Mavericks Mini theme brings best OS X Mavericks features to the iPhone

Alongside a radical change to iOS, Apple also announced OS X Mavericks, the next version of Mac OS X at this year’s WWDC. The release, currently in beta, adds a number of features like Finder tabs, file tagging, and enhanced multiple display support.

A new jailbreak theme called “Mavericks Mini” brings a number of these new features to the iPhone, and does a great job at mimicking the OS X look on iOS.

Here’s a list of features:

  • Finder Windows
finder windows
  • Launchpad (funny, since Launchpad itself was inspired by the iOS home screen)
  • App tagging
  • Mission Control
mission control
  • Dashboard
  • Lockscreen

To install Mavericks Mini on your iPhone you’ll need to jailbreak, and have Dreamboard and iFile installed. The theme is available as two separate versions, one for the iPhone 5 and the 5th gen iPod touch, and the other for the iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and the 4th gen iPod touch. The two versions cost $3.5 each and are available for download from Mini Mavericks’ own website. For detailed instructions on how to install, you can see their install page (Strangely, the tweak isn’t available on Cydia, and doesn’t use Cydia Store’s payment system.)

Here’s a video demo:

Mavericks Mini has little utility on the iPhone since a desktop interface on a small screen is very hard to use, but it is still a very cool proof of concept. This would be perfect for the iPad. We wonder if the developer has any plans to bring the theme to the iPad.