iOS 7 now blocking unauthorized Lightning cables and accessories?

When Apple seeded iOS 7 beta to developers in June, we had reported that iOS 7 gives a warning message when you use an unauthorized Lightning cables and accessories.

A reddit user now reports that iOS 7 GM, which is the same build number as yesterday iOS 7 public release, takes things even further and actually blocks them from charging the device.

iOS 7 prompts the following warning message when you plug an unauthorized cable or accessory:

This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone.


In iOS 7 beta, you could dismiss the warning message, and it didn’t stop you from using the accessory.

reddit user is reporting that his third-party Lightning cable, which worked fine with iOS 6.1.4, does not charge his iPhone 5 after upgrading to iOS 7.

Another reddit user has posted the following workaround for the problem, but it is quite cumbersome.

Turn on USB power
Plug in lightning cable to iPhone
Dismiss any warnings
Unlock your iPhone.
Dismiss any remaining warnings.
Now with the screen turned on.
Unplug the knock off lightning cable.
Plug it back in.
Dismiss warning again
It should now charge.

I don’t have a third-party Lightning cable to confirm it. I am a little skeptical as Apple would have clearly said that the cable will not work with iOS 7 devices rather than saying it “may not work”. If Apple is indeed blocking unauthorized Lightning cables and accessories, then the move would be quite controversial.

Let me know if you’re having problems charging your iOS devices with third-party Lightning cables after upgrading to iOS 7.


Just to be clear, by unauthorized accessories, I mean accessories made by vendors who haven’t signed up for Apple’s MFi (Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod) program.

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  • Rthomas47

    Have the same issue with Konnet dock for iPhone 5. It dock worked fine prior to ios 7 upgrade. With ios 7, my iPhone will not charge.

  • Emil Geiger

    I can confirm this “problem” with a Premium third-party Lightning cable from Amazon ($12) on iOS 7 GM.

    If the workaround works, I’ll see when I’m back home.

  • Claus Alsted

    What is meant by a ‘Lightning cable’?

    According to my english-danish dictionary a lightning is a great flash coming out of the sky accompanied by a large rumble called ‘thunder’. A ‘lightning cable’ (- conductor, – rod) would thus be an aerial conductor for protecting buildings – in particular thatched ones – against lightning strokes and fires.

    Claus A.

    • Duston Foster


    • Alan

      You probably came to the wrong site?

    • marpilli

      Yes, that is correct. Here in America we charge most of our electronics via lightning bolt. Apple has graciously provided a method to do so using a cable. Hence: “lightning cable”.

      How do you charge your electronics in Denmark?

      • Claus Alsted

        We use devices called power adaptor, AC/DC supply, etc. accepting an input voltage of 100 – 240 V AC directly from an outlet , delivering anything between 5 and 20 V DC according to what the supplied gadget (smart phone, router, laptop …) needs. Output is either via a USB female port or via a simple cable with connector, which comes in a myriad of different (cylindrical) sizes or mini/micro USB plugs or special ones for Apple devices.

        I am most impressed that you have managed to tame the lightning voltages (> 10 Mega Volts) and currents (> thousands of kilo Amperes). But of course – you may have come long way since Benjamin Franklin sent up his kite …

        Claus A.

  • Duston Foster

    Third party as in those $2 cables off Ebay/Amazon… Or does this also include more premium quality brands like Belkin, Griffin etc !?

    • Gautam

      Belkin, Griffin etc are MFi (Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod) partners, so they sell authorized accessories. Unauthorized would be accessories by vendors who haven’t signed up for the MFi program, which is one of the reason they can offer them very cheap.

      • Duston Foster

        Jeez I should of known that ! Thanks for the info buddy.

      • Arcacian

        It’s not accepting my Griffin accessories … It now takes 6-8 hours for a full charge and I can not use it at all while charging it.

      • michael

        Belkin cable not working

  • StevenY

    been using 3rd party cables for days since the GM was launched till date. The warning did pop up but once dismiss the phone still charges. Bought another cable this evening and tested it and the same thing happens but still charging. So no problem for me.

    • Moinul Alam

      i recently witnessed a power cable catch on fire. Sure anything that uses a standard power cable will obviously suck ALOT more juice than an iphone. but the reason why a lot of those cables done get accepted or dont even go in for approval is because they won’t pass and they want the most margin. I think the reduced AWG in the wire can cause future issues.

    • areej

      i guess becoz u dont have installed new ios 7 right ?

  • steve_shore

    Weird… I’ve been using it all along through Betas, GM, and now the final release, and it still pops up on unauthorized cables – but it still charges. It’s just an annoying warning on my phone. Weird that it’s blocking for some.

