Some users reporting iPhone activation problems

Apple doesn’t seem to be having a good time with their online services lately.

MacRumors reports that Apple’s activation servers are down again, which means that users who have just bought or restored their iPhone or any other iOS device with cellular service may face problems activating their device.

Apple appears to be experiencing another problem with its systems today, as a number of MacRumors readers have reported they are unable to activate their new iPhones. Other reports are showing up on Twitter as the problems continue.

An AT&T employee has told MacRumors that some Apple Retail Stores are sending customers to AT&T stores, but indicated that those locations are having similar activation issues.


Since Apple doesn’t have a system status page for activations, it is not clear what’s the reason for the issue and when it will be resolved.

We are also getting reports from readers that they’re still unable to download or update apps from the App Store, even though Apple confirmed that the issue was resolved after a brief outage yesterday.

Let us know if you’re facing a problem activating your iPhone.

[Via MacRumors]

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