Norway’s National Security Authority prevents Apple from capturing 3D Flyover Maps data in Oslo

For the few of you out there who use Apple Maps instead of Google Maps, we salute you, and we come bearing bad news. You know that feature where you can look at a city in fancy pants 3D? That feature, which Apple calls Flyover, is causing quite the stir in Norway. The government over there doesn’t want to let Apple fly the tiny airplanes it needs to fly to capture 3D data because they don’t want Apple taking pictures of confidential buildings.

What’s funny about this is that C3 Technologies, the Swedish company Apple acquired back in October 2011, already has 3D data on Oslo, Norway’s capital. That leads 9to5Mac to believe that some local laws must’ve recently changed that prevent Apple from acquiring accurate data.

Does this even matter? This is debatable. Google use satellites to capture an overhead view of a city. They also use cars to drive around and map roads. At the end of the day, you use maps to help you find a location, but do 3D maps make your search that much easier? And if Google can drive around in their cars taking photos, why can’t Apple fly some tiny planes?

We’re sure this will get settled sooner rather than later.

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