Apple’s servers loaded as users get “Software Update Failed” error message while installing iOS 7

ios 7 isntall error message

Apple publicly released iOS 7, the biggest change to iOS since the iPhone, earlier today, and it seems the company’s servers aren’t able to handle the huge surge in traffic. Users are reporting failed downloads as a result of the excessive server load on Apple’s CDN.

The error message, titled “Software Update Failed,” says “An error occurred downloading iOS 7.0.” There’s nothing you, as a user can do from your end to get the download working apart from waiting for the the server load to go down.

Users initially experienced issues while downloading iTunes 11.1 too, but the issue seems to have resolved now.

We’ll keep you posted about the state of Apple’s servers. Tell us in the comments below if you’ve managed to do an OTA upgrade to iOS 7.

Update: Direct download links for iOS have been published, so if you’re having problems doing an OTA upgrade, you can do an iTunes restore.

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  • terry

    90%completed now.
    But last 10%is very slow. For both ipad anf iphone.

  • Liz

    Download almost finished and riiiiiiight at the end it errors! WHY DO THAT!?!?

    • Stella


  • terry

    Ipad 4 upgrade sucessful. Iphone 40is still stuck at last 10%.

  • Briege Delaney

    Taking forever to update!

  • Theodor Sandaker

    It says 51 hours! The servers must be really overloaded. I’m wondering why you have to download the file all over again when the download fails at 90% (or any other completion level). Shouldn’t it just download the remaining part?

  • Mercurio

    Downloaded……but cant install…..says update not available….try later…..

    • Nilesh Raghani

      Ya same error

      • Леха

        Same with me

    • acALIEN

      Same with mine…

      • Molly


        • Martin Connors


    • Lindsay

      same here… help.. anyone?

    • BigBear

      same here, seems we have to wait again!

    • Fred

      Same here ipad 4

    • Josh


    • Armen

      Same here. What kind of idiocy is this?

  • Rob

    iPhone done ok. iPad is just getting that error

    • Carl Caluya

      Same here

  • Trout

    Failed twice! I’d they can’t handle it why not do a staged rollout. It wouldn’t have happened under Steve’s watch!

    • steve1855

      You must have not been around for previous updates, releases, etc. This is not uncommon with new Apple releases or any other large volume release and Steve wouldn’t have done anything different but feel free to keep putting him on a pedestal even though your efforts are futile.

      • Steve Jobs

        Since Steve sadly passed away Apple has lost it’s way, 5s is no major move forward, finger print scanner is a gimmick more than anything else.
        I won’t quick access to certain settings so I can switch ITunes Match on and off, not possible. Samsung is leading the way.

        • Rahul

          Shut up Samsung is cheap! Go away

          • Dean Franks

            Samsung is better then any apple! So you sir can shut up

          • Naked Ho

            Not true. Samsung TV’s are great!

    • Raja

      mine is 3rd try now, seems will succeed this time

  • Jodeeeewe

    61 hours remaining….

  • fiona

    I have been trying for 3 hours and still nothing on the ipad mini

  • alien97

    Maybe it’s because so many of us are downloading it…?

    • Trout

      Why don’t you all stop downloading it so I can get it – my needs are greater than yours. Honest!

      • Steve Jobs

        If I was still around this wouldn’t have happened.

  • Shanaynay

    I finished my iphone 5 update about 30 minutes after it became live. My ipad won’t update. I decided to reset it and apparently that was a mistake too because now it can’t reach the activation servers. Must be overloaded

  • MadamZut

    Me too

  • Nbbx

    Failed 10+ times on my phone, & when I tried to download iTunes 11.1 it gave me an error also.

  • Alan

    Getting update not avable after download was done

  • Cybercornflake

    Ipad 3 and had like 10 plus errors still, in process of still trying to download. In my opinion Tim cook not doing any favours as Apple CEO as in my opinion they need Steve jobs back badly but we know that’s not going to happen. Apple is eroding bit by bit sadly.

