How to Install iOS 7 Right Now


Apple announced at yesterday’s iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c event that iOS 7 will be released on September 18.

However, it looks like just like the previous beta versions it is possible for non-developers (i.e.  without having their iOS device’s UDID registered with a developer account) to install iOS 7 golden master (GM) that was seeded yesterday.

So if you can’t wait until next week then here are the simple steps to install iOS 7 on your device right now courtesy folks at LifeHacker who have posted the download links for iOS 7 GM as well.

Here are some important points before you proceed:

  • Apple could clamp down on this and prevent non-developers from using iOS 7 GM.
  • Since the build number of iOS 7 GM and the final iOS 7 version will be the same, you won’t get an OTA update to install the final version of iOS 7 when it is released next week. You will have to follow the same process to install it when iOS 7 is released next week.
  • You will not be able use your device with iTunes until Apple releases iTunes 11.1 or you install iTunes 11.1 beta (which is available only for Mac currently).

So here are the steps to install iOS 7:

  • Extract the .ipsw file from the dmg file. If you’re on a Mac, double click on the file to mount the dmg file. You will see the new mount under Devices in the Finder app, which has the .ipsw file. If you’re on Windows, you will need to use tools like 7-Zip to do this, and will need to open the .hfs inside the .dmg as well. Copy the .ipsw file to your Desktop.
  • Now open iTunes and connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your computer.
  • Hold down on the option key (Mac) or the shift key (Windows) and click on the Check for Update button in the Summary tab. [Update: Readers have reported that they had success with the Check for Update option rather than using Restore iPhone/iPad/iPod touch .. since that is a less painful process, you could try that option first.]
  • Browse to the .ipsw file and select it and wait for the update to finish.
  • If necessary, restore your device from the previous backup and sync with iTunes.

That’s it. You should have an iOS device running iOS 7 (iOS 7 GM technically speaking). LifeHacker confirms that they’ve been able to install iOS 7 on a number of devices using these steps.


If the download links above don’t work, try these updated links from LifeHacker:

Please don’t forget to let us how it goes.

[Via LifeHacker]

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  • hynsey

    the file for iphone 4 GSM is gone

    • Dee

      If it isn’t there try going to ibtimes they had it too. As does pastebin

  • Dee

    I downloaded the ipsw and installed it without the restoring process they listed.

    I just held shift and pressed ‘check for update’ and loaded the ipsw. Let it do it’s thing.

    Works perfectly :)

  • Stan

    It should be able to upgrade if it’s not 11.1 but it will not be able to sync, backup and/or restore from backup through iTunes on Windows or Mac that is 11.0.5, after the iOS 7 GM install.

    Currently Windows doesn’t have iTunes 11.1 beta.

    Based from the Developer Forums.

    • Furp

      Yup, i had to start mine from scratch.. have to wait until 11.1 is out for winders

  • Andy

    exactly same here just do a update and point it to the ipsw you downloaded for your device.just like when you had to install beta 1.

  • Matt

    I downloaded the GM ipsw from IMDZL links, pressed alt + check for update, selected the new GM ipsw and updated. No restore necessary

    • Dare

      it work fine? i have a iphone 4s and i don’t know if i should do it or not..

  • stanko

    Can I preserve baseband

    • Gautam

      No you can’t. Frankly, the days of preserving baseband are long gone. You should get use the IMEI based unlock solutions, which are quite cheap these days to unlock your device, if your carrier doesn’t do that already for free.

  • bill

    Any new voice commands? Like possibly a “Hey battery, don’t let me have to charge you 3 times each day without even using you”?

    • Matt

      Who made you buy an iPhone?

    • Philip Figueroa

      said android phones everywhere

  • Visar

    Why iphone 4 dont have airdrop

  • Alessandro Rodolico

    When iOS 7 final will be out on 18, is it necessary to install it again even if it is the same of GM?And for next update, in example 7.0.1, will i have to install it again or it will work via OTA update?

    • matt

      The final iOS 7 that is released on the 18th will be exactly the same as the GM unless apple finds bugs and Improves them in the final version. and when iOS 7.0.1 comes out that should be OTA

  • Val

    GMs are not beta releases. Also, non-developers have always been able to install them. They are equivalent to microsofts RTM which is the final version.

  • murat

    links are gone!!

  • Aditya

    So it means that i will have to wait for itunes 11.1 for windows to restore all my data that i have backed up earlier as i selected restore as a new iPhone when i installed the iOS 7 GM version?

  • Dare

    What Do You Think! Should i Update My iPhone 4S ? Some Of You Guys Says it works Fine and Some Of You Say it’s not for non-developers and wait for the Final IOS7 Next Week..


      I’ve installed iOS 7 beta 6 on my iPhone 4s and had no problems with it, I just installed iOS7 GM and the iPhone works fine, if you dont want to take the risk wait till the 18th to get the public release version

    • Bas Rongen

      just wait for the final, it’ll be OTA so way easier. (allthough, my iPhone looks awesome with my new iOS 7 GM >.<)

    • madface31

      I did my moms 4s and she is not complaining. She likes the look of it.

