s part leak fingerprint sensor

Till now we’ve seen several indications of a fingerprint sensor being built into the iPhone 5S, right from Apple acquiring Authentec to hidden code references in an iOS 7 beta release. Today, a new component leak further corroborates rumors of a fingerprint sensor being a part of the next iPhone.

iMore obtained images of what appears to be an iPhone 5S home button cable, which is quite different from the one found in the current iPhone. From iMore:

The interesting part is the amount of pins on the connector for the Home button assembly. There seem to be ten pins total shown in the photo and from what we know about past models, there’s no need for an iPhone Home button to have that many pins unless it’s performing some other type of function current iterations aren’t capable of.

iphone 5s part leak fingerprint sensor 2

A report from earlier this week suggests that the fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 5S would be placed under a convex sapphire home button, which of course explains the additional pins in the leaked cable and is consistent with the code references found in iOS 7 beta.

As we approach closer to September 10th, it seems clear that the fingerprint sensor and the improved camera would be the key differentiators from the iPhone 5, just like Siri was on the iPhone 4S.

Do you think these two features, along with an A7 chip, would be convincing enough for potential smartphone buyers to choose the iPhone 5S rather than the iPhone 5, the iPhone 5C or an Android phone?

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