iOS 7 bug allows unauthorized users to bypass lockscreen and access email, photos


iPhone owner Jose Rodriquez discovered a security flaw in iOS that lets anyone bypass the lockscreen passcode and access sensitive information stored in photos, Twitter, email and more. Forbes reported on the flaw and details how it can be replicated.

The security flaw is demonstrated in the video below and it works as follows:

  • When an iOS 7 device is locked, swipe up on the lockscreen to access control center and tap on the alarm clock.
  • Hold the phone’s power button until the option to power it off with a swipe appears.
  • Click cancel and then double click the home button to access the multitasking screen
  • From here you can access the camera and stored photos. You can share these photos on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or via email.

This hack is confirmed to work on an iPhone 5 that’s running iOS 7. Until Apple issues a fix, users can disable control center on the lockscreen by going to Settings > Control Center and turning off “Access on Lock Screen.”

[Via Forbes]

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  • iPhwn

    You may eliminate this bypass by not allowing control center to show on lock screen. Settings->Control Center->Acess on Lock Screen (Turn off)

    • iPhwn

      This is for people who don’t read the complete post and instead, jump straight to the comments =D

  • daniel

    Alright , i can confirm that it works on iPad mini , plus you must add that it only works if the camera app is running in the multitasking screen.

  • Ditch

    Does not happen on my iPhone 4S or iPad 2

  • Brian

    How does one figure this stuff out!!!

  • bcsc

    Every iteration of iOS seems to have a very similar bug. Security. Apple’s number 2 concern.

  • Abel Goddard

    Heh. Somebody lays hands on my phone, they get it all. No lockscreen to bother with, even. Press Home and go to town. Of course, that means that I’d be dead, because otherwise my phone is never more than a few feet from my hand, except at home sometimes. Even there it’s usually still in my pocket.

  • Jeremy Taco Patterson

    I want to know who the HELL has time to sit around and try these combinations of button presses and gestures.

    I’d have to assume there is SOME reason this guy knew this would work…

    • seth4us

      probably a dev

  • Dee

    It doesn’t work on my iphone 5 :D

  • Patrick

    Doesn’t work on my iPhone 5.

  • Mike0177

    it does not work on my iPhone 5

  • Ibrahim Daher

    Happily does not work on ipad 2 but works on ipad 4

  • Jabran

    It’s not work

  • o.b

    i have iphone 4 running on 7.0.4 and nothing works to bypass the passcode. can u help me