  • randomMAN

    i keep getting “this device isnt eligible for requested build” and i am a registered developer…


    I have installed iOS 7 GM (Im not a developer) with current iTunes 11.0.5 doing option + check update, without having to restore, the down side is I cant sync my iPhone with iTunes because it requires iTunes 11.1 :(

    • iPhoneHacks

      Thanks updated the post.

  • Cottylord

    I’m new to this so I have the gm now when the public release comes out how do I update to the version? Will it be a OTA?

    • Bas Rongen

      no it wont. you’ll have to update through the new iTunes 11.1 that’ll come out shortly

  • Odera O

    I have the ios 7 now on my 4s but when the real update is aviabable will I be able to get it? I am asking because my battery life for the beta version sucks ass

  • Michael Ramirez

    If i installed ios7 gm on my ip5 now, when the public version is release do i have to install it again or can i just do OTA?

    • Michael Ramirez

      Or better yet if i stay on 6.1.4 until the public version is release can i do OTA?

  • Gilly

    Link is down now :(

  • Gilly
    • Felipe

      is it for iphone5 a1429 ?

    • Felipe

      its work like a charm…

      Iphone 5 A1428

  • Angel

    you can use the update feature and nothing gets deleted from you iPhone. (i have a 4S)

  • MysteriousEroticCommentor

    I tried to update with iOS 7 GM for the iPhone 4s using the methods as described below, by PATRICIO_NY and I can say that it does not work. My phone although updated to iOS 7, I could not use it.


      I didn’t follow the steps, all I did was, I was on iOS 7 beta 6, downloaded the GM Version on my Mac then clicked option key + check update, selected GM ispw and the update process started, you already had to have and activated iPhone on iOS 7 beta 6, and as I said earlier I can’t sync the iPhone cause it requires iTunes 11.1, hope that helps, I did this on my 4s

  • Subash Priyankara

    Great for me I updated my software without lost anything thanks for all….

  • Fonerin

    Go to lifehacker for some reason the link here are broke but not in lifehacker

    • MushMash

      Probably because lifehacker has posted new links, and iphonehacks still shows old ones.

      • iPhoneHacks

        We’ve just updated the post with the new links.

  • Jakob Wångö

    Anyone with a iPad that can share their experience with ios7? Saw on youtube some nasty bugs, but i guess waiting until next week wont get the bugs away anyway so im thinking flashing in this baby right now.

    • Phil

      I installed it and it’s working just fine. What kind of bugs?

      • john

        did you install it on windows? i tried installing it and itunes gave me an error that ipad cannot be restored at this time because the ipad software update server could not be contacted or is temporarily unavailable. any help???

      • Jakob Wångö

        I saw some bugs on a video on youtube. When you etc start settings just after you boot the ipad up its very slow. And when you are going to choose wallpaper, it takes 10 sec and some other various bugs. Have you not seen them? Im thinking of flashing in this also but i dont know if im just going to factory reset my and go for ios 6.1 instead

  • J K

    Iphone 4 from 6.3.1 to 7.0, using Itunes 10 Took 20 minutes using Windows was successful. Software looks good and didn’t lose anything. Wifi works great and can still sync with Itunes 10. Any questions???

  • henry

    Updated 4s to ios7GM following directions. I lost nothing and all is working good for now. As previously stated cannot sync with itunes till 11.1 comes out.

    • C0nnM4n

      did you use the check for update version or the restore??? also do you have a mac or pc?? NEEED HELP :(

  • DMM

    Can you downgrade back to 6.1.4 with the GM?

    • Bas Rongen

      Yes, just put your iPhone in DFU mode and click on “return to latest software” in itunes.
      If given an error (as with me) restart itunes and your set to restore

  • Thoughtless

    I don’t see my model number ugh

  • Miihkael

    Updated 4s to ios7GM following directions and all is working good for now.

  • Jan

    Is it possible to go from 6.1.4 straight to GM of 7 on Ip5? Cause I tried it with the beta 6 and it installed the beta of iOS7 but could not activate the phone and thus had to restore through DFU mode? Anyone non-developer was able to install the GM iOS7 and use the phone? Thanks!

    • jan

      Tried it and it worked without a glitch!

  • madface31

    Telling me 10 hours to download for iPad 2 (Wi-Fi) can i get a better link for this down load please. Iphone 4 and iphone 4s and ipad mini so far so good. need to do moms ipad 2.

  • timmy1875

    my model is iphone 5 – ND297B/A wich download do I use?

    • timmy1875

      anyone help?

      • Michael !

        look for the model version on the back is either
        iPhone 5 Model A1428)
        iPhone 5 (Model A1429)

  • Glecer

    I was able to install iOS7 successfully on my iPhone 5 (Model A1429)!

