iOS 7 now blocking unauthorized Lightning cables and accessories?

When Apple seeded iOS 7 beta to developers in June, we had reported that iOS 7 gives a warning message when you use an unauthorized Lightning cables and accessories.

A reddit user now reports that iOS 7 GM, which is the same build number as yesterday iOS 7 public release, takes things even further and actually blocks them from charging the device.

iOS 7 prompts the following warning message when you plug an unauthorized cable or accessory:

This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPhone.


In iOS 7 beta, you could dismiss the warning message, and it didn’t stop you from using the accessory.

reddit user is reporting that his third-party Lightning cable, which worked fine with iOS 6.1.4, does not charge his iPhone 5 after upgrading to iOS 7.

Another reddit user has posted the following workaround for the problem, but it is quite cumbersome.

Turn on USB power
Plug in lightning cable to iPhone
Dismiss any warnings
Unlock your iPhone.
Dismiss any remaining warnings.
Now with the screen turned on.
Unplug the knock off lightning cable.
Plug it back in.
Dismiss warning again
It should now charge.

I don’t have a third-party Lightning cable to confirm it. I am a little skeptical as Apple would have clearly said that the cable will not work with iOS 7 devices rather than saying it “may not work”. If Apple is indeed blocking unauthorized Lightning cables and accessories, then the move would be quite controversial.

Let me know if you’re having problems charging your iOS devices with third-party Lightning cables after upgrading to iOS 7.


Just to be clear, by unauthorized accessories, I mean accessories made by vendors who haven’t signed up for Apple’s MFi (Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod) program.

[HT – 9to5Mac]