PSA: Don’t Update Google Authenticator for iOS, wipes all tokens, fix on its way



Google has released a major update for Google Authenticator, the app that turns your iPhone into a security token for your Google Account and services like Dropbox that offer the additional layer of security.

Google Authenticator 2.0.0 comes with a redesigned interface, and brings support for Retina Display and iPhone 5. 

However, do not update to 2.0.0 as we’re hearing reports that it deletes all the tokens for your accounts, which means that you’ll have to set up the tokens all over again.

The issue was first reported on Hacker News, and people are also complaining about the issue on Twitter, which seems to be indicate that the bug is affecting all users. HackerNews user calvin reported:

I upgraded Google Authenticator to the latest version this evening on my iPhone. It lost all my accounts.

DO NOT UPGRADE Google Authenticator or you’ll have a really bad day.

The Next Web reports that Google is aware of the issue, and is working on fix to resolve the issue.

A Google rep tells TNW that the company is working on an update that preserves the apps tokens and will prevent data losses. 

So please avoid the Google Authenticator 2.0.0 update for now and if you use jailbreak tweak Auto App Updater then disable it for now to ensure it does not update it automatically.

We’ll let you know as soon as the fix is released.

[Via Engadget]

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