  • disco-stu1984

    that method does actually work! charging fine now

    Turn on USB power
    Plug in lightning cable to iPhone
    Dismiss any warnings
    Unlock your iPhone.
    Dismiss any remaining warnings.
    Now with the screen turned on.
    Unplug the knock off lightning cable.
    Plug it back in.
    Dismiss warning again
    It should now charge.

    • Stephanie Griffiths

      How do you turn on usb power?? Thanks all my cables broke now have cheap ones and they won’t work xx

    • somebody

      what does “Turn on USB power” mean? Does it mean only using the USB cable and plugging that into your computer? Or is that a setting?

      • Calixto Sanchez

        Not anymore with ios 7.0.3

        • D_Mackdaddy

          I have iOS 7.0.3 and although the charging indicator disappears and shows that I am on battery power, my iPhone is still charging, my battery percentage is increasing.

    • FrankieViturello

      Doesn’t work for me. Following instructions perfectly, even though “turn USB power on” is tantamount to engrish nonsense and furthers my belief that this is just a web hoax.

      • FrankieViturello

        Actually, after returning home I did some further testing and three
        knock off cables that I had purchased off eBay LAST WEEK work perfectly
        with iOS 7, but none of the first wave of cables that were
        cloned/released when the lightning cable was first announced (and have
        very micro bread-board looking heads) work at all. So, it appears that
        the clone cable producers made some that work with the iOS 7 beta and
        rapidly got them out to market. Interestingly though, again, the “work around” described in this article does not work at all with the first wave cables.

    • Staggies

      is there a method for getting a battery pack to work. the one i have charges for about 5 seconds then switches off

  • Grayson Anthony

    This has been going on since about beta 4 because I have an adapter in my car to allow for a cigarette lighter to provide 2 USB ports and still a Cigarette lighter. It does not let me charge it still if both usb ports are being used.

  • Jordan P

    My third party cable still works fine. i got the warnings but it still charges the phone

  • fyta2000

    Woh, I must have a really good knock off then. I didn’t even get the warning, and my iphone5 with ios 7.0 is working/charging fine. Turned out to be a $1.24 well spent!

    • marp

      Care to tell us where you bought it? ;-)

      • fyta2000

        eBay. Buy it now. Came from Hong Kong. Ceitemsfr was the user. But they are obviously just the middleman, seeing how they are listed as being from France. So who knows, maybe I got lucky with the ones they were sending out at the time.

  • Kristie

    Well after the exploding Chinese chargers issue and buy back program, Apple needed to step it up a bit.

  • Jim

    Experienced the same thing and have discovered a work around
    1. with phone on plug cable into wall or laptop
    2. see message above
    3. press and hold power button
    4. turn phone off
    5. phone will cycle back on automatically
    6. lock screen will show warning message but this time the phone will be charging
    7. unlock phone and it will still charge.
    hope this helps

    JIM in Houston

    • Tim

      I tried this but my phone will not recycle on. I can’t believe I now can only use an Apple cable.

      • Molly

        Mine is an apple cable and it still doesnt work.

        • Andy

          im having the same problem

          • Mary

            I have two cords that I bought at the apple store and neither work…

  • Laimetal

    I have the same problem but mine won’t connect to iTunes or to computer. What do I do?

  • Justin

    My iphone5 is having the same issue with an after market cable!! It charged just fine until I downloaded ios7, and now I get the error message and even after I dismiss it, it still won’t charger!! Also my phone is draining incredibly fast now!!! I lost 5% battery since just reading this article and typing this message!!! Wtf

    • melody

      same issue here! so frustrating. i’m going to try that method mentioned.

      • melody

        tried the method mentioned and it worked. crazy i have to jump thru hoops to charge my darn phone!

  • Matt

    My phone is able to charge by using my USB cable but I can no longer use the USB hook up in my car to run my music,podcasts and etc. I get the notice of “unsupported version” not cool.

    • Wafiq

      look up the Practical Meter

      http ://www .digitaljournal .com/pr/1479699

  • Tim

    How do I dismiss warning on lock screen?

  • nelso240

    My OEM charger and cable give me the not certified message

  • nelso240

    My phone would not charge using the OEM cable and charger that I received with the phone. I tried resetting the phone by holding the home switch and power swith down at the same time. I did this with the charger and cable connected. When the phone restarted, I received the not certified message, but the phone came up charging.

