New iPhone 6 Concept features edge-to-edge design, Retina 2 Display, MagSafe based Charger


Apple will be launching the next generation iPhone, dubbed iPhone 5S, later this year. It is widely expected to look like the iPhone 5, but come with improved internals and possibly new features such as fingerprint sensor.

But next year, Apple will most likely launch a redesigned iPhone 6. It remains to be seen if it will sport an all-new design or it will be an incremental update.

Business Insider points us to a gorgeous iPhone 6 concept created by graphic designer and artist Johnny Plaid. Plaid’s iPhone 6 concept features an edge-to-edge design, Retina 2 Display, multi-touch sensors at the bottom instead of the Home button, and you may not like this part, a new MagSafe based charger.

iphone-6-concept-e2e-1Here are some of the highlights of Plaid’s iPhone 6 concept:

  • With the edge-to-edge design, Apple will be able to increase the size of the display, without increasing the size of the device by that much.


  • Placid’s iPhone 6 concept appears to thinner than iPhone 5.


  • The LED flash has been moved to the extreme right of the rear camera, and has a redesigned microphone mesh for noise cancellation.


  • It also features a Retina 2 and REALD layered display.



  • Instead of the Home button, the concept comes with sensors at the bottom that supports multi-touch gestures. It could be used to unlock the device, use the area to the left and right of the Home button for different functions depending on the app.


  • It comes with a MagSafe iPhone charger.



  • He has also imagined what a smaller version of the iPhone 6 concept looks like, which he calls the iPhone mini.


We’ve covered several iPhone concepts over the last few years, but this iPhone 6 concept though evolutionary, is one of the best concepts we’ve seen so far. Let us know what you think. Will you buy one?

[via Business Insider]

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  • David Bannerman

    Edge to edge design is really ugly. Not to mention how are phone cases going to protect without blocking screen. Not a fan of concept stories.

    • Sebastian Rasch

      I’d totally dig it. Sadly it won’t come like this.

    • Grey1

      Its totally possible to make a case for an edge to edge screened iphone it would only require reinforced edges and that would make it better than most current cases.

      • mkimid

        Three issues, first, how they will fix the screen on the case. second, how protect the edge of screen. and, how connect the master electric bus for LCD pixel driver. it is why the concept is unrealstic. it is just possible in concept. or after 10 years.

        • Grey1

          They could fix the screen onto the case via a reverse mounting system ie a frame afixed to the rear of the screen has locking clips that lock into place when pushed into the bottom pirtion of the case the edge if the screen could be protected bu a ultra slim bezel made of liquid metal and for your last quedtion it could be mounted to the locking frame on the back of the screen.

          • Cog.xNight

            A very creative way of thinking about a phone case for a design concept of a phone that may never exist in the real world, and/or its practical tecniqies* won’t be seen for quite some time. All in all, you’d be an ace in creativity in a design class. :)

  • mkimid

    Most unreasonable design which i have seen before

  • Brad Hodson

    Good grief.

  • Gustavo

    Bonito y claro que lo compraría, pero también me parece muy irreal, no creo ver un diseño así en varios años

  • Fingers21

    Wow! Apple should employ this guy! Absolutely love it, multi touch at the bottom, flash further from the camera lense (which would rid the camera of light glare!) edge to edge looks the biz!

  • Danny Banny

    Looks good

  • Steve
  • canarycny

    this great, pretty sure this would be perfect for me altho i dont think a edge to edge screen will ever work. but if apple can innovate it and put it out i would definitely be in.

    • Sebastian Rasch

      True, it’s highly unlikely that something like this will be pulled off in the next five years. Maybe even longer. But it defo looks amazing!

  • Alexander Reimann

    After spending probably close to $100 on lightening cables for 2 iPhone 5’s and iPad mini, I would go insane if they brought out a new charging system :D

  • Bluedream

    Nice concept…make it real & I am in..

  • Edgar

    If this was the iPhone 6 I would most definelty buy! I’m sure if apple came with an edge to edge screen it would come with the scratch proof glass don’t you think?

    • Sebastian Rasch

      It already has scratch proof glass.

  • The Truth

    This person should be snatched up by Apple to be lead designer for the next iPhone 6 ASAP. This concept should be realized to save Apple from the stale and outdated iPhone designs compared to the competition. Let’s face it…The only reason most of us haven’t jump ship is due to the fact that we’ve invested too much in the countless of Apple’s Appstore Apps over the years.

    • Sebastian Rasch

      A screen like this is not possible (yet?). Would be really cool though.

  • Slick

    concepts are always much nicer , i ready to jump ship, will see how 5s goes but not looking good

    • Sebastian Rasch

      The 5S will not have a new design. That’s why this is a iPhone 6 concept.

  • HiGhGuY

    Very nice. An edge to edge display would be BOSS! Also, I’m a HUGE fan of doing away with the physical home button.
    Some changes I’d make, that IMO would make it even better:
    – square corners
    – Glass back like 4/4s, but with BOTH back & front being gorilla glass 3 or saphire (whch ever is strongest)
    – speakers on front like HTC One (surprised it took this long for someone to do it)

    • HiGhGuY

      Also forgot to add, forget about Magsafe. give me True wireless charging. I’m not talking about that BS with a charging pad, but proximity type wireless charging, where you just have to be within a meter or so, and it will start charging.

  • Sebastian Rasch

    Very nice, the borders are t0o edgy though, would hurt in long calls.

  • loganexplosion

    They wouldn’t change the connector after one year! durr
    Although it looks awesome, why do these concepts’ edge-to-edge always go so far. It’s like it’s PAST the edge. You KNOW apple wouldn’t have NO bezel. Fun to look at, but that’s about it..

  • Pieter Veenstra

    This the iphone i want to buy to replace my iphone 4. This for me a good reason to switch to a new iphone. I like the concept.

  • Dan E Boy

    This looks quite like the HTC one from the front. Just sayin’…
    Would be cool if you could have one charger for macbook and iPhone, though they’ll probably have changed the macbook charger by the time anything like this comes out.

  • -X-

    Unless the glass is made out of affordable clear diamond….I’ll never buy this chunk of crap. Introducing, Edge to edge…now even easier to shatter your screen :D

  • ahmad

    is this real

  • Zakaria Zaini

    I love this concept…:)

  • Tristan Cosperec

    You can buy this phone un China this is a real phone… Not a concept ;)

  • anders

    dont think they will have edge to edge. there woldn’t be any phonecases that would fit