Colorful choices: which color should I buy for the iPhone 5s?


For the first time in the history of the iPhone, customers can choose a color other than just black or white for their iPhone 5s. Now, new iPhone owners can choose from a space gray, gold and silver. The colors are not as bright as the iPhone 5c, which may make it a bit harder to choose between the three. Read on as we walk you through each color option and help you decide.

The discoloration issue

It took Apple a while to get the white color right on the iPhone. Early rumors hinted at Steve Job’s dissatisfaction with the particular tint of white that gave the phone a yellowish hue.

After a delayed launch, Apple admitted that it was having manufacturing problems. When the white iPhone 4 finally launched, some customers claimed their device had a yellowish tint, while most said their handsets start off a crisp, bright white and stayed that way.

That was then and this is now, and now Apple has ironed out most, if not all, the kinks. The white iPhone 4S and the white iPhone 5 have been plagued by minimal discoloration problems and we expect the same trouble-free experience with the iPhone 5s.

The gold iPhone 5s

The gold version is the most profoundly different color option for the iPhone 5s. Some may shake their heads at the bling and the tackiness of the gold color, but admit, many of secretly like. Look at it long enough and it might start to grow on you. The gold version has a matching white front plate and white trim on the back. It’s more or less the white iPhone with a gold accent. Because it’s white, this color may hide scratches better than its black counterpart and it may show dirt and grime more. This color is also unique to the iPhone 5s; every time you pull your phone out of your pocket, it screams to the world “I own an iPhone 5s.”


The silver iPhone 5s

The silver iPhone 5s is the same color as a white iPhone, but now it has a snazzy silver name to complement the gold version. Like the gold version, the silver has a white front plate and white trim on the back. The backplate is a silver colored aluminum that contrasts nicely with the white. Once again because it is a white phone, it’ll likely hide those superficial scratches.


The space gray iPhone 5s

There is little doubt that the space gray version is inspired by the black/slate iPhone 5.  It’s the same, just slightly different. The front has a sold black faceplate, while the back is  grey anodized aluminum with black trim. As shown in this tweet, the space gray is not as dark as the slate iPhone 5. The Two-tone black backing gives it a sleek look. The dark color helps to hide the dirt, but it may show off scratches a bit more than its white brethren. Before you start dissing the black for its scratches, remember that the darker casing is better for media. Folks who enjoy watching movies on their phone. will tell you that the colors in a movie pop when they are surrounded by a dark bezel.



In the end it doesn’t matter what color phone you buy. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses. Just pick the one that catches your eye and move on. If you grow weary of the shade you selected, get a case to mix things up. If you are getting an iPhone 5s, which color are you going to pick?

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  • Damian W

    my problem with black is that the edges (not screen or centred area) scratch so easily. I barely dropped it, and I have bunch of scratches and chipped spots right at the edges. The chipped spots or crashed edge is what bothered me the most. Despite great looking design, the durability of material is just a poor choice made by Apple in iPhone 5. I believe 5s is made of the same material.

    My iPhone 4 was dropped 100 times and after 3 years looks almost as good as my iPhone 5 after 6 months. I am Really disappointed with this result. It feels like apple went backwards with the design. They preferred pretty one over practical.

    • Gautam

      “My iPhone 4 was dropped 100 times” – You need to get a case :)

      • Damian W

        still looks like new. No need for case because it has a sturdy design.

        • Gautam

          It will be interesting to see if Apple has fixed the issue.

          • Damian W

            imo this should be addressed in iPhone 6 right on the spot. More durable material at the edges.

    • Zachary

      But in the first place, why should you take chances? Just buy a freaking cover.

  • Gautam

    I plan to get the Space grey iPhone 5s. It looks awesome.

  • Gdraft

    I wonder if the reason for the Space Grey is because they’ve improved the resilience of the coating over the Slate on the 5? It doesn’t look as nice as the slate but if it’s harder wearing then it’s a good idea.

    • Gautam

      I have a feeling that is one of the reasons for the change in color, it should also also do a better job at hiding the superficial scratches.

    • Zachary

      I agree. I’m so sad the John’s designing team chose Space Gray. Gray is so dull and shallow. But let’s be positive. Probably, the space version of gray could inspire some people to think they are in space. Especially for astronauts.

  • Zachary

    I’m DEFINITELY getting Space Grey iPhone 5S. Gold, surprisingly, SUCKS. Firstly, the front of the screen is white, which is extremely distracting when watching movies. Secondly, most people buy covers to protect their phone, which means the cover will cover the gold part. Thirdly, gold is very similar to yellow, which are meant for girls. This three reasons also apply for the Silver iPhone 5S. Whereas, Space Gray iPhone 5S is good for watching movies as the colour of the front of the screen is black. Space Gray is also not girly like the gold one. Space Gray go!

  • ifonix

    i’ll go to the HTC One ;-)
    i’m PROUD OWNER of IPHONE 1, 2, 3, 3S, 4 and 4S.
    with all do respec, and i have a lot of respec to the iphone, beside the new chip A7 the iphone 5S offers nothing that other top smartphons DON’T have. so you pay more for 4″ screen (the most hated iphone ever).

    maybe im wrong but now 3 month after the phoo-ha release of the glalxy S4 with all eye scroll tricks, finger on /off show-off and other unusefull things.
    i think the the fingerprint sensor have the same fate. just think of all the times that you’ll try to answer, open, take photos /videos with fat finger…
    apple say already it was tested in “noermal conditions” what is normal conditions? lab conditions? fast food diner conditions?
    so you get the idea,
    the iphone 5S is no doubt great smartphon. but i’ll go to the HTC One.

    • deepak

      when is iphone 1 come

  • Ebog

    I Like grey :))

  • richrich

    my 3gs was black, my 4s was black, maybe it’s time to get the silver white

  • Blynx

    Something about that space grey…

    I love it! :)

  • Jonathan Ponterio

    Space grey is gorgeous….

  • That person

    I like the space grey but I prefer the white but I would use it to watch movies
    Which one white or space grey

    • Gautam

      If you watch movies then you should go for space grey as the white bezel could be distracting.

  • Chris

    Finally got the silver and white 5S and I love it!!

  • Nazrin aliyeva

    Ok, I still haven’t decided. Silver or gold? I’m a girl btw

  • Jordan Breeding

    I have the gold 5s, it’s unique and classy, I love it

  • Legend_girl

    I think space Grey’s home button is the best!!! But cases aren’t okey for black one

  • Zandr

    The Gold iPhone 5s looks (no offense) terrible. I would rather have Space Grey, since it looks a whole lot nicer.

  • Hana ElHassany

    i got the gold one, its very unique, the silver looks like a normal white iPhone 5 and the space grey looks like the slate iPhone 5

    • Gautam

      Nice! The gold iPhone 5s is pretty nice too, it’s not as loud as some of the other smartphones.