  • Chase

    Mine completely downloaded in 15 minutes and then said update unavailable wtf?

  • Peyton

    I am still getting the error message on iTunes!!!

  • Denmark

    The download went fine, but now it keep say ERROR!!! AAARGH!!! #hatewhenthishappens…

  • fiona

    i almost screamed when the error came after “2 mins remaining” on the download. why is this happening when apple anticipated that all their ios users would jump to downloading the new ios the moment is was released?

  • bryan

    damn why is his happening wait already to long now i need to wait again

  • Chase

    Anyone have a plausible solution.

  • Planty

    I got it just keep trying and it works when there is a gap in the traffic to download it

  • steve1855

    I get the same error. Rather than trying the update over and over and over again I suggest we all wait and try again later, as in a few hours or in the morning. The more we keep attempting the harder we collectively hit the servers. Have some patience rather than creating a larger backlog.

  • AB

    Got that after the download.

  • smurfe

    Uh, you all expected any different. I did my devices to and got same error. I totally expected it though. I haven’t had an i Device since the iPhone 3G. Same thing happened back then on Steve’s watch as well.

  • Chase

    Iv been trying for a few hours so idk.

  • Kyle

    I have tried activating my iPhone 5 multiple times. Error message says that the server can’t be reached. On iTunes, I cannot connect to the store to activate my phone.

  • Max

    i updated the phone but cant activate it. not even through itunes..! :(

  • craig wiltshire

    sortware update unavailabie software update is not available at this time try later

  • Bob

    Totally blows… after two hours of “downloading” and “preparing update”… the dreaded “Software Update Unavailable” … “Try again later” B.S.
    Never had such issues when I had an Android phone.
    I guess eventually, I’ll get the new OS on my iPhone.

  • torovolt

    It started downloading, after 15 minutes it begun installing but failed at the end.
    I also tried via iTunes from my PC but it keep giving me errors. This is more than Server congestion since the install package downloaded just fine.

  • Bob

    They say if you’re having issues downloading to iPhone, that you can do it while connected to an iMac if you have iTunes 11 on it. Well, downloading the iTunes update now and it says in like 8 hours to do a 510MB download. Apple, c’mon…. this was so poorly planned.

  • Cybercornflake

    Yeah got a HTC one best android phone around, had iPhone 3gs previously great phone too but I love android now as got so much more freedom than ios much much better in my opinion and HTC one is soo brilliant best phone out there at the mo.

    • doubleornothing117799

      Clearly, we’re all happy with our iPhones so no one gives a crap about your HTC.

      • anon

        im not happy with my iphone its a pos. CANT WAIT to get a samsung or really just anything else other than this piece of garbage

        • Kels

          I have a Samsung S3, iPhone 4 previously and can’t wait to go back to iPhone. Terrible. Just noting I have an iPad mini, that’s why I’m here.

    • Andy

      Dud shove that HTC up your ass. this is an Iphone forum

  • Need to sleep

    Verifying Update….. and then Software

    update unavailable…. (SIGH)

  • Dave

    You’d think Apple would have released it by time zone !

  • Ghs

    How many people have got it? Mine just won’t install

    • acALIEN

      Downloaded but can’t install

  • K4t3

    Haven’t tried to download iOS 7 since 7pm UK time ( now 9:33pm ).. Too many people are too desperate and can’t wait causing the server to overload. Think I’m going to wait until tomorrow to try again, if it still has the same error message I’m going to wait a few days. Hopefully the server load would have gone down.
    Been waiting months just to get errors. Great! Don’t think I’ll get myself so hyped up next time if I know this is going to happen.

  • JAren

    anyone that has got it won’t be on a site complaining about not getting it…..

    • Ghs

      You need to calm down!

  • Ian D Goddard

    typical frakking Apple – no wonder their stock is crashing!!##

    • Anon


      • Barry Paul Groves

        color shemes are TERRIBLE

  • Scootdawg09

    Cant download or update at all on iPad mini, over the air or connected to a Mac.

