Apple airs first iPhone 5c ad ‘Plastic Perfected’


Apple has started airing the first ad for iPhone 5c.

Apple unveiled iPhone 5c alongside iPhone 5s at its media event last week. It is essentially an iPhone 5 in a plastic casing with minor improvements such as better FaceTime camera, improved battery life and is available in bright colors.

Apple started taking pre-orders for it from last Friday, September 13, and goes on sale on September 20.

Not surprisingly, the ad focuses on the color of the device.┬áHere’s the ad titled “Plastic Perfected”. Apple has the following to say in the description of the video:

Introducing iPhone 5c. A completely new expression of iPhone that’s not just for lovers of color. It’s for the colorful.

As I mentioned last week, Apple’s objective of launching the iPhone 5c wasn’t to grab marketshare, as we had assumed when we heard rumors of a plastic iPhone. But it is to give them the option to market iPhone 5c along with the iPhone 5s, by creating a brand of its own, which wouldn’t have been possible if it had offered the previous generation iPhone 5. Apple wants a two-sibling iPhone family. We’re seeing that strategy play out.

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