Some users unable to make purchases from the iTunes Store [Updatedx4]

If you’re having problems connecting to the iTunes Store or unable to download or update apps then you’re not alone.

According to the system status page for Apple’s services, stores and iCloud, there is indeed a problem that is affected some users.

The issue seems to have started approximately 30 minutes back. Users seem to be getting “Cannot connect to iTunes store” error message.

Apple has provided the following details about the issue on the system status page.

iTunes Store – Some users are affected

Users may be unable to make purchases.


Update 1:

The outage seems to have spread to other services as well such as App Store, iBookstore, Mac App Store, iTunes in the Cloud, Backup, iTunes Match.


Update 2:

Services seem to be back online according to the system status page.

Update 3:

Just when we thought the problem were resolved, we’re hearing reports that FaceTime is not working for some users. Apple has acknowledged the issue, so we expect it to be resolved soon.

Update 4:

It looks like the FaceTime issues have also been fixed.

If you’re having trouble accessing the iTunes Store or unable to download or update apps, let us know in the comments and also mention your location.

We’ll let you know when the issue is resolved.

HT: MacRumors

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  • Mac

    Cant download or update apps-San Antonio TX

  • seymorebudz

    Can’t download or update- Boston MA

  • Walter

    Can’t download or update. Alkmaar, The Netherlands

  • arzon

    cant download from the philippines

  • Melinda

    can’t download from Richland, WA

    • Brad Hodson

      Hey, I was born in Richland!

  • Devon Dorcas

    Aruba , here still cant download its been an hour already, any server down so we can downgrade to 6.02 ;)

    • Fazizi Fauzi

      seriously can downgrade?

      • Devon Dorcas

        nooo i just wished for the moment it could :D

        • Fazizi Fauzi

          haha me too, keep refreshing the page and hoping server down like few days ago. some so lucky get to downgrade

          • Devon Dorcas

            buddy u got the same damn luck we didnt have it back to 6.1.2 :( i actually hope they trashed the server for the glitch again

  • Prasanna Kumar

    can’t Sign In from india.

  • Thamizh Thamizh


  • Iska13

    Can’t connect in Southern California .

  • Jose Lopez

    can’t make any purchase says “waiting” and then shut down

  • John Carlo Morales

    san diego california been unable to do download anything in app store for an hour now

  • Fazizi Fauzi

    can sign in and still downloading from Malaysia

  • Prasanna Kumar

    iTunes Match update also affected in India.

  • Casey

    It’s for ios 7 users, the itunes on the ipad and iphone had a glitch. It’s now fixed! : )

  • Brad Hodson

    Can’t update apps for about 1 hour (Seattle).

  • Macdaddy

    It’s not even up! It doesn’t work! I can’t download apps or update and the new instagram 4.1 doesn’t appear I’m the US store. There’s no update for it on on beta 5 . This has been since I updated,

  • David Dempster

    NOPE, still down. Apple is not doing so good lately. Dev site still has issues,now this! Come back Steve Jobs! Make things right!

    • Devon Dorcas

      I got at this hour mine working its start dowloading with no probs!

  • Ritesh Joshi

    Cant download or update apps from Gujarat, India

  • Chigun

    Can’t download or update in Charlotte, NC!!!

  • Johe

    Still Can´t download updates. Location Stockholm sweden.

  • @willlaurent

    Now it’s doin’ it again, purchase app or music from iTunes on my iphone5, just waiting or queue for download but not doin’ anything. Applies for free apps as well. When on Wi-Fi and Data connection.

  • skeetaman

    unable to connect to make in app purchase as of 8/27/2013 11:52 georgia

  • Nelson

    unable to connect to make in app purchases as of 9/19/13. Have been having problem for 2 months. Have contacted support 3 times. They say they fixed the issue, allows me to make 1 purchase, then can no longer connect. I just stopped making purchases all together cuz I’m tired of having to contact support. Pennsylvania

  • Auste

    Can’t download anything from app store, there isn’t a download button! London, UK

  • bernie

    unable to buy any in app purchases since upgrade to 7?

  • Chan

    Kuala Lumpur, malaysia

  • Candyperfumeboy79

    Can’t my any purchases since Oct 2nd 2013. – New Rochelle, NY. I press purchase and nothing happens.

    • milli

      I have the same issue. I can gift songs or do anything else, but when I click “Buy Song” nothing at all happens…

  • Don

    The unable to purchase message pops up each time I try to update or download. Frisco TX

  • Wrselby

    I am unable to download from the App Store and iTunes. It seems to have started when I upgraded to IOS 7. I am in Atlanta, GA.

  • cece

    Cannot open the iTunes Store from my iphone 5. I only noticed it tonight and successfully last opened it and purchased music two or three days ago. When I tap the Store icon it looks like it’s about to open, then goes back to the apps. When I double click the home button, the iTunes Store looks open, but when I tap it, it disappears. Very frustrated. New York.

  • Paul

    cannot access since updating ipad to 7. Get msg to update itunes to 11.1 but cannot since I am using 10.5.8. Confused as heck here. Can I go back to previous version on ipad?

  • Paul

    Just tried again and got this msg. iTunes requires 11.1 then says to go and download it. I try but cannot since I am not using 10.6.8 . Am using 10.5.8
    This sucks …….. should have stayed on previous sys instead of 7.
    using ipad 2