  • Curt

    Mine errored when down loading to iPhone and now my phone says I’m up to date with the 6.0 version

    • BeeCone

      Me too.

  • Anon

    did u guys not read the article “the company’s servers aren’t able to handle the huge surge in traffic.” DERP

  • Cybercornflake

    It’s come down its just trying to verify now but I get that msg like everyone else can’t install at this time try again later. I will keep trying, oh wait… Got through its installing just keep on tapping when it gets to the verify stage if it says try again later just try again and again took me 4 times but it’s installing right now :)

  • SJ69

    After 10+ failed attempts it actually just went through, keep trying is all i can say

  • Rob

    Hang in there! My wife & I were able to download the update onto our iPad & iphone 4s (total of 4 devices). For the download, it took 2 attempts. For the install, it took my iPad about 7 times. For my wife’s ipad – twice. The phones are still in the process of installing. Hope this helps!

  • paad


  • Mason Hood

    Guys, just keep pressing update, and if youre lucky you will get in, its what I did and i got in on my 5th attempt, hope this helped!

  • Quanic Wimbush

    I’m have the same issue! My friend who is next to me installed his but I can’t install mines! Stupid update not available try again later bs!

    • Mason Hood

      keep pressing update!

  • Spooner

    15 failed updates so far

  • AmyZatz

    mine got all the way to reloading at the restart while I was connected to my boyfriend’s macbook pro and it has just a small bit left to go when a pop up came up on my itunes saying it failed, but the load screen is still up and loading just that little bit. Anyone else having this problem? Anyone know a fix?

  • MK

    had the same problem just restart Iphone it will start again

  • fiona

    Hey!! On my ipad min is now says ios 6.1.3 is up to date!! WHAT? is anyone else getting this?

  • Aaron

    If it is downloaded and won’t install, try resetting the settings. I did that on my iphone 4 and it is finally updating.

    • Imogen

      how do you reset the settings?

      • Aaron

        Open the settings app>General>reset>reset all settings

    • Imogen

      dont worry i have done it now :)

  • Леха

    1) Restart the device

    2) Disable Wi-Fi

    3) Turn off the device; keep it off for around 5 minutes

    4) Turn it back on and enable Wi-Fi

    5) Attempt to download the iOS 7 update again.

    • Леха

      And forgot your wi fi, it 1

  • bharath


    • Hon.Mack

      Didn’t work. iPad mini

    • justin cazalet

      thanks it worked

    • iPhone

      Thank you!!!

    • Amy Louise Matthews

      I had already tried that, it didn’t work

    • Lij

      Thanks Heaps! Worked first time after reset. Took about an hour.

    • Beautifulyou_10

      Thanks. I’m all set now.

    • B Capeda

      Thanks, it worked for my ipad mini

    • Selcan

      my phone is iphone 5 I tried 6,7 times it didn.t work

  • Sam

    Errors, now saying 6.1.3 is up to date

  • Emma Brown

    Ios7 download failed and now it says my phone is up to date? Ios 6.1.4?
    It wont let me try again with the update :(

  • Steve Jobs

    I love how when I try to check for iPhone software update in iTunes it says iTunes isn’t connected to the Internet, but as soon as I go to the iTunes Store to buy something and spend money it’s all fine!!

  • Jabba Man

    Reset the phone by holding down the ‘on’ and ‘home’ button and try to install again. It worked for me.

  • Max

    wow i wait three hours for this and now it failed great thanks apple time to get a galaxy s4

  • Brian

    If this continues, I’m switching to Sony.

  • pokecraft

    33 minutes

  • Emma Brown

    Iv tried holding the home button and pressing the power button? It still says im up to date on 6.1.4? Iv also tried switching wifi off and doing the above and still nothing

  • MessedItUp

    Okay, so, like everyone else – I got this same error. The thing is, once I gave up – the update went away! It says I’m up to date with iOS 6. I’m worried that the option for 7 won’t come back now. Did this happen to anyone else??