  • James

    Bought a cheap charger on Ebay which was working fine, updated last night and get the message as stated above, the charging icon appears next the the battery percentage but it actually DECREASES battery ?? Very odd

  • Kevin

    This really sucks! I bought a backup battery charger from verizon store for my iphone 5 that has been a life saver…worked great with the last ios, now does not work with ios 7!! This is ridiculous!!!

  • pissed off

    yep, not charging. Really disappointed and pissed off! Neither the cable nor devices like radio or alarm clock with iphone dock charge the battery. Since I lost the original one I’m left with no mobile until tomorrow when I will have to buy an origina one. I mean this should be clearly announced by Apple!
    I considered getting an Iphone for my wife but just changed my mind. I will rather go for Samsung S4.

  • Bill

    Updated to ios7 overnight woke up with this error will not charge with my lightning cable at all my stock cable is lost so I’m pretty upset .

  • somebody

    what does “Turn on usb power” mean? Is that a setting, or do you mean to plug in the usb part of the cable into a computer?

    • antisociallogin1


  • somebody

    what seems to work for me is to unplug the plug end while keeping the cord connected to my iphone, then replace the plug back into the socket in the wall, then it starts working….but if i keep the plug in the wall and unconnect and reconnect the phone to the cord, it doesn’t work

    • Wafiq

      you are being fooled by software. your phone is charging the whole time. look up the Practical Meter. it tells you when your phone is charging and when its not while using various 3rd party cables, no matter what iOS 7 is saying

      http ://www .digitaljournal .com /pr/1479699

  • Dan

    This problem will not exist if an authorized cable just cost you $1 each when there are millions of people using apple nationwide.

  • bigE

    just tried charging my iphone 5 with 3rd party ligtning cable on a incar charger, got the warning pop up and then BANG!!!
    the charger went up in smoke and so did my phone, waiting for apple to send me a replacement, be warned it could happen to you

  • Louise davies

    Can’t use my charging case now since the update battery is rubbish really unhappy case worked fab till I did the download

  • Ruud

    Unplug the cable from the wall adapter but leave the lightning connector in the phone and it will work!

  • FrankieViturello

    No, this “workaround” doesn’t work at all. Likely a hoax or only works with specific makes of knock-off cables.

    • Turk

      When they say “turn on USB power”, just replace that with “plug the USB end into power” – for instance, your charger or your laptop, just make sure that it will have power flowing through once plugged in. It works just fine, well, at least it did for me just now after two days of fretting and a quick google search later!

  • Ru1Sous4

    That already happen since beta 1 no?

  • Jeff Marx

    No issues with the lightning cables I’ve been using for a few months. Since they cost about $2 each I’m betting apple didn’t authorize them. Get a warning, but the phone charges fine with ios 7 public release.

  • fedupwithapple

    I’ve had it. I’m going PC and Android. Apple can S??? my D???.

  • disqus_EyUgEAeziQ

    I’ve had it. I’m going PC and Android. It’s bad enough to have to pay premium prices, but to be nickel and dimed to death is too much

  • bah

    does this work if the phones dead?

  • Taylor

    The 3rd Party cable that I was using to charge my iPhone5 w/ ios 6.1.4 no longer works with ios7. I recieve the first error message as above, dismiss it, but if the phone locks it eventually reads “device not supported” (only option: “okay”) and the phone no longer charges. Bummer.

  • Pwcomp

    Same here my battery cover is now failing to charge the phone. Don’t think apple have any right to block but you can so nothing about it.

  • Anonymous

    How do you get rid of the messages forever?

  • denis

    unauthorized cables and adapters work just fine. No voodoo dancing required

  • Lisbon

    Upgraded yesterday and all my usb cables stopped working. The original one broke down soon after buying it and, since then, I have bought several ones (cheaper but with much more quality that the one Apple provides). Yesterday, the battery went absolutely dead. I managed to get one (one of those 3 in 1 for ipad, iphone and Samsung) working, it was the one I use to have in my car. But all the other ones do not charge. It shows the signal of charging but doesn’t. Fortunately I haven’t upgraded my iPad and will not do it.
    Ohhh and I tried a genuine cable from Apple, borrrowed from a friend and still did not charge. I managed to get it charging plugged into the wall with that one cable. Now trying a different one on the PC and see what happens….
    Shouldn’t have updated it…..

    • Lisbon

      The most stupid thing ever: it syncs with the PC (iTunes) with an USB cable (not Apple’s) but does not charge!!!

  • lazlo

    You should be able to charge your phone when it’s turned off. But it’s still annoying, and I have the same problem – the battery is dying much faster!

