Apple removes iCloud Keychain in iOS 7 GM

While Apple didn’t add much to iOS 7 Golden Master (GM), which was released yesterday, it seems to have removed iCloud Keychain — a way to sync saved passwords across devices — from the build.

Beta builds of iOS 7 listed iCloud Keychain under iCloud preferences in the Settings app, but the GM build, you might have noticed, doesn’t have that option at all. Since the GM usually is the same build that goes out for public release, it seems likely that Apple ships the final release of iOS 7 without iCloud Keychain.

Even the updated iOS 7 feature page on Apple’s website lists the feature as “Coming Soon.”

icloud keychain coming soon

Apple hasn’t given a clear reason as to why the feature was pulled from the (very likely) final build of iOS 7, but we assume it’s because the feature works in conjunction with OS X Mavericks, which isn’t releasing until October.

iCloud Keychain syncs your account names, passwords, and credit card numbers as entered in Safari to your Mac and other iOS 7 devices. This will help in autofilling login fields on Safari, which can be a tedious task on the iPhone’s small screen.

With another Apple event likely due in October for the iPad lineup refresh, we think Apple will release an update to iOS 7 that will add iCloud Keychain, fix bugs and improve stability around that time.

[via MacRumors]

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  • Dave

    Also… Siri no longer switches on/off my flashlight!!

  • Ibrahim Daher

    It seems like since os x mavericks is not releases soon, apple delayed this feature until releasing os x which includes this feature so all devices can benefit of this fewture at the same time, seems logical

    • Ibrahim Daher

      Released not releases

  • sainwellcare

    iam purchased a iphone 4g second hand.resored 7.0.3 but it is not activatesd because of it linked with an i cloud id.i dont know that id.pls help me