Download iOS 7 Ringtones and Alert Tones Right Now


In addition to the new static and dynamic wallpapers, iOS 7 golden master (GM) which was released to developers on Tuesday, just after the iPhone event, also includes the new “textured” ringtones and text tones that were mentioned during the event.

If you don’t want to wait until next week, you can download the new ringtones and alert tones, courtesy folks at Macmixing, who have managed to extract them from iOS 7 GM.

You can follow these simple steps to download the new alert tones and ringtones on your device.

  • Download the zip file, which includes all the new ringtones and alert tones from this link.
  • Extract the content of the zip file.
  • Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone to the computer.
  • Drag and drop the (27) ringtones and (10) alert tones into your iTunes library.
  • Click on the Devices button in the top right corner, and select your iPhone from the list of devices.
  • Click on the Tones tab, select “Sync Tones” if not already selected, and click on the “Apply” button.

That’s it, the new ringtones and alert tones will be synced to your iOS device. You can change the ringtone or text tone to the iOS 7 tones via the Settings app (Settings -> Sounds). Alternatively, you could upgrade to iOS 7 right now to get these ringtones and alert tones.

Here’s the video overview of the new ringtones and alert tones.

They sound so much better than the original ringtones and alert tones that were shipped with the device. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Apple has announced that it will be releasing iOS 7 to the public on September 18.

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[Via Macmixing]

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  • Abel Goddard

    Cool. I don’t want to upgrade to 7 till there’s a jailbreak for it, but I like the tones.

    • MCM

      I’m the same way. There are too many things i don’t want to give up. You can find a lot of the iOS 7 features in cydia anyways.

  • Henri Bano

    but when we’ll update to ios 7 wil we these ringtones twice in the settings or not?

    • Bradley Kelly

      I guess so.

    • MA

      No, not really as it is an entire new iOS..

  • Tom

    Chord and Pulse tones are missing.

  • Rajesh

    Download link doesnt work

    • Gautam

      Works for me.

      • Rajesh

        Yeah, its working now !

  • AndroidShiz

    Since this new phone is so complimentary Android inspired, you’d think that Apple would at least mimic Androids method of implementing files of this type. You simply download a file like this to your phone, and it goes where it’s supposed to go- without all the hubbub. Maybe on the 6S of 2015.

    • Alan

      Wow, that’s so revolutionary. I wish Android could do simpler things like tapping on an app icon will launch the app and not some random previously used app and offer smooth scrolling like iOS. No it can’t, cause it’s still garbage. And I know you know it, that’s why you are lurking around on an iPhone site :D

      • shery

        iFag detected/

      • john

        keep lying to yourself about how great iphone is….it’s really the only way to justify spending the extra just give you’re rights and personal info away to apple.

        • johnny

          Why are you downloading apple ringtones then ?

          Actually you are giving your personal info and money to Google and other groups that can hack into your phone, when you install their vulnerable app.

          There are no offline contacts on android. Once must add contacts to his/her online G account. If you do not want to do that, you cant add a contact.

          Google was also fined for tracking users.

          Now keep lying to yourself that your phone is secure even though its not.

          Now keep lying to yourself that you are not a f**king loser and you do not buy iphone because its not worth it !

      • AndroidShiz

        You’re doing it wrong. You’ve never used a Moto X, LG G2, or a Nexus 4 obviously. I’ve owned 43 high end Androids and that has NEVER happened. The iPhones only hope is that Android keep advancing the way it does with leaps and bounds every year. Without it, you’d still be stuck with a black screen behind your rows and rows of icons. Apple follows Android now, period. Deal with it. Now run along and enjoy your bigger screens, your iPad mini, your lower prices, your Android inspired features, a company that sues over round corners, and your complicated install for something that should be simple.

        • ParaMark

          Yeah- This should be simple. It should have BlueTooth file exchange, too. Have to use iTunes for everything. SUCKS! Apple is getting as rigid as Microsoft, used to be an easy-to-use brand.

        • TheSony/AppleFanatic

          43 high end androids? dafuq?

    • johnny

      If iOS is android inspired, how come iOS came before Android ?

      • AndroidShiz

        Mercedes didn’t make the first car either. But it still leads the way. A lot of the cool inventions/ inovations that you see in your car today, are a direct result of their ideas. plenty of people come out with a great idea, but not everyone tries to make the idea better all the time. Fact is -there’s nothing in iOS that Android doesn’t already do better or hasn’t done for a long time. I haven’t seen anything on Android from iPhone in a very long time. Let’s face it- Android is leading the way- and iPhone is following the inspiration of Android it’s not the other way around anymore.

        • TheSony/AppleFanatic

          lol mercedez doesnt lead shit.

  • Abel Goddard

    Too bad even the alert tones register as ringtones when you put them in this way. I mean, still usable, I just wish they were in the correct list. Thanks for the tones!

  • MA

    Thanks buddy, apreciate it.. :)

  • Dhriti

    i updated to ios 7 n now im not getting the tones folder… so all my previous ringtones have just washed away. i cnt sync any ringtones in ios 7 as i dont have the ringtones folder at all. what to do now?

  • Graveywavy

    Is there any way to restore the 1x 2x toggle? I can see why 2x would be preferred for maps, reading articles, etc, but I wanna make some game apps smaller. Too hard to play in the 2x mode.

  • Jody Wasson

    I downloaded a separate file, before September 18 of the new iOS7 ringtones and alerts sounds to my iPhone 5. Now that I have the official release of iOS7 on my phone I have two sets of the new ringtones/alerts.

    Any ideas on how to get rid of the second set?

  • skatepunk22

    No longer being able to delete messages or emails one at a time by swiping to the right sucks… cannot figure out equivalent… also can’t figure why they’d eliminate this feature. Frustrating.

    • matt

      swipe to the left, it still works.

  • madisondakat

    Duck ringtone is missing (maybe others, but this was so unique you couldn’t help but chuckle when you heard it). Anyway I can bring it back?

  • Alex Marques

    now if i only had the siri tones :P

  • AndroidShiz

    This is all wrong. Most people who buy iPhones simply can’t do this. Just keep it simple. Focus articles on the cool colors and let them know that buying the gold 5S is all that matters in life. Status! It’s the iPhones true source of powerful sales. Love it or hate it, it’s the truth.

  • Summer

    Does anyone know how to change ringtone for ios7? Instead of using default tone for whatsapp but ringtone such as chinese music upload from phone or apps?

  • $88582874

    I hate iOS 7, I had to downgrade my phone, just to get rid f it. I do however loved some of the new ringtones, so, thank you, for reuniting me with them! Much appreciated! :)

  • Patrick Kemp

    How would I do this in Ubuntu Linux?