First Slow-motion Video Taken using iPhone 5s

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iPhone 5s comes with an all-new iSight Camera that includes a number of new features such as True Tone flash, Burst Mode and slo-mo.

The new camera can shoot 720p videos at 120 fps, which means the video can be slowed down to quarter speed and still appear normal to the human eye. After shooting a video, you have the option of selecting a certain portion to play in “slo-mo” mode.

As we reported last week, Burberry shot its London Fashion Show with an iPhone 5s and has shared some of the photos and videos on Instagram. Here’s the first slow-motion video taken using iPhone 5s or at least the first one we’ve seen that wasn’t shown by Apple:

It’s super cool, though the video seems a little shaky. Let me know what you think in the comments.


Burberry had posted this slow-motion video on Instagram few days back, so you could argue technically speaking this was the first real-world slow-motion video:

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  • Alan

    Dope! …. I want the iPhone 5s now!

  • What does the fox say?

    Too bad it’s not that slow still a little fast.

    • Jeremy Taco Patterson

      Hate hate hate…

  • Princeara

    quality is very bad…..

    • Mark Langston

      My guess is it got compressed once it’s uploaded into Instagram. I’m an optimist so I’m hoping we’ll get better examples once the phone is actually released. But if it doesn’t get better than yeah, that kinda sucks.

  • new

    Samsung doesn’t have this features?

    • Byron Swift

      Samsung has the feature, they have for a while and they have a cool future called “golf” it basically allows you to record someones golf swing and analyze it frame by frame. I could use that feature because I suck at golf!!!

      • HHBlades

        I have 8x slow motion record on my Galaxy Note 2. You are miss informed.

  • Lukas Gisbert Photographie

    Any one with little skill in videography will tell you that when shooting at 120fps you should shoot where there is a lot of light (outdoor) as the shutter speed need to increase, this is a very bad representation but it looks impressive considering the condition.

    • bionicmonk

      Its through instagram.. which compresses the video and makes it look crappy. Intact video from the camera would be 1080p or 720p in slow mo.

      • Mark Langston

        I was thinking the same thing. Once it was uploaded some compression took place.

        I’m sure once the phone is actually on the market we’ll see a lot more slo-mo videos from the 5S.

  • Dan Olofsson

    I expected better quality from the new camera but I guess time will tell when watching some videos from a different source. Personally I think it’s the people behind this video who have done a bad job representing the new camera. But I guess time will tell.

  • Dan Olofsson

    I should mention I still think I will get the new 5s.

  • Koko Santa