iOS 7 Tip: How to Block Calls and Messages on your iPhone [Video]


One of the most requested iPhone features ever since it has been launched, has been the ability to block phone calls and messages from people, especially those unwanted telemarketing calls. People would complain, why can’t the iPhone do it when my feature phone could do it a decade back.

You will be happy to know that Apple has finally added the feature to block voice calls, messages or FaceTime calls from a number in iOS 7.

Blocking voice call, FaceTime calls or messages from a number is very simple in iOS 7. You can block a number in the Phone, FaceTime, Messages or Settings app.

In the Phone app or FaceTime app, tap on the Recent or Favorites tab:

  • Tap on the Info “i” button next to the name or number you wish to block.
  • This will take you the Contact card. Now scroll down and tap Block this Caller option.
  • This will show you a confirmation popup. Tap on the Block Contact option.

In the Phone app or FaceTime app, you can also tap on the tap on the Contacts tab:

  • Tap on the contact you wish to block.
  • This will take you the Contact card. Now scroll down and tap Block this Caller option.
  • This will show you a confirmation popup. Tap on the Block Contact option.

In the Messages app:

  • Tap on the messages from the individual you wish to block.
  • Tap on Contact in the top right corner.
  • This will give you the option to either give a voice call, FaceTime call or see the Info of the contact. Tap on the Info “i” button just below the Done button.
  • This will take you the Contact card. Now scroll down and tap Block this Caller option.
  • This will show you a confirmation popup. Tap on the Block Contact option.

In the Settings app:

  • Navigate to:
    • Settings > Phone > Blocked
    • Settings > Messages > Blocked
    • Settings > FaceTime > Blocked
  • Tap on Add New…
  • Tap on the Contact you wish to block to add it to the block list.

This will add the Contact or number to the Blocked list, which can be accessed via the Settings app. So you can unblock the contact or number using the Settings app.

  • Settings > Phone > Blocked
  • Settings > Messages > Blocked
  • Settings > FaceTime > Blocked

Please note that when you add a Contact or number to the blocked list, voice calls, FaceTime calls and messages from that person will be blocked. You cannot selectively block just voice calls, FaceTime calls or messages from a person.

Here’s a video walkthrough of how to block voice calls, FaceTime calls and messages in iOS 7:

You can block FaceTime calls and messages in a similar way on your iPad or iPod touch using the FaceTime, Messages and Settings app.

Let us know how it goes, and please free to leave a comment if you’ve any questions.

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  • Alan

    This is one of my favorite iOS 7 features.

  • Shawn

    But can we block calls from private caller or unknown caller ?

    • Gautam

      No, currently you can only block a Contact or number.

      • M&M310

        Good thing I’m jailbroken and use iblacklist.

    • Naomi83

      Naturally NO you idiot!! Lol you can’t block a private number when you don’t know the number yourself full stop!! True though?? Its plain n simple common sense oh that’s if your using your brain!!! Lmfao up there for thinkin!!!

      • Iphone584

        Naomi your a real b*tch. The guy was only asking a very reasonable question. Just to educate you further, you CAN actually block private numbers on other phones like Android phones and apps. Its called blocking unknown number. Therefore when a private number calls the phone recognises it and sends it to VM. So educate yourself before you insult people you disgraceful idiot.

    • Iphone584

      Shawn to answer your question more politely than that b*tch Naomi, no at current there is no option to block unknown number which sucks cause i need this too! Lol you can do it on Android phones i used to own a Samsung S4.
      I apologise for people like Naomi who have a stick up there ass.

  • Teddy

    What message (if any) do will blocked callers hear when attempting to call the number?

    • Dtate

      Their call go straight to vm on second ring. Their text message looks like it was delivered but u won’t get it. I tested it

  • Doctor

    I just tested this feature and the call goes straight to the voicemail. Not happy about this. Can anyone else confirm this. Thanks.

    • Steve-0

      A blocked call does go to voicemail after a couple of rings, but it doesn’t show up on your phone at all. I’ve read that it goes to a box in your voicemail labelled as “Blocked”.

    • Jeff

      I wouldn’t say it blocks calls if they still go to voicemail. If this is the way it was designed to work it sucks

    • Aoma

      Google Voice is an option that you might try for better results. If you have a sprint phone it’s super easy because sprint and Google teamed up to seamlessly integrate your GV number with your sprint account. (if you’re not with sprint you can still do it with a couple extra steps) Your sprint phone essentially becomes your GV number and you can use all the amazing GV features like call screening, you can choose to send the call to VM and listen to the live message being left and even pick up in the middle of the message being left. You can block individual contacts and when they call they get the old familar three beeps starting low pitched and going up ” dooo doooooo dooooot, I’m sorry but the number you have called is not in service”, is what they hear.
      there are lots of great features and it’s free.
      Another one that I like it the control you have over your voicemail messages.
      You can put all your friends in one group, let’s say 10 guys from the poker club or whatever. When those ten different guys call they will get a custom voicemail greeting that might say…”Hello and thanks for calling the “your city name poker hotline” I’m sorry that I was not able to come to the phone but I’m schooling a bunch a fish at the moment.

