Woz isn’t too impressed with Ashton Kutcher’s “Jobs” movie


The much delayed Jobs movie, starring Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs, has finally been released in U.S. theatres to average reviews, with most critics disappointed by the movie’s superficial look at Jobs’ “complex” life.

Steve Woz, Apple’s co-founder, isn’t a huge fan of the movie either, saying that a number of people in the movie were portrayed wrongly, possibly due to Kutcher’s own impressions about Jobs’ personality.

Here’s an excerpt from Woz’s thoughts on the movie, via Gizmodo:

I saw Jobs tonight. I thought the acting throughout was good. I was attentive and entertained but not greatly enough to recommend the movie. One friend who is in the movie said he didn’t want to watch fiction so he wasn’t interested in seeing it.

I suspect a lot of what was wrong with the film came from Ashton’s own image of Jobs. Ashton made some disingenuous and wrong statements about me recently (including my supposedly having said that the ‘movie’ was bad, which was probably Ashton believing pop press headlines) and that I didn’t like the movie because I’m paid to consult on another one. These are examples of Ashton still being in character.

Woz says that Steve’s excellent product vision was a skill he acquired in the later stage of his career, as opposed to how it is shown in the movie.

Earlier this year, a minute long clip from the Jobs movie had been released, which showed Woz and Jobs in a conversation about computers, where Woz is shown to be unaware of the true potential of computers. In a comment on Gizmodo, Woz said that the conversation shown in the clip never happened, and the actual situation was quite opposite, with Woz being an active member of the Homebrew Computer Club, who were quite aware of the potential of computers.

With all the negative reviews and allegations of inaccurate portrayals, will you be seeing the Jobs movie this week?

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