  • Joy the Vision

    I’ll get back to 6.1 or buy a Samsung. The idiot moving of the incredible ugly icons are driving me mad anyway.

  • zane

    can this harm the phone? when continuously use it?

  • Claus Alsted

    Is this unauthorized cable problem limited to iPhone 5? Or will it hit Iphone 4(s) as well?

    Claus A.

  • Tam

    Using the same knock off lighting cable, I was able to upgrade to iOS7 via iTunes. After upgrading, this cable can only be used for charging, not data transfer anymore.
    Yeah, so I think Apple intentionally blocks 3rd party accessory this time.

  • Shawn

    Mine is charging, but not as fast as it did before the update.

  • friend

    I bought 2 of the same knock off cables that both worked with ios6. Updated to ios7 and now only one of them will charge my phone. Weird.

  • Jason Griffith

    I’m having this issue with an ipad an it’s original cable!

    • chardonnn

      same here! i’m kinda pissed off hahaha.

  • Wafiq

    A product called the Practical Meter can help diagnose which 3rd party cables are actually working and which are not. Here is an article about it.

    http ://www .digitaljournal .com/pr/1479699

  • Dan Gilmartin

    I got the warning on one of three cables I have that are after-market. I dismissed the warning and the phone charged. I was using an apple plug in USB power supply, only the cable was after-market.

  • John Chee

    Started from today, any third party lighting cables are completely blocked by ios7 and won’t charge again not matter which instruction you follow. Over the past few days, after you dismiss the warning message the device charged again, but that does not happen any more. Tried turning off and back on again, still the same. Soft reboost still can’t solve the problem. Seems apple also gave us a few days traditional period to buy an authorized cable

    • John Cher

      Apple only gave us few days transitional period to buy an authentic cable, my apologies

      • Derek Carter

        Not true! Still working with my knock off cable!!

  • Dwayne Yoder

    My Mophie Air case will not work on my new iphone 5S, but it still works on my iphone 5 that has been updated to ios 7… Called Mophie support and they said they have not yet tested their cases on he iphone 5S… bet they have some pissed off customers today! (me included)

    • Justin

      I have a maxboost case I am having same problem. Works on the 5 but not 5s.



  • El Edwards

    It’s not just lightning cables either. I upgraded to iOS7 on my 4s yesterday and the speaker dock stopped working. I don’t know if it’s part of the made for Apple program (assuming it can’t be) but it wasn’t cheap and was sold in a reputable store here in the UK. I’ve rolled back to 6 and it’s not working again but frustrating.

  • Rodrigo

    MY IS NOT WORKING!! and my phone is dead now, what can i do?!?! Help please!! So pissed right now!!

  • John Connour

    I found another solution to this. Let your iPhone battery drain all the way to the point of powering off. Then plug in your hacked cable and it should charge all the way to 100% without any other steps. Reason being is when it’s powered off it can not detect if it’s a genuine cable or not.

    • Yodog

      Or just power it off…

  • los

    i find this so stupid where ios 7 wont let you use your charger before updating to ios7 ihad no problems with the charger n now its difficult!!! not happy

  • Paw Traits Ja .

    I am absolutely disgusted and appalled by Apple’s latest manoeuvre to block non-official lightning products since the upgrade to iOS7. As the iPhone 5 battery wasn’t exactly great in the first place (which is now even worse in iOS7!), I have had to buy an array of additional charging cables and portable charging docks cases/batteries to carry with me at all times and often feel like a mobile power station! These it would appear are all now redundant and I’m now left with a load of charging gadgets that can’t be used with anything!

    To buy the “official” versions of these products would cost me a small fortune, and some don’t even exist as an “official” product at all! Not only have Apple increased the need for alternative charging options by utilising a pathetic battery in the iPhone 5, but they’ve also made it extremely difficult and expensive to maintain it! It’s starting to have the running costs of a small car now!

    This really does border on fascism and from a company that is so proudly American! Whatever happened to Apple’s philosophy of “life improving”, when recently, all they seem to be doing is making investors in their products lives’ more difficult! I imagine Steve Jobs is probably turning in his grave!

    Anyway, unless this “naziesque” move by Apple is not rectified in future updates anytime soon, I will have no other choice but to turn my back on over 10 years of loyal support for Apple products and look toward Android and others in my next upgrades. The dropping share price of Apple in the market place also suggests that I’m not the only person to feel this way already!

    • Jeo P

      i agree with you i have decided to make the move towards the Android phone ! Apple is getting unpractical !

