Apple launches new cases for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c


Apple is going all out with its new iPhone 5s and 5c, selling both docks and companion cases for the two handsets. The docks may be plain jane white, but the cases add a splash of color to the phones.

The iPhone 5c case will be a colorful silicone shell that’s lined with soft microfiber. It’s a good design choice for the iPhone 5c as you don’t want to scratch that lovely polycarbonate shell. Since the iPhone is plastic and not glass, you can get away with a lightweight silicon covering. It”ll protect the phone without adding any extra weight or bulk.

The most striking feature of the iPhone 5c case is its hole-filled back that will let the color of your phone shine through. There are also cutouts for the camera, the ringer toggle and charging port. You can pick matching colors or live on the wild side by fitting a green case on your bright blue iPhone.


The iPhone 5s case is bit more refined, made out of a stiff leather with a microfiber lining. The dye is infused into the leather giving it a uniform color. The case is designed to cradle your iPhone 5s and has cutouts so you can charge/sync, adjust volume and plug in some headphones to listen to music. It’ll be available in six different colors including black, beige, yellow, blue and red.


The iPhone 5s case will set you back $39, while the iPhone 5c version will cost $29. Both will be available starting September 20th.

[Via Apple]