The iPad is rapidly losing market share in China

During the second quarter of 2012, one out of every two tablets sold in China was made by Apple. During the same quarter this year, that number has now plunged to a little more than one out of four. The data, compiled by IDC and covered on Bloomberg, also reveals that during the same span of time, Samsung’s tablet market share jumped from 6% to 11%.

In other words, it nearly doubled.

Why is this happening? It’s simple. Price. ASUS will sell you a $149 tablet that has pretty much the same specs as the $329 iPad mini. Sure, there’s no fancy iOS apps, but for all intents and purposes both devices will give you a solid Facebook and email experience.

Going back to the numbers, with Apple tablets at 28% market share, and Samsung tablets at 11% market share, who is the next rung down on the ladder? Lenovo, with 8%. Acer and ASUS both have 1% to their names, for whatever that’s worth to you.

The bigger discussion here, and it’s not mentioned in the Bloomberg piece, are people who decide not to buy a tablet, but instead opt to spend their hard earned cash on a jumbo sized phone. I’m one of those people, having bought a Galaxy Note II earlier this year, and recently reviewed the 6.3 inch Galaxy Mega for iPhone Hacks’ sister site, Android Beat.

Assuming the rumors about the 5.7 inch iPhone are true, will that device make people reconsider owning a tablet since they can have one device that does it all? Time will tell.

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  • mheister

    You do know Facebook is banned in China?

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      Then the local equivalent. Point is the same, for basic everyday tasks, the $150 tablet from ASUS is just as good as the $350 Apple tablet.

      • Pacomacman

        Yes but the new Nexus 7 2nd Edition is more expensive, and if the internals of the iPad Mini are revamped I don’t think people will mind paying slightly more for the iPad.

  • Sebastian Rasch

    Fine with me, maybe Apple products will go back to that exclusive status they had years ago.

  • mkimid

    I think,
    1. Silver back plate and two (white/black) glass windows for iPad 5, and Mini 2
    * Unified design
    2. iPad Mini 2, similar form factor, internal improvements such as A6 28nm, and more RAM, higher pixel camera, reduced battery with same running time such as 10W. BUT, reduce the price to $249~269.
    3. iPad 5, thinner/ligher and similar form factor with mini, and some internal improvements such as A7x 28nm/PowerVR 6 4/2 core, higher pixel camera, reduce the battery as 32W. and, Same price with iPad 4.