    • Gina

      I’m using an “unofficial” cable on my iphone 4 to play my iTunes through an older stereo system, and since the iOS 7 update, have been experiencing the same problem … “Not supported”
      After “playing around” discovered if I connect the cable, power down the phone then reboot, it works fine!

    • Leovinius

      Two Godwins. Well done you. Apple is doing this BECAUSE it is so proudly American. Why do you think the healthcare plan for their stuff is so expensive?

  • bcz

    I tried with all those tricks below it show me that the phone was charging but no increase % of charging :(

  • Mark Redding

    Ever since ios7 update my phone will now not play audio out of my stereo when docked I get charge but no audio through the stereo. Says not supported by this device. Any clues how I can resolve this.

    • El Edwards

      The only way to resolve it at the time of writing is to roll back to iOS6. I had the exact same issue that you’re describing. Charging but no play back through speakers.

      • Christine James

        what is a roll back to iOS6 how do you do that

  • Rochelle bee veer

    It is definitely blocking. Phone was charging fine before upgrade and immediately after install I got same error message.

  • Kee Loobaa

    I suddenly keep getting this message from an authorized cable on iPhone 5. This is the cable that came with the phone. Didn’t do any jail breaking. Is there a way that I can charge my phone QUICLKY?

  • Sindy

    My unauthorized plug in power cord no longer works with my iphone 5 I am ticked!

  • Pf88

    I have an apple cable but it dosnt work when I plug it into my car charger.

  • Kaz

    My connector won’t work now I’ve updated my software on my ipad mini.. I think it is very unfair that Apple don’t tell you this beforehand!!

  • Edsar99

    I have 3 iPhone 5 charging cases now that I upgraded to ios 7 they won’t charge my iPhone. Thanks apple.

  • EbonyLolita

    I have a 4S. I have an apple wall charger w/the original USB cord & it is NOT charging. I need my phone for GPS. I’m at 29% & I don’t know what to do! *Sigh* Somebody help b4 I go to Apple. I had the old OS yesterday & my phone was charging FINE! UPdated today & now it doesn’t charge in the wall or to my MacBook Pro!

  • Don Juane

    The thought that someone such as Apple can prevent something as simple as a competitor’s USB power cable from being used (and overtly by changing software of their OS to block those that worked before) is ludicrous. This doesn’t even address that Apple went anti-green by completely ignoring the world standardization organization efforts to make mini-USB the standard for all cell phone cables (do a search for “Common External Power Supply”). To me it sounds like it may be time for a class action lawsuit.

  • John_IGG

    Greetings to all,

    Here is a inexpensive work-around that works fine for me.

    I bought a cheap «8 Pin to Micro USB Converter Charger Adapter For iPhone» off of ebay for 1.05 USD, free shipping and I connected to my old Nokia 97 micro USB cable (you can buy a new one, as they are very cheap). My iPhone 5 charges and transfers data every time, without any warning message either from a USB adapter plugged in the wall, or from my computer. I did also test this converter with 3 more different make Micro USB cables that I borrowed from friends and it worked just fine.

    I also have a «High Quality 8 Pin 5M 16FT Fast USB Sync Cable Charger For iPhone 5» off of ebay for 9.99 USD, free shipping, which gives the warning message but still charges my iPhone completely. This cable does not charge the iPhone or transfers data when plugged in to my computer (either PC or MacBook Air).

    I hope this helps.

    I hope this helps.

  • Chris

    yes, bought an iphone 5 juicepack and it says that for my iphone 5s, and it will not charge…

  • Max

    Yeap, navigation programs drains battery during the day and now after my phone has stopped charging, I start thinking of rolling back to 6.1.4…
    Is that even legal?

    • El Edwards

      Yes, legal :-) Although you might want to do it sooner rather than later because at some point, it won’t be possible to roll back. I rolled mine back a couple of days ago because my 4S stopped playing music through the speaker dock and it’s now working again.

  • Max

    Btw, one thing that blends: third party cable does charge when phone is completely off. But once it turned on, it stops…

  • Claus Alsted

    To which degree does the cable problem concern iPhone 4 & 4S users???

    Claus A.

    • spnew2001

      I have iPhone 4s and it was working fine before upgrading to iOS 7 and it worked fine till yesterday with some jingling but now it has stopped charging the phone now. It does charge the phone to 4% when battery gets dead!!!

      • Claus Alsted

        OK thanks. No iOS7 for me until this amazing problem has been solved, confirmed by Apple …


  • MIkey

    I bought an id America “CrossLink” cable (has Micro USB, 30-Pin, and Lightening ports all in one), and am getting this error. This cable wasn’t cheap either! Very disappointed, but I don’t know if I should try to return or wait till the proverbial s&%$ hits the fan and they relent with an update! I have too many devices to be carrying around multiple cables!

