Bring your iPad to a Microsoft store, get $200

Microsoft is running a promotion whereby they’ll give you $200 if you step into one of their stores and hand over your iPad. There are two problems with this. One, you can count the number of Microsoft Stores around America using just your fingers and toes. Probably just your fingers, actually. And two, you don’t get $200 in cold hard cash. Instead, you’ll get $200 in store credit.

Will this be an effective campaign? Probably not. For one thing, you can get a lot more than $200 for your iPad if you put a little bit of work into selling it. Putting it on Craigslist will probably get you at least $300, even if it’s pretty beat up. Second, you’ll also likely save a lot of money on a computer or tablet if you buy it from the internet instead of a Microsoft Store. Not only are gadgets cheaper on the internet, but the selection is nearly limitless, whereas the Microsoft store can only cary a certain number of products.

So why is Microsoft doing this? Because they want attention. Right now the conversation about tablets is all about the iPad and/or Android. The fact that people aren’t even talking about Windows 8 or Windows RT has got to hurt.

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  • Franklin Richards

    Microsoft is getting desperate and it just looks like they’re tripping over themselves to make Microsoft the must have things once again. Only problem is people have now been exposed to so many choices. Microsoft is no longer the “have to have” thing anymore. I only have Windows because of games. Any other time I’m using my Mac.

  • chungpham2004

    only idiots would pay $300 for any model prior to Ipad 3 from craigslist. Then again, there still plenty idiots out there… :)

  • Bud

    Wow, some MS fans are really slurping this ad campaign up. To me it just screams desperation. Leave the poor acting and bad puns to the YouTube comics and late night standups. It only comes off as soulless when big corps do it.

  • brett

    Microsoft have a superior product with the surface but everyone still want the Ipad, how disappointing, it reminds me of Beta vs VHS

  • Neutrality

    I have IPad (regulat and mini), Android (7 and 10) and Surface RT and “playing” with all them for a very long time. In all fairness, iPad and Surface are the ones that I really do use. When it is about consuming content, iPad wins over Android (and I think Android is good as well, I’m not a fanboy of any of these) but when it is about producing content, I go with Surface. Although it is the RT and all the limitation that come with it, I can use it a real computer and build something with it, not with iPad. I understand some do hate MS just because it is MS, but bashing the product does not seem a fair assessment

  • pauli

    only $200? for what? why should i change my very well working ipad for a piece of windows 8 trash? wake up ms..!

  • Kienerman

    I love how Microsoft makes fun of the ipad with their commercial and now desperately trying to steal apple ipad users hahaha pretty pathetic. The reason why Microsoft continues to fail with their devices is the fact they don’t have enough apps to compete with both apple and android users. If they’re going to make any significant changes they will need to start from there. Otherwise they will continue to fail. It’s the apps that makes the devices not the other way around. If it wasn’t for the apps you think smart phones would be that popular? They’ll just be another electronic hardware no different from computers.

  • Mike W

    If I were to sell my current iPAD it will be on craigslist, and the cash will be used to buy an iPad 5. But I will likely keep my current iPad and buy an iPad 5 as well. I can hardly stand Windows on a PC I sure don’t want to carry it around with me. I’ll sick with my Unix and Unix variants thanks.

  • Mike W

    LOL, I might be interested in that Slate thing if it can run Linux…