    • Nguyen Huy

      could you guide how to install ios7 for my iphone 5 (a1429), please?

  • Juan Ortega

    able to install iOS7 successfully on 4s but wifi won’t work, it doesn’t “scan” show any wifi connection… HELP!

  • Elijah

    I’m getting an error code when I try this process with my 4S… any suggestions?

  • Tali

    Is it worth updating to ios7 from 6.1.3 and loose your Jailbreak?

  • rich

    my phone just came on tonight with “activation error” the computer doesnt recongnize it in DFU mode and when itunes does restore it it fails to restore. Phone is a brick now. help

    • Happyios7

      Google how to put the phone on dfu, I don’t remember top of my head, but is a combination of power button and home button. And you will be fine

  • oRASTAo

    iOS 7 is growing on me I could get used to it.

  • Chris Richardson

    I am not a developer, but can I get iTunes 11.1 beta 2, if so how? I have been doing searches, but no luck

  • Steve

    Where has “Places” gone?

  • jun

    if my iphone had jailbroken do i need to unjailbreak then use the link above to upgrade to ios 7 ?

  • Happy.ios.7

    My first attempt failed, the process froze at about 25%, so I unplugged, close I tunes, and did the same process again, and the it worked like a charm. Maybe reboot your device first, and then do this, just to have a clean memory cache or something.

  • tharki

    yes 4s and work very good

  • Matheus Peres

    Guys, what should i do? keep using ios 6.1.2 with jailbreak or upgrade to ios 7?

  • Ip

    it works fine but its killing my battery
    does anyone have that problem ?

  • banyoo

    perfect – thanks!

  • C0nnM4n

    So when you choose the check for update button instead do you have to hold shift key?

    • Gautam

      Yes, so that you get to select the ipsw file.

    • Mendez

      I think you hold the alt key…

  • Michael Ramirez

    Just install it on my ip5 is working perfectly so far. My model is A1429.

  • Michael Ramirez

    Works perfect on my ip5 model A1429. I just shift+ update.

    • Forosso

      can’t downlaod it, the link is broken,
      for the i phone 5 A1429

      • Michael Ramirez

        Did you tried the new links ?

  • _LoQuiLLo_

    works good, the only thing is my springboard keeps on crashing, so i have to hard reset every so often…not good

  • tive666

    iphone 4s & ipad 4 wifi, both working fine, also itunes 11.1 beta is wroking fine,

  • Emily Victory

    i have an iphone 5 but i dont know if its A1429 or A1428….how do I know?

  • Giwrgakis

    i phone 5 1429 file dead link

  • Cesar Ramirez

    Looks like all links are broken to iPhone 4 for iOS7. Anyone got a mirror link?

  • Forosso

    can’t downlaod it iphone 5 / A1429
    the link and the update are both broken

  • Kevin

    iphone 5 A1429 link isn’t working

  • Alan

    If you are having problems with broken links. Check this link, at least one of the mirror sites should work:

  • losceriffo

    It works very easily on Mac.

    – Download iTunes and install

    – Download correct .ipsw and mount it

    Click “Alt+Update” on iTunes panel with your device connected, find the .ipsw, double click and that’s it.

    Wait 10 minutes and you have iOs7.

    It worked with iPhone5 (Model A1429) and iPad MiniWiFi.

    A note for everybody, I saw several questions about it:
    Golden Master version is EQUIVALENT to the retail one; no differences, no bugs, it’s the final version which is going to be released in few days; no worries guys.

    It means NO RISKS for your device.
    – Updates will be available as soon as apple releases new updates
    – No restoring process needed, because you make the SAME process (manually) which iTunes actually does at every update.
    – After installing the Golden Master make sure to SHUT DOWN the device and turn it on again, it’s the only process which is not mentioned in the procedure above. Unless you could experience crashes.
    – New operating system use dynamic wallpapers which is a pain in the neck for batteries, a trick to save your battery life is to use a traditional wallpaper. Another trick to save battery life is to TURN OFF “Background App Refresh” which you can find on “General –>Background App Refresh”, this service is enabled by default in the golden master. Every Golden Masters (11A465) usually send a billion of diagnostic reports to Apple, if you want to save your battery go to General–>About–> Diagnostic&Usage and chose “Don’t Send” to save more battery.

    If you have a Mac, go for this version if you can’t wait a couple days; don’t listen to all those legends about bugs and bla bla bla; enjoy your new iOs7!

  • joe

    Can anyone confirm, if i update my JB 6.1 iphone 5 OTA when iOS7 comes out, will there be any issues?

    My phone crashes 2/3 times a day now and so ready to take a break of JB and use iOS7 until its jailbroken.

  • Sucipto Antoni

    Is there any different this iOS 7 (in this link) with the official realese iOS 7 18 September 2013?

  • thinkitsunfair39

    u cant get iOS 7 on the iPod Touch 4th gen. what the **** was Apple thinking it should be fair and AAAAALLL devices should have iOS 7 except the iPod shuffle