  • Ankit

    Where can i purchase an MFI certified lightning cable online in India for iPhone 5??

  • rodsster

    I am having the same problem on Ipad4, IOS7 update. BUT I have an apple lightning/USB connector, not a 3rd party product. Something has changed with IOS7, and it is not good.

    • Asya

      Same thing here – iPad mini won’t charge with Apple’s own Lightening cable, Belkin authorized cable, nor Apple’s own old 30-pin cable with their own adapter. :( iPad now is completely without power.

  • Claus Alsted

    A couple of days ago I had the opportunity to test an iPhone 4S (like my own) with iOS7, belonging to a friend, on my Brodit active (charging) holder in my car.

    No warning message appeared (“This cable or accessory is not certified …”), but I didn’t notice if it was actually charging. I will make a thorough test in a few days.

  • Dj-Johnnie Blair

    upgraded to 7.0.2 yesterday and now my 3rd party usb cable doesnt connect at all ! no charging and no itunes connection ! i think it is disgusting for a corporate company to do these things after spending so much money on the original product ! where are their morals to the end user ! outrageous !

    i think its about time apple respected their customers and remove this treacherous thing in an update ! rant over ( a once loyal apple user )

  • Greg

    I have a third-party charger/FM transmitter in my car that uses the old plug and has always worked. When I bought the new iPhone I also bought an authorized adapter to lightning connector, from Apple itself. Now I am getting this message which is bizarre because it’s their product – although it’s attached to the third-party cigarette lighter adapter. Kind of bs if you ask me.

  • gary hoch

    My work requires many power cords for my iPhone and iPads. I refused to pay $38 for a +/-$2 item (this is what it is estimated to cost to produce the power cord Apple sells for $38 plus shipping and handling). I refused especially since two of them that I had broke in no time since the “certified” pieces of crap are so cheaply made. Instead I purchased 10 foot ribbon cords that are super tough and reliable and worked flawlessly until Apple intentionally and maliciously decided to screw with my purchase through the implementation of their new 7 software. First thing I noticed after upgrading to iOS 7 is that now all of the brand-new power cords I purchased for my iPhone five and iPad mini have been made obsolete by the new software “improvement”. This time I am fully disgusted. I am sick of Apple designing worms to eat their own products after their serpentine sell Disgusting how the top dogs at Apple are forever screwing with me as a loyal customer. I am getting ready to be totally disloyal and move on to another: namely Samsung, who is arguably making better products. Also, I don’t think Samsung is wasting valuable time trying to figure out how to screw their customers out of money they already spent by re-inventing wheels that roll perfectly for the sole purpose of forcing me to buy another wheel that runs over and crushes what I’ve already spent good money on. So I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars over the years on Apple products only to find that they are shutting down my ability to use a freaking power cord because they can’t make money off of it. They are making me sick of them. Greed greed greed…oh hell to the NO!… I will not feed this company’s hunger for…all of the money all of the time…anymore. You can blame any misspellings or typos here on Siri. Apple is getting wormier and wormier and they are losing me fast.

    • patrick b mumford

      I hear that Brother—-its called the the price gouge and no free market. Bitches—all of Apple!

    • 4juices

      Agree. My gut feeling is that the message is running the charge down while it is trying to charge.

  • Arq.Javier Cancino

    it does work for me,. ios 7.02 iPhone 5, just connect the lightning cable to your iphone, (forget about turning on the usb, that means that connect the usb to your computer or wall adapter) dismiss the warning,. unlock it,. unplug it, plug it back, dismiss the warning, it should charge by then,. i did it many times,. and still working,. thks.

  • Lish012

    I tried to plug in unauthorized cord and follow steps and it doesn’t work.

  • ecochuck

    I’m having the same problem with my iPhone 5s & the Maxboost charger. I tried the procedure above, but it didn’t work………. :-(

    Note: My Maxboost still works fine with my iPhone 5/iOS7. Any suggestions?

  • Gerard

    Thanks for the info. Worked great

  • Nigel

    None of these work for an iPhone5 extended battery with iOS7. I think the final nail in the coffin my me and Apple. iOS7 is shocking (bad) Samsung/Android here I come.

  • Testerrr

    Just updated iphone 5 it gives me the warning but charges as usual no problem

  • JRT

    I have two different Apple supplied cables giving me this message. What is up with that?

  • RR

    My original lightning cable has stopped working with the same error as above after I lent the cable to a colleague to charge his phone, prior to that it was working fine!