      You can set up personal greetings too. example “HI sweetie, I must be super busy right now because I can’t imagine how I missed your call blah blah blah. My friends get a kick out of the personalize message just for them when they call me. It’s super easy to update too so you can change it up as often as you want.
      This feature will work great for the situation you asked about concerning your blocked numbers or for the calls you don’t want to go to your personal VM that says Hi it’s Doctor leave me a msg etc. Instead after you set up all the custom (a few or as many as you choose to) you can set up a “general public” voice mail and have it say whatever you want. If you want it to be cold and impersonal and not even your voice you can do that. This way anyone that calls you that is not in your contact list will get that msg and everyone else will get whatever you want them to hear.
      Go check out Google voice and I think with a little effort you’ll have an amazing phone management system that will ensure you never answer or take a call that you don’t want to take. A call comes in that’s not on your list… answer and the system tells you who it is. It then asks you to press one to take the call or 2 to send it to voicemail. You can listen to the live msg as I said or you can read it with by having it set up to text or email you a transcript. I can’t believe that it’s all free!!
      Hope this info helps.

  • M&M310

    Why in hell can’t we not block unknown or restricted callers? How can’t apple not add this? My flip flop phone back in the days was able to do it without a problem. Is it that complicated for apple to do it right? I hope they make it right in future updaes

  • Keena Marie Williams

    my calls still go thru. I have tried everything!

    • Terijo Brewton

      I am also still getting calls from callers I have blocked.

  • Pete

    As usual, this type of feature is totally useless for people who want to block telemarketers or crazy people as their numbers are always blocked, yet you can’t block them on the IOS7 iphone.

    So how to block an unknown number or private number? You can’t. Don’t upgrade to IOS7, keep your iphone jailbroken because until as such time as iPhone are on par with Android (as on Android these features are standard), you won’t be able to block private or unknown number which is the actual point of having a call blocker. Does anyone know of any telemarketers that use the same specific number every time or call from an actual displayed number? The answer is no, they ALWAYS use private/blocked/unknown numbers.

    iBlacklist blocks private/unknown/blocked numbers beautifully, I’ve been using it for years, the best most important app/feature on my iphone, its a real life saver, gets rid of annoying telemarketers and pests.

    Pity Apple don’t listen to their customers, I don’t know how many people have requested this for years, would be in the millions… still nothing to block unknown/private/blocked numbers and the reason why now I’m considering moving to an Android phone… don’t want to be stuck with the same phone/interface any longer.

    • Gg

      Is there any way to see the missed calls or text of someone who have blocked?

  • pishpose

    So if I have this correct, if a call from a number that has been blocked will result in that call being forwarded to voicemail.
    I don’t have an active voicemail account (and I don’t want one). So in this case what will happen if a blocked number tries to call me.

  • Terijo Brewton

    I have blocked callers however their calls are still coming in and I am back to using my ‘silent ringtone’ work around.

  • teresa

    is the block contact option only works if the person you are blocking have an Iphone or can you block any number including a land line or another cell phone besides the Iphone….

  • Bri

    If someone blocks my messages then what happens when I txt that person?

  • Ticked off

    i wish we had the option to let them know they were blocked. Or better yet leave a special message folder for them to listen to if we had them on a list. Boy what I would record!!!!

  • pausecuz

    Its a hoax.

  • Tony G

    This call blocking feature is useless if you can’t block a private call without caller ID. Blocking a private call is easily done in software devices. Apple just doesn’t want this feature to have this capability. Wireless carriers want this control so that they can charge you $10 a month. This feature should not be be called Blocking because the call gets forwarded to your VM. It should be called “VM only”. I’m tired of Apple not allowing me to have control of my phone calls. This will be my last iPhone.

  • xgirl56

    can I make the numbers on my block list invisible so I am never tempted to unblock them?

  • JTay

    I just want to block someone from facetiming me not messaging is that possible?

  • crz6662

    It’s not a blocked call if the caller can still get to my voice mail. Com’on Apple. Get with it. That’s why people jailbreak their phones. So we can do stuff to our phones that are actually beneficial to us.