New Windows 8 ad featuring Acer Iconia W3 now pokes fun at iPad mini

Microsoft has released a new Windows 8 ad featuring 8-inch Acer Iconia W3, this time taking a dig at Apple’s iPad mini.

This is just hours after releasing a new Surface RT ad, which poked fun at the iPad (again).

The new Acer Iconia W3 vs. iPad Mini ad makes use of Siri’s voiceover to highlight some of the shortcomings on the iPad mini compared to Acer Iconia W3 such as the unavailability of games like Halo and Microsoft Office with voiceover saying “Wow, you’re a real PC”.

It ends by highlighting the price difference between 32GB iPad mini, which is available for $429 and the 32GB Iconia W3, which is available for just $299 with the voiceover saying “Let’s just go back to reading. Actually, don’t read that.”

Check out the ad below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • mkimid

    iPad and iPad are not a major runner in the world even in USA. and going down. Maybe, MS want to catch the user who want to move from iPad to the other table. this kind of ADs should be very effective for them. I just want to think that why MS play this ADs keep continously. and, it is the most sadest news for Apple.
    If MS want to increase their sales, MS has got an wrong target. They have to fight with an android tables which cheaper and more/bigger.
    Anyway, I feel, MS’s AD series give to us many information even that is true or not.

    • Alan

      Sadest news for Apple? Seriously? When are you moving from iPad? That would be the sadest day for Apple too, right?

      In case you are not aware, Microsoft has managed to sell 1.3 million Surface units, and over the same period, Apple sold over 56 million iPads.

      I don’t think people need ads to tell them, they can read comparison reviews to figure out these day.

      And if this was your attempt to troll. You got me.

    • Bruce

      That is right, they should research the market. and, Apple’s share is lower than 20%, and it will keep going down.

  • goze18

    these ad just get worse. apple doesn’t need to convince people or use ads to poke fun at anyone. just sad

    • EVH

      Yea i’d take a surface when it’s $99. As for now, My iPad is great for what I need it for. I am just waiting for the ad that says hey, what’s up Surface I can’t hear you talk?

      • Ger

        Surface doesnt need to talk because their owners have real friends they can talk to

  • DJ MD

    Apple products are for rich people.

  • Vincenzo Belpiede

    That’s pretty amazing how low a pro device went down to…its a very light tablet and amazing to have full pc…the display was not good enough for but i know that increases the bill of materials big time

  • neo 11

    Take a good look at the acer screen – it sucks !
    I’d pay an extra hundred dollars for a better screen !
    The mini may not be retina, but it’s still miles better than this acer…

  • ron

    I just bought full pc with i5 processor and 4 gb ram in tablet form for 800 euros why bother to have an ipad which does nothing that full pc tablet does ??

    • Paul

      For many reasons, I used for studying all my books are PDF, the app I use is free PDF you can highlight and write, the long battery life 10 hours I tested so many times, surfing the net, it’s a lot easier to carry it then a full PC, I have a pc but it only last 4 hours, I’m a medical students my rotations are in the hospital I can’t carry my laptop for reference I have iPad mini, all the books are in it and small it fits in my pocket

      • dan

        Which can be done on a cheaper better spec nexus 7…. IOS is just a dinosaur, its never fully caught up with jellybean, IOS is taking cues from Jellybean but its still the same old built for 2 year old IOS, the iDevices have lost the shine they once had, and most people buy them because it says Apple on it… Its all fashion accessories with Apple