Some users unable to make purchases from iTunes Store

If you are not available to purchase an app or other content from the iTunes Store then don’t panic, you’re not the only one.

We’ve received a several complaints from readers that they’re not able to purchase apps from the App Store. 

According to iCloud system status page, there is an ongoing issue with iTunes Store, which is affecting 20% of the users.

Here’s the description of the issue:

iTunes Store – 20% of users are affected

Users are unable to make purchases. 


The issue seems to have started at around 9 am EST. We’ll update the post as soon the issue has been resolved.

Are you having any problems buying stuff from iTunes Store? Let us know in the comments.

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  • SEN

    Connection manager::invoke::failed to find service connection url
    This is the error I keep receiving.

  • Albert

    I have the same account for both my iphone and my ipad. I can purchase on the ipad but not on the iPhone. Is there a fix for this?

    • 2156audi

      Exactly the same problem for me. Ever since the latest software update

    • eriador

      I have also the same problem.. :-(((

  • JR

    Down town Fort Worth… I can’t buy anything the past 2 days. Also imessenger is all jacked up

  • Bashar3A

    OK, I know it says don’t panic. Bu the issue is two months old and I still have it. I would purchase the app from my iPhone, it fails to download, then it will download on my kid’s iPad!

  • Yungtuck334

    Can’t buy nothing…