    • Mesut

      This is black mailing,…
      Last Apple product for me,…

  • tomdfw1

    I will never buy another Apple product as long as I live…their SCAM on making us buy their cables is WRONG. Why can’t they use standard mini/micro USB adapters like everyone else. They are screwing us over to make a few extra bucks and charging $30 for a freaking cord.

    Apple is CRAP!

    • Calixto Sanchez

      I am done with Apple as well!!!

  • Filou

    Working now for me! Plug in the cable while the iPhone/iPad is shutting down, and keep it off for charging… Hope will help!

  • Rushi

    I usually plug it in first, then turn off my phone and while it is turning off unplug it. Then once it is fully shutdown plug it back in and leave it. If it doesnt turn back on then dont panic it’s still charging when you turn it on it will have been recharged> io7 wont let you charge so just turn off io7!

  • Tisharoo

    I too am having a problem charging my iPod touch 5th gen but I am using the original cable that came with the device. Ever since the update, which very kindly restored all manufacturer settings (Grr!), my device will not take a full charge and uses more battery life than it did previiously. I have turned off most (not all) location settings to minimise drain (as suggested on another forum).

  • chardonnn

    i just think is “funny” how even my original cable from apple (that came with an old ipod nano) is recognized as unauthorized when trying to charge my iPhone 4s on my macbook.

  • michael

    belkin cable not working — outrageous!!!

  • Calixto Sanchez

    Apple sucks… Blocking cables is gross, greedy, against customers,

  • Omer

    Thanks I didn’t have this problem before, last time I used to just press dismiss and it would continue to charge. But after I Upgrade to iOS 7.0.3 it just stops charging so i tried our plug in lighting cable rotate plug it back in dismiss all warnings and it worked out. Thanks to you guys.

  • Political Dookie

    What cunts, Samsung here I come.

  • olusoar

    Hi All, is this workaround one off or you have to repeat it every time you want to charge. My battery case back-up is no longer charging my iphone 5

  • MKSquared

    You can use the cord portion of the iPhone wall charger (instead if the cord that comes with the Belkin) and it works fine.

  • unattended

    am i the only person who bought about 10 unauthorised cables off eBay last week, use them and just occasionally it says “this device may not work reliably” but can still dismiss it and still works fine?

  • JoeSchmoo

    I have found a solution for my issue. I too have had issues with 3d party cables. After much tinkering, I found that if I plug directly into my desktop or an ac source with a usb adapter, no problemo. If plugged into a usb hub, even a powered one, I get the problem.

  • esq

    Watch, I would not be surprised to see a class action law suit regarding this stunt to block “non certified chargers”

  • Dee

    I don’t think it is the cable, I’m using the cable that came with the phone but a plug that is from iPhone 3G as I can’t find the iPhone plug. And I keep getting this message, every so many minutes, as if they want to run battery down.

  • Neo

    7.0.4 Doesn’t work and the hack below will not apply. I tried multiple variations, keep getting the “charging” indicator but the battery % kept going down. Then borrowed a “genuine” cable from a colleague, and it works fine, with battery % going up. This is just terrible!!!!
    Don’t update to 7.0.4 if you can help it.

  • Karen Hogan

    They have absolutely done this and it is a total pain. I am so pissed. I won’t be buying another apple if they don’t fix it.

  • Courtney White

    I have tried numerous brands and am not having any luck with lightning cables.

  • Rui F Ribeiro

    This is disgraceful. I have a knock off power cord at work, just to be able to charge the phone, and now it does not work because Apple wants their customers to remain hostage of their cable program.

  • Janine

    I have used original apple cables and unauthorized cable. They all work for 4 weeks and then my phone refuses to charge. The iPhone 5 a and IOS 7 is a complete disappointment . Next phone will be an android . I am sick and tired of going to the iPhone store.

  • johne

    Leave it to Apple to try to screw customers by licensing a piece of wire. I guess Apple customers like paying $30 for 12 cents worth of wires and connectors. The solution is very simple. Mail your crApple product back to crApple and tell them you made the switch to Android. Every Android device I have seen uses industry standard cables and accessories. You will find you will love you’re Android device and wonder why you ever put up with crApple in the first place. If you are a true ilemming then you love overpaying for your products and this is not an issue.

  • Just Helping

    It seems to work plugged in into USB ports on some computers and on others it doesn’t. I have a PC with windows xp and it seems to work fine but on my other machine with Windows 7 I get that message. Hope this helps:)

  • Edmonton Aviator

    Our multitude of accessories are now blocked by Apple as uncertified accessories leaving us bitterly disappointed.

