iPhone 5S vs. iPhone 5 Scratch Test [Video]


When Apple launches a new iPhone, one of the rituals has been to do a scratch test to find out how well the device can handle coins and keys when you put it in the pocket. Some extreme scratch tests also put the new iPhone under the knife.

These days due to Apple’s leaky supply chain, we don’t not have to wait for iPhone 5S to be launched to find out how well it will perform in this durability test (assuming the leaked rear shells are indeed the real deal).

Folks of JailbreakNation who have managed to get his hands on the gold iPhone 5S back panel and have done a scratch test and compared it with an iPhone 5. Here are some of their observations, which they found “pretty interesting”:

Here you can see us test the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 with coins (as you might find in your pocket), and we decided to take it to the extreme just to see how much damage we could do between the two devices with a knife. The scratches caused by the coin did virtually no damage to the gold iPhone 5S while they caused quite a problem with the black iPhone 5. Because of the materials underneath the black version shows obvious holes in the paint that look terrible, this however was not the case with the iPhone 5S. When it came to the knife test overall the damage looks worse on the gold iPhone 5S. This is because the long marks and deep scratches  are more visible with the gold background. The iPhone 5 black shows practically nothing other than the parts where the silver underneath shows.

The scratch test seems to suggest that Apple may have improved the paint coating of the anodized aluminum back plate to make it more durable. You might remember, as soon as the iPhone 5 was launched, users had complained that iPhone 5’s anodized aluminum back plate was susceptible to scratching.

While we are hopeful, we would still prefer to wait to get our hands on an iPhone 5S before jumping to that conclusion.

Apple is widely expected to unveil iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C at a media event on September 10, followed by the launch on September 20.

[Via JailbreakNation]