Microsoft continues to poke fun at iPad in the latest Surface RT ad

Microsoft continues to poke fun at Apple’s iPad, despite the embarrassing $150 price cut it had to make to sell its Surface RT tablet.

The new Windows 8: Surface RT vs. iPad ad highlights the size difference, and then goes on to highlight some of the shortcomings on the iPad compared to Surface RT such as the lack of an integrated kickstand, the TouchType keyboard accessory and a USB port.

The new ad also highlights the absence of Microsoft Office products such as Excel and the limitation of iOS’ multitasking capabilities by showcasing the Charms feature that allows users to use multiple apps at once.

The ad ends by highlighting the price difference between the 16GB iPad, which costs $499 and a 32GB Surface RT, which costs only $349 after the price cut.

Microsoft recently admitted it made more Surface RT tablets than it could sell, and had to writedown $900 million, which was more than the $853 million in revenues it made from the Surface lineup. It was also less than the $898 million increase in advertising costs associated primarily with Windows 8 and Surface. So Microsoft can make fun of the iPad, but the price cuts tells us all we need to know.

Check out the ad below and let us know what you think in the comments.