    We’ve purchased cords and accessories for home, office, vehicle for our iPhones, iPods, iPads including expensive mods to our house outlets to support USB.

    Our LED lit third party cables and outlets were far superior accessories to the Apple accessories for a cheaper price. Apple has absolutely screwed us on this.

    Now we are left with uncharged devices and so we are now moving to Samsung tabs and will do the same with our phones because we aren’t getting gouged for overpriced and inferior accessories and none of this blocking nonsense.

    If Apple wants to hide behind some product quality/liability shroud, then offer the user a disclaimer and let the user make that choice.

    Most users won’t bother to rant or complain, they simply switch to avoid the hassle. So, as Apple loses market share over this, they only have themselves to blame. This is one of the worst policies I’ve seen in the last decade from any vendor for any device.

  • Paris Kokkinos

    Unlock, turn off the screen auto shut down, connect the USB cable. No more messages. Use the power button to turn off the screen.

  • Scipio

    If apple actually made quality cables this would be an issue (never needed to re-order other charging cables in the past). Its an unfortunate fact their charging cables are trash and break constantly. Ordering 20 euros for some piece of crap is absurd. You have to order from Belkin’s line in order to have a decent charger.

  • Linda D

    I certainly am. Start yesterday after I updated. All was fine till then. Cable worked fast and is stronger than old Apple one :(

  • Chrystal Wilson

    I used to be able to dismiss the warning and sync my iPhone to my iMac, but as of today it will no longer sync. Using a third party charging cable, Apple doesn’t even sell this kind. Isn’t this against anti competition rules?

  • pisssssted

    doesn’t work on 7.02

  • matthew o

    And Apple used to be such a reputable company when it was run by S.Jobs.
    RIP, but if your company does not change their ways, it may soon follow you…

  • matthew o

    Apple (under Steve Jobs) made their fortune by providing a product to the consumer that they wanted. money (to some degree) was not as important as the user’s experience.
    Now that Apple is no longer run by Steve Jobs it would seem their executive management believes they have license to fleece their users by robbing them of their right to choose.
    Apple must really be struggling for money, but this decision (imho) is clearly a short term gain, long term loss.
    I have already switched my phones to droids, but I still use itouch and ipads.. but not I think for very long…

  • Margaret

    Is it advisable to use an unauthorised HMDI cable to a mini iPad. Will it cause damage to the iPad?

  • Mark

    Yes they are blocking charging with third party cables in IOS7

  • ian thomson

    my flimsy apple charging cable packed in so I bought a sturdier version from ebay, this worked fine for five weeks, now I’m getting the incompatible message.i would say that my ipad is unfit for purpose and we the consumer should set up a petition asking apple to rectify this problem (and others) or we will go elsewhere.

  • Anthony

    I found that if you plug in your iphone with knockoff, and plug into wall/usb with the device powered down, it does charge, but there is no indication its charging. I’ve seen the increase in battery, etc with knockoff usb. This is the only reliable workaround. Only drawback is that it still doesn’t charge while its ON.

  • Jonny!

    Hi everyone,
    I tried the methods above and below and couldn’t get anything to work!
    Kept fiddiling and found out if I:
    1) Plug in the usb charger to a socket/computer
    2) Then connect the iphone
    3) Dismiss the message on the home screen about charging issues
    (i only got 1 message not 2)
    4) Unplug the usb side of the charger while keeping the iphone screen active/lit
    5) Plug it back into the wall/pc
    6) Quickly uplug the iphone connection side, flip it upside down and put it back in again!
    This worked for me, aplogies if its hard to read, it was tricky trying to explain how to do it.
    Good luck folks

  • gSim

    In reference to the post “above”:

    “Just to be clear, by unauthorized accessories, I mean accessories made by vendors who haven’t signed up for Apple’s MFi (Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod) program.”

    I paid big bucks for the cable that is supposed to be able to outlast all others, and stated it works with Apple’s MFi but after just 2 months, it doesn’t work plugging into anywhere. Now, I paid $5 for a cheapo one and after 5 months I am now getting the message when it plugs into the wall adaptor. I can plug it into my computer (9/10 times) and it works fine and I can plug it into my car adaptor as well. So is this an operating system thing or an issue with lightening adaptors since the most expensive one obviously lasted 2 months and the cheap one has lasted longer?

  • Julian

    This happened to me also. I was using a car charger bought from a official mobile retailer. It was explained to me that this will show if the port on the phone gets to much dust, etc. If you can blow it out/clean it out it should help the problem, at least for some time. Hope this helps!