Woman spends $1337 on two iPhones, ends up getting some deliciously expensive apples

An Australian woman who isn’t named, probably in order to save herself from embarrassment, placed an ad online saying she would like to buy a pair of iPhones. Sounds perfectly normal, right? Someone replied, the two parties agreed to meet in a public place, money changed hands, and then the shit hit the fan.

This woman, who has more money than common sense apparently, didn’t bother to inspect the iPhones until coming home. It was only then that she discovered that the iPhone boxes didn’t contain any actual iPhones, but instead she found apples.

As in the fruit.

How much money did she lose? $1,500 Australian dollars, which coincidentally converts to $1,337 American dollars, or as young men say on the internet: l33t.

Should you feel any sympathy? Nope. None. Not even a little.