Samsung exec says anti-iPhone ads were “tipping point” for company’s brand

Samsung’s anti-iPhone ads have been criticised for poking fun at Apple customers rather than targeting the actual product, but according to Samsung’s marketing chief the ads were pretty successful and marked a “tipping point” for the company’s brand globally.

From AdNews:

[Samsung marketing chief] Lenior said the ads mocking Apple, ‘The Next Big Thing Is Already Here’, signalled Samsung’s coming-of-age as a brand. “That really did mark quite a tipping point for us globally. We were able to tell a cheeky story – if you think about it, we’re a Korean company starting to really mess with the order of things.

“We’ve been able to do some good things from that [campaign]. The interesting thing about it from my perspective is that some of it is not the best work you’ve ever seen, some of it is the best work you’ve ever seen, but it’s getting people talking, that’s what I really love about it.

Lenior says that the intense conversations and arguments that the ads ultimately got going between fans of the two companies ultimately helped build some “soul” around the brand.

The ads, coupled with Samsung’s huge marketing budgets, have certainly helped the company create buzz, possibly even more than Apple. The Korean company’s even managed to, for the first time ever, secure higher satisfaction ratings for its products than Apple.

Despite the success, Lenior says, internally, Samsung employees still see themselves as “challengers” and not leaders. This means that the company’s always in a “state-of-crisis” mindset, thinking about ways to stay ahead of the curve by investing heavily in R&D. Given all the lawsuits against Samsung, we’re not sure what to make of this statement.

Samsung’s already released a number of new anti-iPhone ads for the Galaxy S4, and with the imminent launch of the iPhone 5S and the Galaxy Note 3, we expect them to continue with the rhetoric.

[via TNW]