Here are Photos taken with iPhone 5s camera

Apple announced its next-generation iPhone 5s at a media event earlier this week at its Cupertino headquarters. The device is an “s” upgrade, which means it comes with the same exterior design, but has improved internals such as a faster 64-bit A7 chip, a fingerprint sensor and a vastly improved camera system.

The upgraded camera system features a larger f/2.2 aperture, a bigger image sensor, much better image stabilisation, new burst and slow-motion modes, and  a “True Tone” dual-LED flash that intelligently figures out how much illumination a scene needs.

To demo the benefits of the upgraded camera system, Apple has included some real-world photos taken with the iPhone 5s’ 8MP camera on its website. Here are the images:

skateboard iphone 5s

pool iphone 5s

sunrise iphone 5s

jelly fish iphone 5s

photo 2 iphone 5s

flower iphone 5s

Apple has a great tagline to go with the new camera system upgrade. It says “It just makes more sense to teach iPhone how to take a great picture rather than teach people how to be expert photographers.”

Tell us what you think about the images and the iPhone 5s’ camera in the comments below.

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  • meh

    makes sense to take the biggest variable out of the equation

  • Jim

    Hmmm a used Nikon D5100 DSLR @ $499 with 2 lenses (and keep my iPhone 5) or $549 for the 5S.

    • macmaniman

      nikon + 5

      • Tali

        Get nikon and 5S Lol

        • carabasse

          Better yet, use the camera in IP5 and keep the 499 for something else

    • BMWIIIMPower

      If you have a 5 already, it would not be very wise to get the 5S…

    • Ashton Kutcher

      neither, get the Nikon d3200 and then you can be just like me !!

      • Jeremy Taco Patterson

        Or get a REAL Nikon, like my D3s. The best low-light performing DSLR ever made.

    • Eugene

      5S, it has many more improvements over 5 besides camera

    • Holgaman

      Not a great comparison. For $549 for the iPhone you’re not getting just a camera. The camera is just one of a butt-load of things it can do. Seems like a pretty good deal considering everything else it does. Maybe you should sell your iPhone 5 and just get the D5100 and get all your emails, texts, do web surfing, make phone calls, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc on that! Oh, wait…………….

  • Damian W

    was not apple bragging about iPhone 4 camera too in the same manner they are doing it now? Well…iphone 4 camera is pretty crappy, yet apple had the balls to brag about it. I would never believe their advertisements.

    • -X-

      lol….you should know by now that even if apple were to create…the Apple Turd….according to them, it would be advertised as the most beautiful, amazing and most gorgeous turd that apple has ever created….and some people will be willing to wait in line for days just to experience the latest and greatest…Apple turd.

  • Corey

    Idk about the 5s. These are nice, though.

  • filthyjason

    how about some low light pics?

  • Klasniedryg

    I bet apple used a professional photographer take these pics using the iphone 5s.

  • Sandeep Koikal

    Photos are good when ever i try i don’t get such good pics i guess most of us need to learn to click first! rather than blaming apple..i go for apple because of the quality.. of their product..planing to switch over from windows to mac

  • haha

    Hmmm my galaxy already does this

  • Immune2DHype

    Just plain scary!

  • Δημητρης

    My lumia 920 shots equal …!!

  • Ruckley

    Best reason to pass on 5S, Jailbreak process for A7 is a LONG ways away if ever.