Apple axes the iPhone 5, lets the iPhone 4S live on

iphone 4s

Apple shook up its iPhone lineup today with the addition of not one, but two new handsets. The new iPhone 5s will take the flagship position, the new iPhone 5c will get the mid-tier slot and the older iPhone 4S will become the budget option. Noticeably absent from this short list is the iPhone 5.

This decision to axe the iPhone 5 is very similar to what Apple did with the iPad 3rd generation last year. The company unveiled the iPad 4th generation with a few upgraded steps and then dropped the iPad 3. The iPad 3 was given to cut less than a year before it first went on sale. Apple continues to sell the iPad 2, the iPad 4 and the iPad mini.

Without knowing all the details, I would guess the iPhone 5 was removed more for marketing reasons than anything else. Apple needed a decent mid-range phone and the “new” iPhone 5c is a much easier sell than “last year’s” iPhone 5. The iPhone 4S is still hanging on as Apple is able to keep it fresh with iOS 7. It may also be cheaper for Apple to sell through the iPhone 4S inventory and make more as needed than it would be to keep the iPhone 5 in stock.

[Via CNET]

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  • Roy

    Not like we didn’t see that coming after the event this morning…

  • Casey


  • Marp

    So, what happens to the iPhone 5 handsets sitting in the carriers’ distribution centers?

    • John

      I guess they’ll be selling those until they run out of stock, I don’t see why they would even think of recalling those phones from the carriers…

  • Casey

    im going to be so hot with my 5s1

  • Chris

    its an obvious decision as the iphone 5c and the 5 are basically the same phones its the same gift with a different wrapping paper essentially so selling 2 phones that are the same software and specs besides the outside doesn’t make much sense at all

    • solidus

      I think Apple found that they will continue to gain meager profit margins “in their eyes” with the complexity in assembling and materials for the iphone5. So this new iphone 5c provide tremendous margins allowing them to make back some of the greedy dollars they have been losing from the iphone 5. I love my iphone 5, just a bit worried about finding cheap replacement parts should anything go wrong, since it is discontinues after just 1 year.

  • Brian

    So instead of trying to mark down and sell off remaining stock of iPhone 5 they slap a plastic case on the back and sell it that way. Innovation @ Apple died with SJ. Good marketing and a way to save money though.

  • HiGhGuY

    Apple is a greedy SOB. They come out with the ugly plastic turd (5c), and discontinue the 5, and yet the price of the 5c is still what the 5 would’ve been if they stuck to their usual schedule. So basically Apple (one the richest companies in the world) saves money on manufacturing the 5c, and yet there is no cost savings to the customer.
    I was going to get the 5, anticipating it would drop in price, but now I’m going to get the 4s because the 5c is so ugly I couldn’t even stand to look at it. Hopefully the 6 will be close to 5″ and I’ll be willing to pay full price for that.

    • marpilli

      Same here. I was (and still am) hoping to find the 5 being clearanced out by ATT. If not, I’ll buy a used 4S. I think the 5C looks terrible and the 5S is outside of my price range for the model I need.

  • Patrick Perea

    I just wonder what the value of the iPhone 5 will be once the stock runs out and people don’t want the 5C. Hmmm…

  • Alex

    More like that just added a c to the iPhone 5 and added a back cover

  • snipey36

    The last sentance tells the truth of it all really…

  • Akanaten

    Yeh and once again, the uk gets screwed.
    In the USA, 5C 16gb simm free will cost $649 ( £410 ) the same phone & spec in the uk will cost $870.18. ( (£550 )
    They can stuff it!

  • Akanaten

    Sorry guys, meant the 5S :)