iOS 7 Download links for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch


Apple has just released iOS 7 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

If you’re not getting the OTA, then you can download the iOS 7 software update from the direct download links provided below and use iTunes to update your iOS device.

Please note, iOS 7 is available as a free upgrade for the following iOS devices:

  • iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4
  • iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad mini
  • iPod touch 5G

Before you update your iOS device with iOS 7, we strongly recommend you to check this post where we have provided tips on what you should do before upgrading.

Direct Download links:

How to Update:

Before you plug in your iOS device. take a moment to make sure you are using the latest version of iTunes. Click on iTunes in the menu bar and then click  on “Check for updates.”

Once iTunes is all squared away, it’s time to turn your attention to your iOS device and follow these instructions:

  • Download the appropriate iOS firmware file for your device.
  • Connect your iOS device to your computer using an USB cable. Wait for iTunes to open and connect to your device.
  • Click on device button to the left of the iTunes Store button in the top right corner in iTunes.
  • Hold down on the option key (Mac) or the shift key (Windows) and click the “Check for Update” button in the Summary pane. Browse to the .ipsw file you downloaded and select it. Note: Alternatively, you can also try clicking on the “Check for Update” directly without using holding down on the Option key or the Shift key. If the iOS 7 update is available it will automatically download and update your device to iOS 7.


  • Do not disconnect your device until the update has finished.
  • If necessary, restore your device from the previous backup and sync with iTunes.

That’s it. You should have an iOS device running iOS 7. Let us know how it goes.

Update 1:

There seems to be intermittent issues downloading the firmware files using the direct download links above due to load on Apple’s servers. Please try after sometime.

Update 2:

There seems to be some confusion with the format of the links. So hope this version will help:


7.0 (iPhone 4 GSM): iPhone3,1_7.0_11A465_Restore.ipsw
7.0 (iPhone 4 CDMA): iPhone3,3_7.0_11A465_Restore.ipsw
7.0 (iPhone 4S): iPhone4,1_7.0_11A465_Restore.ipsw
7.0 (iPhone 5 GSM): iPhone5,1_7.0_11A465_Restore.ipsw
7.0 (iPhone 5 CDMA): iPhone5,2_7.0_11A465_Restore.ipsw


7.0 (iPad 2 Wi-Fi): iPad2,1_7.0_11A465_Restore.ipsw
7.0 (iPad 2 GSM): iPad2,2_7.0_11A465_Restore.ipsw
7.0 (iPad 2 CDMA): iPad2,3_7.0_11A465_Restore.ipsw
7.0 (iPad 2 New): iPad2,4_7.0_11A465_Restore.ipsw
7.0 (iPad 3 Wi-Fi): iPad3,1_7.0_11A465_Restore.ipsw
7.0 (iPad 3 CDMA): iPad3,2_7.0_11A465_Restore.ipsw
7.0 (iPad 3 GSM): iPad3,3_7.0_11A465_Restore.ipsw
7.0 (iPad 4 Wi-Fi): iPad3,4_7.0_11A465_Restore.ipsw
7.0 (iPad 4 GSM): iPad3,5_7.0_11A465_Restore.ipsw
7.0 (iPad 4 CDMA): iPad3,6_7.0_11A465_Restore.ipsw
7.0 (iPad mini Wi-Fi): iPad2,5_7.0_11A465_Restore.ipsw
7.0 (iPad mini GSM): iPad2,6_7.0_11A465_Restore.ipsw
7.0 (iPad mini CDMA): iPad2,7_7.0_11A465_Restore.ipsw

iPod touch:

7.0 (iPod Touch 5G): iPod5,1_7.0_11A465_Restore.ipsw

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  • wiseguy

    what is REV A for iphone 4 gsm ? which 1 do I download?

    • vinay

      if the model number starts with ME798 or ME799, you have iPhone 4 GSM rev a. If your model number starts with MD126, MD128, MC318, MC603, MC608, MC319, MC605, MC610, MD196, MD198, MC604 or MC606 then you have an iPhone GSM.

      • Albert Herrera

        i have iPhone model number MC536, which one do i install??

        iPhone 4 GSM rev A or iPhone GSM??

  • Tim

    iPhone 4S link not working

    • Tim

      Seems like adding http:// to the adress fixes the issue :)

  • Ankit

    Not working for iphone 5 (gsm) :/

    • Gautam

      Working for me.

  • lippz9095

    links not working

    • Alan

      Worked for me

  • Juan Cruz Pagnutti

    iphone 5 A1429 ?

    • Rounak Jain

      iPhone5,2 that is the CDMA iP5 link

      • Juan Cruz Pagnutti

        But i am on GSM… maybe is CDMA+GSM ?