  • Perry

    Get’s worse … failed halfway through the actual update with a “network” error which triggered a factory restore … trouble is that iTunes seems to not recognize the phone and wants it to be “activated” …

  • Andrew

    lol guys u know that it just went live and switching to sony a couple hours after a huge iphone update is released is pretty dumb… the apple server is just extremely overloaded and cant handle this many ppl

  • Andrew

    WHAT it says my software is up to date! ios 6.1.3 HOW?!? :( no ios 7 anymore?! :O

  • Andrew


  • Mike

    got error (6), just tried downloading it

  • Bob

    Same here, this sucks

  • stella

    Somehow i made it through the system by installing it from my itunes!!
    thank you jeezus

    • Random person14

      How did you do that?

  • Random person14

    I tried to download ios7 multiple times, an error occurring each time, now it says my iOS 6.1.3 software is up to date! What do I do? Any suggestions?

    • Craig Priestley

      Try resetting device by holding home button and power button until it switches off. Turn on and try again. Worked for me. iPad 2 and iPhone 4S.

  • Poppet

    if you connect your Apple device to your laptop and try again, it should hopefully workk… good luck

  • Shane

    Guys, it’s not Apple’s fault. It’s the number of people who are trying to download.

    This would have happened also with Steve.

    Apple is probably trying to fix it as I type this.

    • Craig Priestley

      Surely it is only Apple’s fault! They control the software and hardware. They marketed this to create the usual frenzy and now there servers can’t cope. You’re far more understanding than me.

  • Ashlee003

    I can’t even being the download. I accept the T&C’s but then I get the error above but my boyfriend downloaded it just fine… I am so pissed

  • Joel31

    Same on 4s

  • alyssa

    Didn’t work the first two times I tried. (Did the initial load then said “Update is currently unavailable). So then I just waited for a little while and tried again later and it worked just fine! Be patient.

  • Jake Shingler

    I encountered the error problem.
    Then completely turned phone off for 10 seconds.
    Turn back on (make sure you’re connected to wifi before turn off)
    Before your network loads jump to the update and install it.

    Worked for me :) iPhone 4S

  • Martin Connors

    Jobs is rolling over in his grave!

  • hopee

    Hey guys it’s starting to work for me! 7 minutes left, let’s hope it does work…

    • Frank

      SAME HERE!!!! FINALLY!!!!!

      • hopee

        Soooo… Did anyone else’s iPhone say it was downloading the update, then their iPhone turned black and won’t turn on?!?!!? D:

  • AMF

    Says “software update unavailable, software update is not available at this time. try again later” -___-

    • KjT

      mine says the same thing! so annoying

    • tj

      to hard reset – press home and power button for 10 sec – restart and retry updating OS

  • anonymous450

    i havent downloaded ios 6.1.3 because i just never felt like it and now it wont even let me download that and it wont give me the option to download ios7 is my phone just screwed up or what? what should i do?

    • AF

      you dont have the option to download ios7 until you download ios6.1.3

  • Joe

    Did the update on my Ipad and was asked to enter a password for the find my ipad..entered it twice and it now disabled my ipad. I kmow I had the right password as I entered it twice!!!!

  • MrImpatient

    yes!! finally working 8,9,10….35,36,37,…..62,63,64……120 hours and climbing remaining should be done sometime next week.

  • MrImpatient

    Paint drying is actually faster. Whoever is in charge of that stuff should change it; forget watching paint dry, henceforth its watching iOS update

  • scotty

    IOS Loaded but no activation server…Phoneless in Seattle

  • Bub1

    downloaded and installed on ipad, looks cool! however im getting the error message thru itunes when trying to download (install later) for my iphone 4s. Im also getting the error message on my husband’s 4s wen i try to update software directly from his phone…all the way down under in New Zealand :)

    • Bub1

      trying thru itunes again, its saying “3 hours remaining”, little grey slider thingy slowly moving along, so far so good…

  • Eli

    Won’t let me. iPad 4

  • Amy Louise Matthews

    I wanted to wait for my friend to get the update first in case i didn’t like it.
    After many attempts, it finally worked for her.
    But as i went to do it, after the download completed, the server failed.
    Leaving me to wait.

  • Juggy

    I was able to download……but cant install…..says update not available….try later…..

  • Juggy

    However tried it a couple of times and i was able to install iOS 7 to my ipad2… yiiipppeeeee :-)

  • JuniorDaKid

    Just keep trying iPad finally worked now trying to get my iPhone to install it. Patience is a virtue.

  • JuniorDaKid

    K Now iPhone is installing… No prob.

  • Naked Ho

    FINALLY INSTALLED IT! Selling this phone though… the iPhone is really sucking nowadays and constantly playing catch up with other companies.

  • Derek Maitland

    The power down, restart option worked for me . Phone now setting up iOS7

  • DeltaGirl21

    The hard reset (hold down your home button and power button for 10 secs and continue to hold your home key for 6 more secs) it will work. Just be patient because it takes a few secs to recognize it once you unlock your phone. DON’T TOUCH IT! Just let it work it’s appletastic magic!

  • Goofball

    after getting IOS 7 downloaded i was having the same Install error “Update not available” I just kept reinitializing the install over and over again. I did a hard reset, didn’t work, more tries at the install. i finally shut off the phone and left it for about 10-15 seconds, turned it back on and did the install and it worked. i’m not sure if any of this works for everyone, just stating what worked for me.

  • Zee

    My downloading was almost completed bt suddenly remaining time bar gone to process data den it gets failed…

  • LSM

    I’ve got it installed. It just went through.

  • Anonymous (:

    Same on iPad 2

  • cath e

    Mine says ” software not available’ AFTER I’ve supposedly prepared for installation. Didn’t Apple prepare for this?!

  • Alexander

    i have attempted to download ios7 3 times now and every time is an error… i have a lot of room for the download… i dont see why there would be a problem….fix it soon!!

  • Maggie

    Downloading is on-going after a manual reset. Hopefully, errors wont re-occur.

  • Frank

    plug phone into computer and install…for some reason it worked for me after I had same error.

  • John Miller

    Apple could have mitigated the ill-will that’s arisen for the iOS 7 release simply by displaying a different error message, say, “All Apple servers busy, please try again later,” instead of “Software Update Failed.” It gives users a clue to what’s going on – and the value of that cannot be understated.

    Consider this analogy: iOS users who attempt to download an iOS update as soon as it’s available – are not unlike retail Apple Store patrons who physically line up outside the store for an iPhone, etc… release on its first day.

    Though I’ve never queued up myself, the word online is that the store employees are hospitable, even helpful to the Apple fans who do line up outside the store. The store employees even join in on the celebration.

    Wouldn’t a more helpful error message that doesn’t leave you in the dark, be a simple, inexpensive way to extend that same Apple Store good will in its cyberspace equivalent?

  • Elijah Lesley

    It says my iphone 4 is fully updated, at 6.1.3, when i know it should be able to go to ios 7

  • Brittany

    It was installing on my phone and cut off… what do i do? it;s i middle of loading

  • Mc

    No!!!! It happened four times already. “Error in downloading iOS 7.0″! Any other way in updating iPhone4?

  • Arabian Sultan

    I got the error on my first attempt.. iPad went into recovery mode, I restarted my computer, and restored instead of update and it worked the second time. Good luck with your devices!

  • Jose

    I downloaded it, and tried to install through iTunes. But I keep getting “Error 3014″ Tried a few things, and still nothing.. Any idea?
    BTW, My Device is an iPad Mini.

  • axfit

    I just updated to the ios 7,and 1 hour later my phone locked.I never created a password,before for lock,and it wants password that never excisted.How do I unlock it? it says ‘ iphone disabled’ now. Please help

  • Barry Paul Groves

    Wish I had gotten a fail message. I regret getting the update. This iOS is a bigger fail than anything apple has produced in its entire history. Anyone know how I can delete the update on my IPAD BEFORE I destroy it to by accidently updating?