        • Rounak Jain


          • Juan Cruz Pagnutti


        • Aaron Li

          so meaning there’s only 2 phones , the A1429 for both CDMA and GSM [Global phone] and the A1428 for just GSM

          I got confused when Apple listed A1429 CDMA and A1429 GSM, so I tot there are 2 phones under the A1429 model type.

          So I take it the A1429 can be used in CDMA networked countries?

  • lippz9095

    ok… they working again ;-/

  • JMac

    nice. but this will force me to sync everything (ie music) back on my phone right?

  • David Egyud

    I installed the GM last week and didn’t receive a notification about updating – do I still need to install the genuine build? Because it seems like it’s working fine…

    • JMac

      no you’re all good. they’re the same.

  • Sebastian Zuchlke

    i have ipad (new ipad) with cellular boughted
    it in europe, which version i need to choose? verizon or att?

  • Konrad smash

    Any idea if you have iOS 7 beta the one before the gm release. As they never did the gm OTA. How can I get this update. As software update states I am on ios7 :(

  • Ibrahim Daher

    Thanks for posting them as OTA is so pressured

  • Ibrahim Daher

    Typo: ipod touch not ipad touch

    • Gautam

      Thanks fixed :)

      • Ibrahim Daher

        No problem :)

  • Elvijs

    Hm, i have iOS7 GM on, how can i get original iOS7? I cant even download iOS6 so i can downgrade, but iOS6 downloads are blocked. I have 4s.

    • Furp

      You dont need to update if you have iOS7 GM

    • Gautam

      You don’t need to do anything. Today release and iOS 7 GM have the same build number, so you don’t need to update.

      • Elvijs

        But this GM still is with bugs and little lagz, so it will automaticly update or what?:)

        • Gautam

          With bugs? You have the same so called bugs in iOS 7 public release as well and you will get OTA update when iOS 7.0.1 is released.

      • Elvijs

        I already install iOS7 from u, from this web, this is the last, original ios7, yes?

    • gleed

      you cant downgrade as i tried on ios 6.1.3

  • Gordon

    Apple servers overloaded in UK. Can’t download IOS7.

  • Kairens

    This is the final, original released iOS7? So i dont need to update it from iTunes?

  • roee

    i have iphone 4s and ive upgraded from the site and after the update i cant activate the iphone and the itunes store cannot connect what you i do?

    • Gautam

      It looks like Apple is having problems with their activation servers. So you may want to try after sometime.

      • roee

        ive been trying this for about 2 hours now///

        • Alfred

          I have the same PROBLEM!!!!!!!! WTF

          Message me as soon as u get it fixed

          • ammar

            same problem iphone 4s

          • roee

            sure… and if anyone knows something pls/

          • roee

            i think i just got it… you must have good wifi at your house
            looks ok after you tell it to try to activate through the wifi and not the cell provider . good luck

          • Elvijs

            I dont have problems with that, i have 4s too.

  • Funghie

    Hi, can you post file sizes, as dl keeps failing, difficult to known if complete or not. TY

    • Ibrahim Daher

      Ipad version 1.04 gb, iphone 4,4s 1.18gb and iphone 5 1.2gb

      • Funghie

        Thanks Ibrahim. They keep stopping way before that here.

        It always amazes me why Apple don’t stagger the release worldwide or have more server spread.

        • Ibrahim Daher

          No problem

          Apple should keep the update a surprise so not all users know when it will come and will be noticed by surprise that way the server don’t go down

      • Abdou Abdelhalim

        Ibrahim akhi , I have an iphone 4 Gsm ios 5 , I downloaded the file , and I’m fraid that when I’ll update it will not read my sim card ? so what do you think ?

  • Jauhari

    Hi… does iOS 7 Final and iOS 7 GM Different or Same?

    • Samer

      they are the same. They have the same build number.

    • Mothafucka Jones

      GM is developer edition and is full of bugs.
      Whereas the final is the one released to the public after all the bug fixing.

  • Malaka

    I forgot which one is for AT&T, either CDMA for GSM?

    • jen

      I’m pretty sure its GMS

    • baudoinjulian

      мy coυѕιɴ ιѕ мαĸιɴɢ $51/нoυr oɴlιɴe. υɴeмployed ғor α coυple oғ yeαrѕ αɴd prevιoυѕ yeαr ѕнe ɢoт α $1З619cнecĸ wιтн oɴlιɴe joв ғor α coυple oғ dαyѕ. ѕee мore αт…­ ­

      nice. but this will force me to sync everything (ie music) back on my phone right?

    • Justin

      GSM. Verizon is CDMA

  • Jonathan Martinez

    Its stupid that they did not make it for the iPod 4G come on its supposed to go to all iPods at least to the 4G what’s wrong with Apple

    • AUSCreeperCo

      iPod Touch 4 generation is probably out of date, running on hardware that probably won’t work. Also the older generations is running on very old versions of iOS soo…

    • MacGeeky

      Try an android device instead, then your lucky if you get an update at all from the manufacturer…

      • Abdou Abdelhalim

        this place is for ios , just leave !

    • Abdou Abdelhalim

      buy a newer ipod

  • bugsy

    when downloaded zip file what next?

  • Hecer

    hello every1, i just wanted to know if i upgraded my unlocked iphone5 to ios7, does it will be locked again?..100% sure answers will be much appreciated..

  • bk

    sir iphone 5 trabo sim sport ios 7 basebands unlockd after update plz help

  • ahmed

    links dont work !! server down

  • sara

    can yall have a ios 7 for ipod tough 4G

    • sara


  • niico100

    I have a GMS iPhone 5 with a SIM card – but the file above doesn’t work.

  • JJ

    Hi. Using an Iphone CDMA which is jailbroken on ios 6.0. I actually had to decode/unlock it before using. Will updating it to ios7 lock it? Thanks

  • Alexander515

    Stupid apple.. I really want iOS 7 and i have a 4g iPod and it cant update.. ;(

  • lizzie

    I have a ipod 4th generation. It’s telling me it’s updated with the ios 6.1. Shouldn’t it be able to update to ios 7?

  • mayur

    can i upgrade ios 7 to iphone 3gs
    if posibl can u share link plz

  • ayub mohamed

    can you get on ipod 4

  • afzal

    for ipod 4

  • Radha

    It says “firmware file is not compatible” what shudi do? Please help

  • mainor

    they did not make ios 7 for ipod 4 because ipod 4 has less megabytes thatn all the other devices wich means you wont have any soace left at all thats why apple didnt make it for ipod 4 and also because the are greedy little asholes that want you to by the new ipods/ iphones/ipads

  • Kiran Kumar

    i have iphone 4 and i have downloaded 7.0 (iPhone 4 GSM): iPhone3,1_7.0_11A465_Restore.ipsw

    and followed the step mention above after reaching 80% it stop

    i left my phone entire night connected to itune hoping it will update but nothing happen

    can any one tell what went wrong

    • gleed

      it might have been itunes
      did you get it sorted in the end ???

  • shyshaz

    how do we jailbreak though, its so complicated

    • Gautam

      There is no jailbreak available for iOS 7 currently.

  • Adith Dwiesha

    i cannot do the update with shift but after it failed i press the shift with restore and voila! iOS 7 really unknown by the way but Thank You

  • Gta5online

    I upload my iphone 5 to iOS 7 in Ireland now i can’t text anyone.can I jailbreak ios7.can someone share the link please.

  • amin sadq

    why the downloading is so slow ?????

  • amin sadq

    and i have got cydia on my ipad is it good if i change the version

    • Gautam

      You’ll lost the jailbreak (Cydia and other jailbreak tweaks) if you update to iOS 7.

  • LION



  • gleed

    cool im trying now

  • Anthony

    Hi My phone is jailbroken, the phone came from aus and im in SA. I have to get IOS7 uploaded but every time it stops with the error 9006, and says something about network….

  • prakash

    I had a problem upgrading iPhone4 to iOS7. It seems like the iOS7 itunes downloaded was corrupted, so upgrade got struck after firmware upgrade step. I followed the above steps of manually downloading the iOS7 for my iphone4, it worked awesome! thanks for posting this!

  • Rihanna Cats emo

    iOS 7 why I’m iOS my in is 5-1-3 why need iOS 7 for play game inlay

  • Hadi

    change the extention to “ipsw”

  • Guest

    How can I get iOS 7 on my iPod gen 4 no computer no jailbreak

  • zzz

    what to do after download is completed??

  • yassen

    Ineed iPad2 bcga1395 Restore.ipsw

  • Fahad Muzaffar F M

    hello . is ios7 is suppoted for iphone 3g

  • soyeb

    my IPHONE 4 GSM is jailborken can i download and update my iphone

  • Abdou Abdelhalim

    I have 2 questions please answer
    1- I have iphone4 gsm , unlocked if I update the ios will it get locked ?
    2- If not, I’m on ios 5 can I update to ios 7 directly ?

  • Caroline George

    I have iphone 4 and downloaded ios 7.0. Everything seemed okay for a while, but now I can’t open any links in emails I’ve received. This is really annoying as I am job hunting! Has anyone else experienced this?

  • scrubjay1

    no luck. Itunes says incompatible firmware.

  • Guderz

    is there iOS 7 for iphone 3GS

    • iPhoneHacks

      No, iOS 7 is not available for iPhone 3GS.