  • asdasd

    software update failed how to fix this??

  • Anonymous

    Guys, if you are having issues upgrading your iphone to iOS7 on the air, its best you connect your iphone to a laptop with the updated iTunes ver. 11.1 and download and upgrade your iphone there instead.
    That worked magicallly for me.

  • Jérome Villanueva

    Upgraded my iPhone 5 at around 2 pm est, no issues. Then I did 2 iPad 3’s at around 4 pm cc kept giving me “unable to install…” messages which I assume is due to high server load. It finally installed at around 5 pm. Then I did an upgrade to my iPad 2 at around 10 pm, no issues whatsoever.

  • Iphone_i07fixer

    Do not wait!!! Quick fix… Disable WiFi. Do a hard reset of your phone (press and hold the top button and the home button at the same time until the phone resets). Once the phone has restarted immediately hold the top button until slide to power off appears. Power off the phone and leave of for 5MINS do not skimp out or it will not work, I can promise this. After the 5MINS turn the phone back on as normal, The update should start downloading, if not go through the motions you normally do (go to settings and search for update). During the update it will get to a point in the install where it says verifying update. TAP THE SCREEN THE WHOLE TIME, there is another issue at this point where it times out because of the size of the update. This has worked on an iphone 4, 4s, and 5 for me as well as the ipad mini. Everyone I have told has had 100% positive responses saying it has worked. Don’t believe me? Don’t trust me? Then fine wait for the update you know 2 or 3 months down the road, or just simply try it, and prove me wrong. I promise you will be satisfied and it will work for you on all devices.

  • john

    ran right up to the limit on my data cap last night trying to do my four devices…. repeated fails

  • Tracy

    Downloaded took 7 hours and deleted over 1000 photos looking at getting rid of the iphone too many problems and the people selling them have no clue how to help their customers

    • disqus_hNXvhwdNeI

      You performed a major OS upgrade without backing up first? Don’t blame others for your loss.

  • Me

    Tried 7 times also after restarting

  • Grace

    an error occurred downloading ios 7.0

  • Disappointed

    Downloaded ios7 and now have now sound for games and music.

  • chris

    yes mine failed to, but im afraid to unplug or touch my iPad, it has a line through it like it was preparing to install but isnt connected to itunes anymore, should i unplug it or try to turn it on? this isnt good! please help

  • Anna

    I’ve tried over ten times, but it still doesn’t work. But I already know two people that were able to download it. It’s not fair.

  • FrustratedIphoneUser

    Been trying to install for days now. I still get the same message. Stupid

  • not steve’s legacy

    failed update……factory unlocked (not jailbroken) iphone stuck in recovery loop….forced into recovery mode…DFU….finally forced to do a restore to unbrick the phone…..

    Hour plus of frustration to go to ios7…. What happened to the Apple of old that built great products that were easy to use and (mostly) stable. Buggy, frustrating service is what we once flocked to Apple to avoid. This is absurd. WTF…..

  • kristine larson

    have been trying for a week; and getting that message – getting a bit frustrated! Oh well, guess it’s not meant to be for me to have the latest version!!

  • kb

    When i reset it what will i loose ?

  • iphone4

    download ios7.0.3 for iphone4 . i install but it showes apple logo and it hide it . now when i push home and lock button it showes itunes . can anyone help ????

  • harold

    i just got my iphone5 ,4days from now i try to update and install iOS7 but it is not moving or anything please help me ? thanks for your suggestions :)

  • Selcan

    My phone is iphone 5 I didn’t update IOS 7 or 7.0.2 and now I want to update IOS 7.0.3 but is says that an error accoured installing IOS 7.0.3 what to do? please help me

  • K

    Cannot complete the download either …update fails and knocks my home server down every time . I have tried via iTunes and just from the iPad settings.

  • bob

    sides mans

  • bob

    shook dons